Another Image Problem For The Catholic Church

Catholic priest Fr Stephen Crossan ‘caught snorting cocaine in Nazi room’

Fr Stephen Crossan is reported to have sniffed coke through a £10 note on a night of drinking in July 2015 in Banbridge, County Down.

He was in a room with Nazi memorabilia and seemed to say “I shouldn’t” as he snorted, the Sun on Sunday reported.

Full BBC Article

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3 Responses to Another Image Problem For The Catholic Church

  1. Drama says:

    In honor of George Kennedy [in "Naked Gun"]:

    [in a disgusted tone of voice} " And they call that news"

  2. ALEC says:

    Was that article from "The Onion"?

  3. Ben W. says:

    Seth Meyers had the best take (paraphrasing): The Vatican released a statement saying, "Well, it's not really the worst-case scenario, is it?"

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