Bag of Randomness for Monday, January 11, 2016


  • I was surprised to learn that Chet Garner, the host of PBS’s ‘The Day Tripper‘, graduated first in his class at Baylor Law School. He’s also a University of Texas film school graduate.
  • ESPN’s ‘Megacast’ is going to show tonight’s College Football Playoff National Championship game in 14 ways – some notables
    • Homer Telecast (ESPNU): An alternate version of the traditional game telecast — Joe Tessitore will host the interplay between Clemson’s all-time leading passer Tajh Boyd and former Alabama center and three-time national champion Barrett Jones as they serve as quasi-‘game analysts’ with a decidedly partisan view towards their alma maters. Other partisan guests and ESPN personalities will join the commentary which will be conducted primarily from field level.
    • Sounds of the Game (ESPN Classic and ESPN3): ESPN’s game telecast — sans commentators — will be amplified with dozens of microphones positioned throughout the stadium in addition to the public address announcer and referee calls to recreate the in-stadium fan experience of being seated at the game. This will include full coverage of the pregame on-field entertainment and halftime band performances.
    • Mock Replay Booth (ESPN3): An authentic recreation of the replay booth experience will give an inside look at the review process in which replay officials review every play of the game, determine which plays are subject to further review and then what happens during an official replay stoppage.
    • Pylon Cam (ESPN3): A continuous stream of the cameras being fed from the eight pylons surrounding the field, both at the goal lines and for the first time from the backlines of the end zones.
    • Spider Cam (ESPN3): A continuous feed of the camera that maneuvers above the field of play and often provides a behind-the-offense look at the game action.
      Taco Bell Student Section (ESPN3): Cameras in the Taco Bell student sections — focusing on students, bands, mascots and cheerleaders of each team — to showcase how the most enthusiastic fans in the building are reacting with every play.
  • Marlon Brando before and after getting his make up done to be Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather
  • I haven’t eaten at our local Chicken Express in several months, but my experience yesterday lead me to believe they had a change in ownership, which I later confirmed:
    • New staff and decorations
    • A rewards program that requires use of a touch screen device
    • They no longer bring food to you, they now call your ticket number and you have to pick it up at the counter.  They seemed annoyed when we didn’t hear our order number, but for the last decade, we were used to having our order brought to our table.
    • They now print Bible verses on the bottom of the receipt. The cynic in me doesn’t think this is a noble way to spread the Gospel or proclaim their love for Christ. Instead, it feels a bit vain and insincere to promote a business using one’s faith.
  • The longtime Baptist music director at WifeGeeding’s childhood church, a senior citizen with grandkids, got busted soliciting a prostitute. It was one of those in which the person finds out their life as they know it comes crashing down as the police appear in the hotel room. I suspect the church will come down hard on him, as they should.  But since he will now be at the lowest point in his life, I hope they offer some sort of counseling and support. Well, not support in that he was doing something right, but to assist him to get the help that he needs and repair his life.
  • There’s huge Indian population in Las Colinas, where our church is located. In an effort to reach out to them, our church is now allowing a congregation of Christian Indians to start their own church in our building. We both hold worship service at the same time, but they are in another area, and I don’t think they are the same denomination.
  • GIF – So that’s how they print stuff on the outside of bowls.
  • Dallas Observer‏ – New York Public Library Offers a Tasty Time-Waster With Its Online Menu Archive – Search for “Dallas,” for example, and you find a handful of menus for fancy dinners from the turn of the last century.
  • Well, they are one attractive couple – Buzzfeed – This Facebook Photo Of A Young Couple After Surviving An Awful Crash Is Inspiring Thousands
  • I was quite interested in that Seattle/Minnesota playoff game yesterday because of the subzero temperature, and I got quite the kick out of 88-year-old former Vikings coach wearing short sleeves for the coin toss. That reminded me a recent article I read by longtime Dallas Cowboys radio sideline reporter Kristi Scales about some tricks players use to stay warm, here are some highlights:
    • Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly: this is something NFL players use a lot. When you see players in cold games going sleeveless and looking all macho, there’s a good chance they’re slathered-up with Vaseline on their arms. It definitely helps keep you warm. It’s also excellent to use on your face/ears/neck if those areas are exposed.
    • Bread Bags: Former Cowboys kicker Billy Cundiff told me that, growing up in Iowa, Billy learned to wear bread bags over his feet for cold weather games. Put them in between your layers of socks and pull them up past your ankles/lower calf…the same way you wear a tube sock. It keeps your feet dry.
    • Wear the latex gloves underneath your regular gloves, as if the latex gloves were glove liners. It’s an extra layer of protection for your hands.
    • Lambeau Field fans: They put the piece of cardboard below their feet. In other words, while they were sitting in their seats at the stadium, instead of the bottom of their boots/shoes being on the cold concrete, they was a layer of cardboard between the feet and the cardboard.
  • Mike Zimmer was the Cowboys defensive coordinator when they botched a field goal attempt in Bill Parcells last game, a Wildcard playoff game, against the Seahawks. Yesterday, Zimmer had to watch as head coach as his team botch a field goal in a Wildcard playoff game to Seattle.
  • I ordered a BLT the other day and to my surprise the order came out wrong, it had a pickle on it. I’m not a fan of the pickle, and what’s worst, it was the kind of pickle that had a lot of pickle juice with it that soaked into the bread. Silly me, but I thought a BLT only included bacon, lettuce, and tomato between two slices of bread.
  • Before I throw out a bad sock, I’ll wash it one more time and then use it as a rag to clean the bathroom, and then toss it.
  • I looked up an item on the Target website recently and was impressed that it told me it was in stock at our local store and what specific aisle it was on.
  • I watched Train Wreck over the weekend. In one part, Tony Romo was giving a speech and New York Knick Amar’e Stoudemire yelled “Dallas sucks.” What’s funny is that Stoudemire later played for the Dallas Mavericks.
  • This is what country music has become. George Strait is rolling over in his grave. (Yes, I know he’s not dead, that’s the joke.)
  • Harrison Ford Just Became The Highest-Grossing Actor In Hollywood – 
    So long, Samuel L. Jackson. – According to Box Office Mojo, Ford’s career has generated $4.7 billion across 41 film roles. That averages out to about $115 million per movie, though “The Force Awakens” saw him grossing $781.1 million alone. Samuel L. Jackson is still in second place, having grossed $4.6 billion across 68 movies.
  • 115 years ago yesterday (and there’s even a picture of it) – A 100-foot drilling derrick named at Spindletop near the town of Beaumont, Texas produced a roaring gusher of black crude oil – the first major oil discovery in the United States.
  • Until last night, I had no idea that Goldie Hawn was an Academy Award winner. I also thought Kurt Russell was older than her, but she beats him by six years.  She’s 70 and he’s 64.
  • Sylvester Stallone’s fellow actors sure did look really happy for him at the Golden Globes last night. He turns 70 in July. The best story I heard him tell was his last appearance on Letterman. He spoke about attending his first award ceremony and John Wayne came over to introduce himself and how much that meant to him. From that moment, he thought he’d do the same to any other up-and-coming actor. At his last celebrity event, he went out of his way to introduce himself to one such person who totally brushed him off. He then playfully complained to Dave that these young kids have no respect.
  • This Texas Monthly article should really be on Barry’s blog – A Closer Look at the Texas High School Student-Teacher Sex Epidemic
  • D Magazine – The Coolest Workplaces in Dallas-Fort Worth
  • The Independent – The most-checked-out book at the UN library is called “Immunity of Heads of State and State Officials for International Crimes”
  • It’s a concept, but it would be nice to see it in production – The beautiful Buick Avista may have already won the Detroit Auto Show
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, January 11, 2016

  1. John Mackovic says:

    I know a few people that work(or have worked) at one of those "coolest workplaces" and that cool workplace comes with below-market salaries and benefits.

  2. Jason says:

    Back in the day, the best trick to keep your hands warm was to stick them down your pants. That's probably hard to do on TV though.

    Samuel Jackson has been in too many movies. His one-trick pony is wearing thin on me.

    It surprises me a little bit when I hear about people who did so well in law school who either take low-paying jobs as professors or who get out of the profession altogether. The ones who teach really always wanted to do it, and the ones who don't probably just went to law school to make someone else happy in the first place, but the transition is usually accompanied with a story like his about deciding this isn't what he thought it was going to be. I've always loved being a lawyer and really enjoy it more now than I ever have, but I still have days where I think about quitting to do other things as well. Maybe I just don't have the courage to take the leap, or maybe I really do enjoy my job, or maybe I wonder if writing and/or making furniture would pay the bills. Mostly, lawyering pays for my travel habits. I guess if I don't with the lottery on Wednesday I'll start thinking about the ins and outs of going native again.

  3. DF of LL says:

    The bread bag thing to keep your feet warm and dry has been around for a long time. I used that technique as a small child in the late 50's while living in Nebraska and Illinois. My Mom saved the Wonderbread bags. I probably was exposed to lead that was in the paint they used on those bags back in those days.

    115 days or 115 years?

  4. Larry says:

    I wouldn't put latex gloves next to my skin under other gloves. If the outer gloves get wet, the cold penetrates right through. the latex needs to be on the outside to prevent wet and cold. I wear a lot of nitrile (fake latex) in my job outside during all weather conditions.

    About your wife's former pastor and the prostitution: What is an elderly gentleman supposed to do if his wife has passed and he has sexual urges still? Is he supposed to deny them, or does he have to compete with every other man out there for a woman's affections? There needs to be some form of release for them that does not include jail time or public embarrassment.

    That UN Library statement says it all about the UN.

  5. Bryan says:

    I can't imagine he would go to jail if it's a first offense and he has a clean record.

    Keith – I remember a few years ago that you mentioned being a fan of the show "Ed" and how disappointing it is that it isn't available for streaming or on DVD. I was just scrolling through the guide on Uverse and noticed that the Up network (ch. 1369) is airing episodes once a day starting today at 3:00. Looks like the network isn't available in HD outside of Uverse and other cable carriers. SD only on satellite and Fios.

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