Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, December, 21, 2016

  • WifeGeeding’s friend invited us to watch Home Alone with her family at the local theater and we obliged. The neighboring screen was showing Rogue One. I was tempted to see if the family would miss me.
  • I forgot the great John Williams did the score for the movie and that it was a John Hughes joint. It’s not one of my favorite movies, but I’m glad the family enjoyed it.
  • While watching the movie, I thought there was a lot of Tom and Jerry humor. And, as I like to do, I like to check out the IMDB trivia page after watching a flick, and was surprised some consider it a loose remake of First Blood:
    • The film is considered to be a loose remake of First Blood (1982) and this film does bare some similarities: In this film, Kevin is bullied by his family, especially by Buzz and Uncle Frank. Kevin gets sent to the attic for the rest of the night, when Buzz eats of all Kevin’s cheese pizza, causing Kevin to go berserk and attack Buzz, leaving Kevin starving, since none of the family left any pieces of pizza for Kevin and Kevin sets traps on Marv and Harry when Kevin is left alone to defend the family home. In First Blood (1982), John Rambo is wrongly arrested by Sheriff Will Teasle who won’t allow Rambo to stop in town for a meal. Rambo is abused and mistreated by Teasle and his deputies. When Deputy Arthur Galt tries to dry shave Rambo, Rambo goes berserk and attacks the deputies. And in the woods, to which Rambo flees, when he escapes from police custody, Rambo sets traps for Teasle’s deputies.
  • Rogue One cast member, Alan Tudyk, is from Plano and graduated from the now defunct Lon Morris College. That’s only notable because WifeGeeding’s father was part of the board of directors or something similar. Other notable alumni are Sandy Duncan and three-time Emmy winner Margo Martindale, who just kills it in FX’s ‘The Americans’.
  • The most attractive meteorologist on CBS11 had a brain freeze yesterday afternoon with her forecast, confusing east for west. She paused for a moment and had to do the Never Eat Sunny Waffles mnemonic.  I prefer using “Soggy” instead of “Sunny”.
  • He seems to be doing well for 91 – Dick Van Dyke to Appear in ‘Mary Poppins’ Sequel
  • He’s the rookie quarterback who sends flowers – Emmitt Smith thanks Cowboys QB Dak Prescott for this classy gesture after passing of his mother
  • Too late for a Christmas gift, but you can still get them for your New Year’s Eve party:
  • Gizmodo – This Deep Sea Fisherman Posts His Discoveries on Twitter and OH MY GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE
  • How a Defense of Christianity Revolutionized Brain Science
    • Presbyterian reverend Thomas Bayes had no reason to suspect he’d make any lasting contribution to humankind. Born in England at the beginning of the 18th century, Bayes was a quiet and questioning man. He published only two works in his lifetime. In 1731, he wrote a defense of God’s—and the British monarchy’s—“divine benevolence,” and in 1736, an anonymous defense of the logic of Isaac Newton’s calculus. Yet an argument he wrote before his death in 1761 would shape the course of history. It would help Alan Turing decode the German Enigma cipher, the United States Navy locate Soviet subs, and statisticians determine the authorship of the Federalist Papers. Today it has helped unlock the secrets of the brain.
  • Dallas doesn’t deserve such a nice guy like Dirk
    • He slipped into the hospital, as he’s done for a decade now, with a jolly disposition and enough Christmas presents to fill a large rolling bin. 
    • Nowitzki fans generally know about his philanthropy and particular soft spot for kids, but the public never has had a window into Uncle Dirk’s hospital visits because he wouldn’t allow it, no offense intended. No press releases. No photo ops. Not a solitary tweet. After lengthy deliberation, he’s consented to The News shadowing him during this visit, but with a request: That the story be about the “courageous” kids, their “amazing” families and the “incredible” doctors and nurses.
  • Dallas Observer – Burnt Ends, Beef Ribs and Bacon: The Best DFW Barbecue of 2016
    • The bacon burnt ends at Heim Barbecue got my attention.
  • Dead Seahorses and a Fake Corpse: Top 10 Weirdest Things the TSA Found in 2016
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  1. RPM says:

    Love me some Alan Tudyk. He was fantastic in Firefly and killed as Steve The Pirate in Dodgeball.

  2. Dude says:

    Man, I already liked Dirk a lot but that story is just great. What a kind human being.

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