Bag of Randomness for Friday, December 23, 2016

  • I’m still suffering from symptoms from my concussion and finally saw a doctor about it. He prescribed ten days worth of prednisone.
  • It’s become a bit of a holiday tradition for WifeGeeding’s family to eat at Neiman Marcus. That’s how yesterday’s afternoon was spent, and they are always gracious enough to pick up the tab. I’m definitely out of my comfort zone when I’m at those sort of places and feel I stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Before I became a parent, I imagined doing a lot of things or experiencing a lot of “firsts” with my kids, only to realize some of them really aren’t as big as deal as I hoped and some things just don’t work out as you’d like. However, we have watched the first two (in order of original release) Star Wars movies as a family. What’s great is they are really into it, even though they already know some major plot elements, like who’s Luke’s father. But what I really cherished last night was watching my son’s face as he saw Yoda use the Force to raise Luke’s X-Wing out of the swampy water. I looked quite a bit like BoyGeeding at his age, and I remember watching that scene in awe, so it was almost like me going back in time to watch myself watch that scene for the first time. It was magical.
  • If a genie granted me three wishes, one of them would be wasted on the ability to fart silently, no matter the amount of force behind in.
  • DaughterGeeding class finished reading Bambi in class this week, so we watched the Disney movie yesterday. It was the first time she’s read a book and then saw a movie, so it was interesting gauging her reaction. Without any prodding or influence from us, her first words were, “That was nothing like the book, the book was better.”
  • WifeGeeding cooks breakfast for me once a year, on Christmas morning. It’s a tradition for her family to eat French toast that morning. I don’t like French toast (but I do love their fries), so she’s kind enough to scramble me some eggs. Sadly, the kids don’t really like French toast all that much either, but she’s a trooper and adjusting.
  • I’m not sure why this GIF of a crow’s ear freaked me out, but it did.
  • Ten years ago, imagine how strange a sentence about President-Elect Trump tweeting about nuclear weapons would be. Okay, that is even strange for today.
  • Since the election, there has been news of people engaging with Trump’s children on commercial flights. I would have thought they flew privately, especially after the election. The campaign lasted for almost two years, if they flew commercially then, I’m sure there would have been reports on social media of them being approached or harassed and going viral. And for the record, just because they do fly commercially, they shouldn’t be harassed.
  • Trump sure does like to shake things up and isn’t much for the formality, but that’s what his voters wanted. It’s traditional for the presidents-elect to defer to the concept of the U.S. only having one president at a time and will yield to the current administration until the official peaceful transfer of power. This is an interesting ride. I remain hopeful, but it shall be interesting.
  • Carter is only former president to RSVP for Trump’s inaugurationThe Clintons and George W. Bush are still weighing whether to show up for Trump’s celebration next month.
  • Christmastime clash: Baptists, leader divide over Donald Trump
  • Though most of my readers aren’t fond of President Obama, I thought this TIME (yeah, I know, liberal media) article was insightful. But surely no one can disagree with this line (gulp) regarding his (or any president’s) legacy:
    • Such debates are good. They are the stuff of history and the currency of a free society, and Obama’s impact will be discussed and reexamined for years.
  • At the time of this posting, I couldn’t find any news outlets to support this Reddit post, but here’s an image of former president George W. Bush dressed as Santa visiting sick children, and it’s noted the Secret Service were dressed as elves. Some Reddit comments that made me chuckle:
    • If some serious sh_t went down, those elf costumes would make it the most surreal shootout ever.
    • Christmas Accomplished.
    • “Heh heh. There’s a little saying we have at the North Pole. I know it’s in Texas, probably at the North Pole. Be naughty once… shame on… shame on you… Be naughty… Ya won’t be naughty again.”
    • “Join the Secret Service, they said. Protect the President, they said. Wear awesome suits, they said…”
  • “Keep riding that white horse” – Art Briles wrote in an email thanking Starr – Wall Street Journal – The school’s former president reinstated a troubled football player over the objections of other administrators
  • One issue I have with the Baylor alums I frequent is they seemed more upset with former university president Robert Sloan’s “Baylor 2012” strategy and work to get him ousted than what all has unearthed in the past year. I bet Sloan isn’t pleased with all that transpired, but sure glad he didn’t have to help manage it.
  • I’m disgusted by how the University of Oklahoma and Bob Stoops have handled the situation of how their starting running back assaulted a woman. Especially the comment on how the span of two years makes a difference.
  • Killing hatred with kindness: Black man has convinced 200 racists to abandon the KKK by making friends with them despite their prejudiced views
  • I post links to Benjamin L. Corey blog often, usually with the disclaimer that I neither endorse or oppose him, but appreciate how he will add to theological thought or discussion.
    • No, Jesus Wasn’t Born To Die (The Part of the Christmas Story We Screw Up)
      • When the angels announce the birth they say, “Fear not! For behold, we bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day a savior, who is Christ the Lord…” The angels went on to praise God, saying “Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth toward humanity, with whom he is well pleased.“ But wait? God sent Jesus because he was pleased with us? If the Bible were to line up with the “Jesus came to die” narrative, shouldn’t they have been a bit more clear in telling people that God was really, really angry with them, but that they could now have hope because his son came to take the beating for us? The idea that Jesus came to die also hits a brick wall when considering other principles we know from the Bible.
      • Jesus didn’t come to die– he came to show us how to live. Jesus came to show us how drastically we had misunderstood God– that God does not delight in sacrifices.
  • Why time management is ruining our livesAll of our efforts to be more productive backfire – and only make us feel even busier and more stressed
  • Dallas Morning News – Oh, Dallas, I found our long-lost, never-before-seen, 100-year-old city flag
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Friday, December 23, 2016

  1. Nathan says:

    Re: "Jesus wasn't born to die." It's usually misguided to build an entire theological argument on a single verse (e.g. "With whom he is well pleased." Luke 2:14) The overwhelming evidence from the OT prophets and the NT epistles is that Jesus Christ came into the world on a rescue mission to serve as a sacrificial propitiation for the sins of humanity.

    Regarding Luke 2:14 itself. Saying that God is well pleased with those on earth does not negate his mission to die for us. In fact, he was so well pleased with us that he was willing to receive the Father's just wrath so that we wouldn't have to.

  2. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    Re: "Jesus wasn't born to die." Yes, I think Dr. Corey was taken pretty well to task in the comments on his post.

    I have a hard time following his logic on this topic.

    Thanks for the blog post today Keith! enjoy your Christmas Holidays

  3. Bryan says:

    "If a genie granted me three wishes, one of them would be wasted on the ability to fart silently, no matter the amount of force behind in."

    I would be very conflicted in this same spot. The ability to fart silently has a great many advantages, but I would argue that the ability to fart on command would be equally satisfying. The comedic opportunities of on demand farting would far outweigh the chance to never be blamed for letting fly. If I'm not mistaken, Junior Miller and Bob Sturm have a friend that claims the fart-on-command power.

  4. RPM says:

    That flag looks like it says BALLAS. Bob Stoops handled Joe Mixon just like I expect OU would handle such things. Given all his faults handling things on the field, I'm 1000% confident Charlie Strong would have handled Mixon differently. Some things are more important than winning football games.

    Merry Christmas, Geedings!

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