Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, January 4, 2017

  • I suppose some folks still complain about writing the previous year on a check at the start of a new year. For me, it’s making sure I type the correct year in my blog title.
  • Megyn Kelly is leaving FOX News for NBC News. I didn’t expect her to stay FOX, I had a feeling she wanted to sacrifice air time for family time, for better pay, and it leaves the audience wanting more. Not to mention, the extra time to air will allow for more quality programming. In a weird sort of way, it’s similar to what John Oliver did. However, I’m curious if NBC will cheapen it all by some sort of cameo on SNL.
  • I caught a Dale Hansen special in which he interviews George Foreman. Hanson is certainly full of himself, but he’s talented, and a good interviewer. Regarding his career as a boxer, Foreman is before my time, not counting his comeback. However, he said a few things in his interview which made me really admire the man.
    • Joe Frazier was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in 1973 and was defending his title against number one ranked George Foreman. Hansen was rightfully making a big deal about how Foreman knocked down champion Joe Frazier six times in the fight, six times! But Foreman wanted to make the bigger point that Frazier got up six times.
    • Foreman spoke of his selfishness and regret of not taking the time to walk over to Muhammad Ali and shake his hand after losing a match to him.
    • Foreman often spoke about how fear motivated him, how it made him punch harder and be much more offensive than defensive. I usually think of fear as having more defensive attributes than offensive.
    • Hansen asked what he’d like on his tombstone. Foreman stated how he just wanted a flat grave marker, so anyone looking for it has to actually hunt and find it. And he said all he’d like for it to state is that he represented his mother well.
  • It appears the Science Channel is trying to reboot ‘Mythbusters’, but they will start out with a reality competition selecting the new hosts.
  • I’m surprised the new congress didn’t take into consideration, or take seriously, the perception of killing the ethics panel, especially doing it in a closed-door meeting.
  • We’ve been watching ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ episodes lately and one of my favorites was on last night. In “The Trial”, Arnold is accused of putting his black goldfish Abraham in the cooled hot tub and then put on trial by the Drummond family to prove his innocence. Willis wanted to prove the legal system, or the concept of innocent until proven guilty, was always fair. Arnold was found guilty by the judge (Mrs. Garrett) and then Willis revealed it was he who actually put Abraham in the hot tub to prove a point. The show ends with Mr. Drummond stating Willis withheld evidence and the system works pretty well when everyone is honest. For some reason, Drummond’s speech about the legal system always stuck with me. Simplistic, but true (I think).
  • This story is a little dated, but there are some changes to the North Carolina and South Carolina border in which 19 homes will be impacted.
    • Inglewood said the new line splits her master bedroom. Her kids will soon be sleeping in North Carolina, while other parts of the home are in South Carolina.
    • Another neighbor showed WBTV two new tax bills for 2017. Marvin Rutan will now pay a bill to the Palmetto State for taxes on his home, and the Tarheel State for taxes on his backyard.
  • Right after Christmas, one of the kids ran into the room to tell me Mineral Wells (my hometown) ran out of water. Since the town is named after a water supply and is known for its water, I had to process what my child was saying. It turns out there was a break in the main water line and the city went without water for two days and then was on a boil notice. I don’t really have a real connection to the town anymore, but my heart broke for all the restaurant owners and employees, who had the shut down because, hey, they ain’t got no water. For most, that’s their sole ability to earn money to provide for their family, and they don’t make much of it in the first place.
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