Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, March 22, 2016


  • For unknown reasons, my mother-in-law always wanted a pet goat. Yesterday, for an early Easter present, her husband presented her with two.
  • Before I even married, I always thought it would be cool to build stuff with Lincoln Logs with my kids. Yesterday, that became a reality.
  • A friend and I figured out why we haven’t been watching much March Madness and why we prefer pro sports over college – the college kids leave early and there’s no connection to them like there used to be when they stayed all four years. We used Peyton Manning as an example. He went through all those years in Indianapolis never being able to win a playoff game, and then never being able to beat the Patriots, so there was a compelling story of him overcoming all these obstacles over the years and then finally winning it all. He then has neck surgery and is cut from Indy, and the story of going to the Broncos and his health was something to connect with. Sadly, for college, we really only get to follow a player for two years, three if we are lucky.
  • FiveThirtyEight – The NCAA Tournament’s Most ‘Where The Hell Is That College?’ Colleges, Ranked – That Austin Peay is a tricky one.
  • Students Pitch In More as Texas Colleges’ Athletics Costs Climb
  • People – Couple Accidentally Texts Strangers About Newborn, Strangers Show Up to Congratulate Them at Hospital
  • Harrison Ford did a Tumbler Q&A with the help of Entertainment Weekly, this response was my favorite, “Indiana Jones wears a leather jacket in the jungle…I’ve never had a proper explanation for that, but it looks cool.”
  • I had no idea basketball players use Stickum – Dwight Howard admits to cheating, doesn’t like being called a cheater
  • I’ve never tried the AMC two-screen experience where you sync the show to an app or something online, it seems rather than enhancing my experience it would just distract me.
  • I guess television stations no longer sign-off at the end of the night with the national anthem playing. I’d catch it all the time when I lived in Abilene.
  • Paul Reubens is having another career surge it seems. Netflix recently resurrected Pee Wee Herman and last night he was a guest star on ‘Gotham’.
  • Possible ‘Better Call Saul’ spoiler – If you like to link colors and their meaning to the characters, Kim Wexler was wearing a lot of purple last night, a sign she’s being mislead. And the show could also be titled ‘Mike Arrived in Alberqurque’ because his storyline is just as good if not better.
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9 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, March 22, 2016

  1. RPM says:

    Better Call Saul is just great TV any way you look at it. Writing, cinematography, direction, acting. Lightning in a bottle kinda stuff.

    I've done the 2 screen experience thing a few times with Breaking Bad and it is distracting.

  2. John Mackovic says:

    I was just watching Ponyo ( with my kids last weekend, and Ride of Valkyries was used heavily in some parts.

    I was thinking about back when I was a kid and it was the "Kill the Wabbit" song.

  3. Ben W. says:

    My son learned quite a lot of classical music from Little Einsteins. They use major themes from classical music as part of the storyline, and explain who the composer was and even show the melody on a staff. There have been several times that he's picked up on a song in another show or format, and it was something he learned on Little Einsteins. As a classical-music lover, that's cool stuff.

    My mother-in-law wants goats, too. As soon as her husband finishes out their fence, they're getting some. My kids are irrationally excited about this. I. Have. No. Idea. Why.

    I echo everyone's thoughts on Better Call Saul. I also feel like it's being created with binge watching in mind. The narrative isn't moving too quickly, but each episode is a slow build to the next – which just makes you want to keep watching. Vince Gilligan & his creative crew are so immensely talented.

  4. sara says:

    "Well, what did you expect in an opera? A happy ending?"

  5. Jason H.G. Truitt says:

    You left "sexually assaults when" off of your list of things to admire about Maning…

    • Geeding says:

      Once again, your argument is off point. But then again, you’re just trying to be a smart ass and get under my skin which you succeeded in doing.

      • Jason H.G. Truitt says:

        No, it's part of his story. I don't think he's a person that anyone or their kids should look up to, ad whenever someone canonizes him I think they should be reminded of what he's really like.

        • Geeding says:

          The reason you are off point was the subject wasn’t about the character of a man. The point was the length of a player’s career that one can follow in college vs the pros. I could have chosen another player as an example, Manning’s just happened to be more recent which is why I used him as an example. So while something that allegedly happened in Manning’s life is part of his story, you are off topic saying I’m admiring him. You miss the point entirely if you think the point of my message is Manning. You choose to focus on the example given rather than the message.

          • RPM says:

            He also left off the highly questionable legitimacy of the claim and the person doing so. If you do a bit of research on her she has a long history of questionable claims. I'm not a "shame/blame the victim" guy, but this particular case doesn't hold up at all.

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