Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, May 3, 2016


  • Right before bedtime we discovered a water leak coming from a wall by our bathtub. Water was also found in the closet as well as the garage. WifeGeeding checked the outside of the house and noticed the section of the foundation slabp near our bathroom was soaked. Despite out best efforts, we couldn’t find the actual leak. Right now the main water is shut off at GeedingManor and we’ll be calling a plumber first thing this morning.
  • Buzzfeed – Claire Danes Wore An Insanely Incredible Light-Up Ball Gown To The Met Gala
  • U2’s Bono on Why Christians Need to Get Honest About Art – Bono, lead singer for U2, and Eugene Peterson, author of The Message contemporary Bible translation, recently spent some time together at Peterson’s Montana home to discuss the Psalms—along with some cameras courtesy the Fuller Seminary. It’s a fascinating talk.
    • Yup, I’m a huge Bono fan, but I’m not always in total agreement with everything he says or does. But many U2 fans read this blog, and I like to post things related to U2.
  • NY Times – After ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight
    Contestants lost hundreds of pounds during Season 8, but gained them back. A study of their struggles helps explain why so many people fail to keep off the weight they lose.
  • This is how you give a horse a CT scan
  • More thoughts on jeans:
    • I like them loose, but not baggy where it looks like I’m a slob.
    • I would probably only wear a pair of skinny or hipster jeans if I lost a bet
    • I have big thighs, I need some room in that area for comfort.
    • Current color and topical trends always confuse me. I don’t know if I need them light or dark or somewhere in-between and then sometimes there’s a worn look or pattern on them which looks odd to me.
    • At the beginning of this century, I was mainly a Levi’s guy, but I’ve since found that the Dillard’s brand Cremieux fits me best. I have no idea if they are popular or “in style” but I just like the way they fit. Eddie Bauer had a pair that also fit me very well.
    • I still have nightmares of when my mother took me shopping for a new pair of jeans. Usually, she bought the ugly and very dark Rustler Husky jeans. One time, fourth grade, maybe, she made me try on a pair. At this store, Mitchell’s I believe, the dressing room door opened to the whole store. After I tried them on, I stepped out and saw “the pretty girl from school” nearby. Mom grabbed the jeans crotch, tugged, and asked, “Do you have enough ball room?”
    • I was so happy when I got my first pair of Guess jeans. The last time I almost bought a pair, I was at the Guess store in Grapevine Mills mall and heard some high school girls talking to their male friend behind the counter making fun of how “out of style” the brand has become.
    • I also thought I was something when I got my first pair of Girbaud jeans, but not as much a when I got my first pair of Guess jeans. Man, looking back, I cared wayyyy too much of how I looked and trying to fit in.
    • I used to be a fan of the tapered leg jean.
    • If bell bottoms can make a comeback, so can the tight-roll.
  • Peter King’s MMQB had a lot of Dallas material
    • He was inside the Cowboys draft room for the whole draft and provides a great inside perspective of how Jerry and family, as well as the head coach, goes about the draft.
    • There’s something emotional, when you’re a person of a certain age, about driving on the road, over the same spot, where the assassination of John F. Kennedy occurred. Staying in Dallas for a few days, I drove four times over the precise spot where Lee Harvey Oswald’s bullet killed Kennedy. Each time it was a little chilling. Glancing over at the former Texas School Book Depository, and realizing how far Oswald was from JFK, and that Kennedy was a moving target, you realize what a marksman the guy must have been. Just a sad moment, every time I drive past—yet it’s a compelling place for me to go.
    • Thank you, Rangers GM Jon Daniels and your staff, for allowing me to bend your ears at the ballpark the other night about baseball. Thanks for the stories about Paul DePodesta, the knowledge about one of my favorite new guys (Rougned Odor), and the stories about Dominican baseball. It’s a great time to be in baseball, from the stories your enthusiastic baseball staff tells.
    •  And a note on ESPN’s Chris Mortensen
      • “When I’m locked down onto a table with a mask for daily radiation, I have the techs at MD Anderson [Cancer Center in Houston] pipe in Christian music. It brings me a sense of peace. On that note, there is something special about experiencing the humility that comes with being a cancer patient. You realize pretty quickly that it’s non-discriminatory. Doesn’t seem to matter if you’re middle-aged, old, young, poor, rich, black, white, Hispanic, Islamic, Asian. It is indiscriminate. There’s a way-too-large community of cancer patients, inspired by survivors but equally inspired by those who fought the good fight but eventually succumbed.
There is one myth, in my opinion, I would share. The mantra of ‘kick cancer’s ass’ may be well-intended but it’s misplaced. Based on what I have experienced and having seen and heard others, you don’t kick cancer’s butt. It kicks your rear end. You just take the punches, get back up and let it hit you again and again … You pray you’re standing in the end. But it’s day-to-day. One day at a time.”

        —ESPN reporter Chris Mortensen, in an email to Tom Hoffarth of, for his “Farther off the Wall” blog. Mortensen is being treated in Houston for throat cancer.

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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, May 3, 2016

  1. RPM says:

    I never liked Levi's. Was always a Wrangler fan. Now I've converted to Carhartt jeans. Better fit and wear better. Seems to be a higher grade of denim.

  2. John Mackovic says:

    – I'm happy with the $13 store brand jeans from Sams and Costco.
    – Thoughts and prayers for you checkbook, I hope that leak isn't too bad, but I'm pessimistic.
    – I don't know if you've been watching the NBA playoffs, but it's really inspiring to see Craig Sager out there reporting for TNT after being given 3-6 months to live back in March.

  3. Ben W. says:

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane with the Guess/Girbaud discussion. And, while they weren't jeans, I couldn't help but remember how proud I was when I finally got a pair of Z. Cavaricci pants.

    It's interesting to hear you discuss wanting to fit in. For likely different reasons, I remember the same feelings. I was the chubby kid buying husky jeans, who was part of a "weird" religion that wouldn't let him do anything. I wanted desperately to be like everyone else, but never quite got there. Now, it doesn't seem like it matters as much. But it sure did back then.

    I echo King's sentiment. I moved to this area in 2009, and thanks to my job I drive through Dealey Plaza at least once a month or so. I never drive through it without thinking what happened there. As a student of history, it's mind boggling to think that one of those seminal, world-changing moments occurred right there, in that space. The history of our country literally changed on that little white "X." It's fascinating and sobering.

    Sorry about your water leak. That doesn't sound good at all.

    • Geeding says:

      Regarding the JFK path, I’m in a trance on that drive up until I pass the Parkland exit trying to imagine what everyone in that car was experiencing.

  4. Towski says:

    I wear Levi's 501 Button Fly only. I order them in the dark rinse, and order a new pair about every 9 months or so, once they start to fade. A dark pair of jeans is dressy and cool, and looks awesome with a blazer and dress shirt. Then, you have a row of jeans in progressive states of disrepair that you can dress down in, or wear to do yard work, etc.

  5. ball room says:

    Glad I was not the only boy to have his mother check to see if there was enough "ball room"……still laughing and remembering my sweet mothers memories……

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