2 Responses to Pixar’s Tribute to Cinema

  1. Ben W. says:

    So. Much. Hitchcock.

    A few of these are just movie cliches (e.g., the slow walk in Monsters, Inc. – other examples are Reservoir Dogs and Armageddon), but most of these are clearly homages to classic and/or popular films. And (admittedly, this is not an original theory) that's one reason the Pixar films are so well loved and widely revered; because the creators are students and aficionados of film history and use/reference those cinematic touchstones that create an emotional response in people. When the new film alludes to something familiar, we are more willing to embrace it, because we feel like it's already a part of what we know and love.

    • Ben W. says:

      Haha – apparently the commenting software doesn't like the name of a legendary director. I hope I didn't offend anyone.

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