Bag of Randomness for the First Day of December 2016


  • Our current and future president had a parent who was born overseas, Obama’s father was born in Kenya and Trump’s mother was born in Scotland. That hasn’t happened since Hoover (Canadian mother) and Wilson (English mother).
  • A lot of times, television shows will throw in product placement and not make it look so obvious, but last night, ‘Modern Family’ did it twice with Google Home and it was forced.
  • I check all our financial accounts daily just to make sure nothing fishy is going on. Yesterday, I discovered two Amazon transactions on our credit card that weren’t in our Amazon order history. Being the holiday season, I double checked with WifeGeeding to be sure it wasn’t some sort of present for me, and she hasn’t been on Amazon for a while. So I had to call to dispute the transactions. I also have credit and fraud protection monitoring, but they didn’t pick it up the transactions.
  • The United States leads the world for most space rocket launches in 2016 for the first time since the 1990s
    • The US will finish with 20 space rocket launches. China will finish in second with 19 and Russia in third with 18. Since the late 1960s Russia has been an undisputed leader in annual launch rates – launching about 100 rockets per year at its prime. Since 1957, Russia has launched over 3,000 rockets – roughly twice as many as the U.S.
  • WifeGeeding and a bunch of lady friends are attending a women’s church event tonight in which HGTV’s ‘Fixer Upper’ furniture maker Clint Harp and his wife will be the featured speakers. WifeGeeding and Harp were neighbors in an apartment complex in Waco and she took him to a sorority formal. I’m comfortable with her going, but I’d be lying if I said I was 100% completely comfortable. I sadly admit I have some embarrassing flaws, and admit I get easily jealous and have trust issues.
  • Jann S. Wenner of Rolling Stone had her fourth interviwed scheduled with President Obama the day after the election. But the the results being a surprise, she thought the interview would be called off. And now we have her last interview with Obama, the morning after the election – The Day After: Obama on His Legacy, Trump’s Win and the Path Forward
  • Buzzfeed – People Are Applauding This Dog For Trying To Clean Up His Own Pee With Toilet Paper – I’m a cynic, so I’m thinking the owner staged the photo. He’s a recording artist from Denton, I have a feeling he’s trying to get some publicity.
  • Deadspin – Baylor Regent: Getting A Full Report Would Have Cost Us Money
    • Waco-based KWTX said regent Dr. Ron Wilson spent Tuesday at a meeting members of Baylor’s faculty and staff where he, other regents, and interim Baylor President David Garland took questions that had been submitted in advance. Afterward, he told KWTX why nothing was released beyond a 13-page “findings of fact” that included almost no facts.
    • “Pepper Hamilton is an oral report so the process of writing would take four to six months. Also with the personal nature of the information so much of it would be redacted. Plus, the cost would be a factor,” Wilson said.
      • By only taking questions submitted by advance, they really wanted to control the conversation.
      • I can somewhat understand time being a factor, but cost?
        • And whatever added cost a written report would create probably doesn’t compare to the settlements Baylor is paying out to ex-coach Art Briles as well as the women who reported they were gang-raped by football players under Briles’s and the regents’s watch.
  • Dallas Cowboys linemen Zack Martin and Travis Frederick warm up before games by running receiver routes passing the ball to one another.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for the First Day of December 2016

  1. John Mackovic says:

    – Wow – "white player", "black player"
    – Looks like Chip & Joanna are now being targeted by the radical left at Buzzfeed for having the audacity to… go to church.

  2. RPM says:

    Art Briles gets a payout? What a twisted circus they have in Waco. They still don't get it. Rape bad… RAPE BAAAAAD!!!

  3. Triple Fake says:

    Jan Wenner is male. There's even a photo of him with Obama in the story to which you've linked

    • Geeding says:

      I’m an idiot. I didn’t have time to read the article when I discovered it but thought it was worth linking to and didn’t even pay attention to the photos.

      • John Mackovic says:

        My favorite line from the article:
        "Good journalism continues to this day. There's great work done in Rolling Stone."

        I guess he didn't hear about all of their fabricated stories.

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