Bag of Randomness for what I wish was Friday, November 4, but in reality is just Wednesday, November 2, 2016


  • I love this new picture NASA released of Saturn yesterday. The image was captured back in July and was taken from about a million miles away, literally. For scale, each pixel is 68 miles. The top of the planet is quite unique, it’s a hexagon. Actually, it’s a hexagonal jet stream, and it changes colors.
  • I finally watched the National Geographic special with David Letterman. He goes to India and learns how they user power. He’s only in about a half or third of the show. I will tell you, if you lean conservative in your political beliefs, you won’t enjoy this episode.
    • It starts off with Dave blow drying his beard. But a lot the show has a serious tone, with an occasional bit of Dave’s humor thrown in.
    • A lot of this is obviously scripted, but it’s not like a reality show or anything. However, Dave seemed really at ease narrating and in any scene he’s put in as a fish out of water.
    • Something I found interesting because it reminded me of the neighborhood where my family in Vietnam lives. The power infrastructure is so bad, that 30% of the electricity is lost in transmission.
    • SNL’s Cicily Strong does a lot of the episode, but because she’s from SNL, I had a hard time taking her seriously thinking a joke was around the corner.
  • Speaking of energy, my good friend Andy updated his blog with a six-month update on the solar panels he installed on his house.
  • After ten days of antibiotics, I’m not feeling any better. I’m at the point now I with the doc would put me in the hospital for a few days.
  • BBC – Native English Speakers Are The Worlds Worst Communicators
  • Bono Just Became Glamour’s First Man of the Year
  • Danny Trejo tries his hand at selling cars
  • The world’s shortest airline routes
  • Paula Lavigne (@pinepaula) – Baylor launches a new website – – to provide more information and updates on sexual assault issues.
  • Until reading this Buzzfeed article, I had no idea Christopher Reeve’s son was a sports reporter for ‘SportsCenter’ on ESPN. Here’s his ESPN bio.
  • The New Yorker – The New Evangelical Moral Minority – If the Southern Baptist church can’t be bigger, Russell Moore wants it to be better.
  • I always thought spiders started from the inside and worked their way out.

    Super satisfying just in time for Halloween. 🙂

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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for what I wish was Friday, November 4, but in reality is just Wednesday, November 2, 2016

  1. John Mackovic says:

    Earlier this year, I had a flight from Austin to DFW. I spent more time in the security line at Bergstrom than I did in the air.

  2. WGII says:

    Can you remind me of Andy's Blog information? I would love to read his update on his solar panels! Thanks WGII

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