Bag of Randomness for Monday, September 19, 2016


  • BoyGeeding’s first soccer game was on Saturday and I decided to test out my new camera. The picture above may not be great, but it’s not bad for one that’s not edited, cropped, or filtered. What’s funny is that’s the closest he ever got to the ball the entire game. He’s not much for contact, and most of the time stayed away from the action as evident in this picture. The ball is on the far right, BoyGeeding is #16 and is the furthest thing to the left.
  • Soccer was something he wanted to try and nothing we forced on him, but after the game, he said he wished he was back playing tee-ball. In this picture, I imagine him thinking, “I wish I was in a shaded dugout.”
  • When WifeGeeding and I first got married we were looking for a church home and visited First Baptist Church Coppell, which is now GracePoint Church and a much larger facility. Here’s what their old sanctuary looked like, at least I’m pretty sure that’s it.
    Instead of tearing it down, someone was creative enough to turn it into a kids play area using the Biblical ark theme. It already somewhat resembled what one would think the inside of an ark would look like, it just needed a little “imagineering”. The place can be rented for events, and I attended a birthday party there on Saturday.
    I’m not a creationist or fundamentalist (that’s another conversation for another time, but shouldn’t surprise any of you), but I was impressed with the idea of how they transformed the old facility embracing the old structure.

    • In the second picture, the very back is for toddlers and has an underwater theme to it with a bunch of sea creatures. Personally, I thought they should have thrown in some drowned humans just to keep it real. In the story, God did wipe out all humans with the great flood and only saved Moses and his family.
    • Also, in the second picture, in the window, there’s a dove with an olive branch in its mouth, which I thought was a nice touch.
      • I love how the U2 song “Beautiful Day” references the ark story with these lines about peace and God’s rainbow promise:
        • And see the bird with a leaf in her mouth
          After the flood all the colors came out
  • Toilets were cheaper than I thought, we got one for $98 at The Home Depot. Now, I just have to install it.
  • College Football Thoughts:
    • Louisville has one very impressive quarterback in Lamar Jackson, this run was a thing of beauty. I wonder if Chuck Strong has second thoughts leaving that program, but having Bobby Petrino as their coach doesn’t show the program really have high moral values.
    • That catch by The Ohio State University Noah Brown was extremely impressive. It reminded me of this catch back in 2009.
    • I was surprised at the number of Buckeye fans at Oklahoma.
    • One of the analysts impressed me during the Texas/Cal game when he basically predicted a blocked punt, even naming the player who would do it.
    • I love how North Dakota State has built up their program over the years.
    • Oregon played at Nebraska and played it classy by laying flowers at the 27-yard line to honor a Nebraska player that died this summer. The player wore the number 27.
    • Baylor
      • I’m not a fan of college football being played on any other day than Saturday, especially on Friday nights, which should solely be reserved for high school football. So far, Baylor has played three games this year, two of them were on a Friday night.
      • Art Briles is like a turd that won’t flush. I understand his son and son-in-law are still on the Baylor coaching staff, but it’s odd for him to show up and sit in the stands considering he was fired by the university. It’s perplexing Baylor fans would give him a standing ovation, which shows delusion, as Briles was the loan football staff member blamed by the university.
      • The Rice band mocks Baylor for sexual assault scandal during halftime performance
        • I get the Rice band has a tradition of doing this, and they weren’t making fun of sexual assault but made fun of the people who enabled sexual assaults, but that was a poor way to represent your university.
      • This guy really must like RG3, but I wonder how he feels now  while the QB is divorcing his wife but dating another woman and already has her name tattooed on his arm. But then again, I too have put people on pedestals only to see them crash to the ground.
      • I rant on Baylor’s easy schedule, but I have no issue with them playing SMU and Rice. At least those have both regional and historical significance with the old SWC.
  • I’m a fan of late night television, so I enjoyed this TIME article about late night talk shows and the election: The New Politics of Late Night – In a wild election with a ripe orange target, comics are ditching balance and taking sides
  • This is a great phone accessory for a Trekkie – A Bluetooth ComBadge
    • Once connected, one touch answers/ends calls, plays/pauses audio, or accesses Siri, Google Now, or Cortana. And, of course, a touch plays that classic communicator sound effect.
  • Buzzfeed – This Mom Pumped Breast Milk While Running A Half-Marathon
  • At 7-foot-1 and 400 pounds, high school football player Brave Williams is larger than lifeSenior at Lake Shore High School in Angola, N.Y., is bigger than any player in the NFL.
  • FiveThirtyEight‏ – The TV Stars Who Were Only Great In One Role
  • Surplus military Humvees for sale in San Antonio, across the U.S. for as low as $4k
  • It just weird having the Emmys go against Sunday Night Football.
    • I was a big fan of the A-Team and Jeb Bush cameos in the opening last night.
    • Kimmel was a better than expected host, I thought he was great.
    • Julia Louis-Dreyfus thanking her father, who died on Friday, was quite touching.
    • I have no idea what “rocks my chain” means but it cracked me up hearing it referenced so much last night.
    • How the miniseries became the coolest category in television
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  1. RPM says:

    Baylor is used to playing High School teams in their non-conference games so Friday night is appropriate. They deserve to be shamed for the rape culture Briles cultivated. I'm shocked the MOB was that easy on them.

  2. Dude says:

    A trick to installing the toilet. The instructions on the wax seal will sometimes tell you to put it on the bottom of the toilet and lower it onto the hole. But it's better to put the seal seated properly on the hole and carefully lower the toilet onto the seal. The seal's connection to that hole is what keeps out leaks.

  3. Brent says:

    Not sure if you were trying to be tongue-in-cheek or not, but do you realize that you wrote that God saved Moses and his family from the flood?

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