First Baptist Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress invites you on an Alaskan cruise

I thought my fellow blogger, Barry in Wise County, summed it nicely, for the most part:

  • FBC Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress is promoting an Alaskan cruise. And you know he’s getting a cut. The 30 second ad even includes a “comedian” who suggest you purchase it because “your kids don’t need your inheritance.” And what follows from the web site is the most amazing thing I’ve ever read from a “Christian” minister. It promotes an upgrade with your ticket: “Travel in a new class of Christian luxury. Enjoy an incomparable experience by upgrading to our new Signature Service option of exclusive privileges and luxury amenities for your embarkation and disembarkation days. Make your Christian cruise exactly as you like it by adding the services that suit your travel style.” I’m checking my bible for the phrase “Christian luxury”. I thought it was right after “blessed are the poor and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs ” but I was mistaken. Incredible.
  • Christian luxury”? I’m almost livid. Dear First Baptist of Dallas which has lost its way: Fire that man or just admit you don’t care one iota about Christianity. If it does not, every member of that church needs to walk away and let it go down in flames. Talk about Idiocracy.
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One Response to First Baptist Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress invites you on an Alaskan cruise

  1. Linda Bowers says:

    I attend First Baptist. We give to many charitable causes, and I adopted 3 children, all transracial, and 2 of whom were special needs. And no, I don’t expect any special props for any of that. But we CAN afford to go on this cruise, and if we decide to we will do so, and we will enjoy ourselves with a clear conscience. So stop your hating: Pastor Jeffress is a wonderful man and First Baptist Dallas is a great church.

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