Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, March 1, 2016


  • For you voters in Dallas County that need a ride to vote – @dartmediaPassengers displaying a valid voters registration card can ride DART free from 6am to 8pm on Texas Primary Day, Tues, Mar 1, 2016
  • Not that I’m really into Academy Award fashion, but I thought it was interesting that Whoopi Goldberg’s dress was inspired by Bette Davis’ dress in the movie All About Eve, which impresses me for some reason as I think the designer nailed the look. But that lead me to research the 1981 Kim Carnes song “Betty Davis Eyes” wondering what Davis thought of it. Per Wikipedia – “Bette Davis wrote letters to Carnes and the songwriters to thank them for making her “a part of modern times”, and said her grandson now looked up to her. After their Grammy wins, Davis sent them roses as well.”
  • I’ve been sneezing a lot as of late, which made me wonder if I ever sneezed in my sleep, or if it was possible. This is what I found – “As we fall asleep, the body relaxes parts of our brain which is responsible for reacting to certain stimuli. One of these parts is the part that triggers the reflex for sneezing. The part responsible isn’t completely shut-off however. It simply causes the reflex threshold which tells your body to sneeze to be raised. This means that it requires much more stimulation to initiate a sneeze. While it is possible to receive enough stimulation to sneeze while you are asleep, the amount required would wake you up long before you could actually sneeze.
  • How To Fold an Origami Star Wars X-wing Starfighter
  • ‘Bernie Baby’ Dies of SIDS“Bernie Baby” Oliver Lomas, whose photos became a hit among Bernie Sanders supporters, has reportedly died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. – Even though all parents of newborns don’t sleep well, I was especially fearful of SIDS and didn’t sleep well until I knew my child was strong enough to roll over on his and her own.
  • Take that Skynet! (Well, for now.) – Mercedes-Benz swaps robots for people on its assembly linesThe dizzying number of options for the cars – from heated or cooled cup holders, various wheels, carbon-fibre trims and decals, and even four types of caps for tire valves – demand adaptability and flexibility, two traits where humans currently outperform robots.
  • Free, as in, make a donation to charity . . .
  • Buzzfeed – This Puppy Had To Get Braces And Is So Awkwardly Cute
  • There’s one particular book I’ve really enjoyed reading to DaughterGeeding before bedtime, but now she no longer wants me to read, she wants to read it to me. It’s a cool milestone or accomplishment for her, but in a way, it bums me out.
  • D Magazine – You Could Design the New Mavericks’ Court
  • Last night’s episode of ‘Supergirl’ had her visiting the Fortress of Solitude for the first time. When I was in college, the one thing I craved the most was solitude because I was always surrounded by people in the dorm and had a hard time collecting my thoughts. Even if I was alone in my room, I could still hear noises upstairs or in the hall, so I never truly felt alone. Oftentimes, I’d say there was biblical precedent for this, as Jesus often withdrew to lonely places to pray. Eventually, I developed my own Fortress of Solitude, and I’m sure everyone in their own way has one as well.
  • Maybe only of interest to me, but both ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Gotham’ (which is based on Bruce Wayne as a child and how the villains became to be) compete in the same timeslot. That’s two DC Comics franchises going head to head. Yeah, they are on different networks, but it hurts DC.
  • Florida news – Blind man acquitted in fatal shooting gets guns back
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