Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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  • I bought a He-Man shirt t0 time wear to bed and the kids have been curious as to who He-Man actually is. It turns out YouTube has an official He-Man channel and we streamed several episodes last night. I forgot how each episode ends with a reflective moment which highlights lessons kids can learn.
  • Oh, and there’s an official YouTube channel for She-Ra as well.
  • “Good Samaritan” seems like an overused reference this year. Of course, I’m not saying it’s bad a bad thing to help strangers in need, it just seems the media is over-using the reference. And if I were to make a bad dad joke, I’d connect the topic of immigrants, Samaritans, and politics.
  • While watching Colbert last night I noticed one of Letterman’s old stage crew members backstage, Pat Farmer. From the looks of it, he’s working for Colbert but didn’t want to appear on camera but got caught.
  • I just imagine Buddy Ryan right now, looking up at us all and smirking that smirk of his.
    • Someone posted this comment yesterday. I read it and moved on, and about a good minute later it registered . . . “looking up at us all“. I had a good laugh.
  • Someone please tell me this kitten and puppy were bought/adopted together. GIFFacebook Video
  • If you’re into Texas political data and trends, the University of Texas released some interesting data.
  • Ghost Boxes: Reusing Abandoned Big-Box Superstores Across America
  • Tetris gets trilogy as story ‘too big’ to fit into single film
  • I bet most just go by “Don” – What It’s Like to Be Named Donald Trump
  • Enable Scroll Anchoring in Google Chrome to Prevent Annoying Page Jumps‏the feature prevents your webpage from “jumping” whenever offscreen content such as ads or images are loading. 
  • Faith and action – Tim Tebow Leads Mid-Air Prayer After Fellow Passenger Suffers Apparent Fatal Heart AttackTebow also helped the family get off the plane, picked up their luggage, and went with them to the hospital. He waited with them until they got the news that the man had passed away. The man, in his 60s, was traveling with his wife and her friend.
  • Army approves ‘camo out’ rolled sleeves, year-round
    • Soldiers have not been allowed to roll up their sleeves since the Army Combat Uniform replaced the Battle Dress Uniform in 2005. The Army’s official explanation was that the top was made to protect soldiers’ forearms from the sun, insects and other elements, and it’s not designed to be cuffed. Tuesday’s decision to allow rolled sleeves will bring back the BDU way of rolling sleeves, with the camo facing out.
    • The issue of rolled sleeves – the Marine Corps allows sleeve-rolling in the summer, as do the Air Force and Navy – has been a hot topic among soldiers for years. In February, when Army Times asked readers what they wanted Dailey to tackle during his second year on the job, several wrote in asking for permission to roll their sleeves in the summer.
  • Google is testing an internet speed tool built right into search results
  • Random Cadillac trivia I learned from this article – Can Cadillac be cool again?
    • The logo, which the company calls the “Cadillac Crest,” is based on the coat of arms of Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, the French explorer who helped found Detroit in 1701. (Hardly an aristocrat, Cadillac invented his own noble identity and drew up the coat of arms once he arrived in the New World.)
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  1. John Mackovic says:

    – I bet most just go by “Don” – What It’s Like to Be Named Donald Trump

    "Why should I change, he's the one that sucks"

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