Bag of Randomness for Thursday, January 7, 2015

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  • I helped a neighbor retrieve a drone out of a tree yesterday before the storm hit. It involved the use of three poles duct taped together which extended about thirty-feet.
  • I had a reader contact me about an old post I made about easy to install replacement mailbox doors for mailboxes that are contained in a brick and mortar structure. For anyone else that is interested, here is the product website, and here is a competitor. From my limited research, both of them also sell through Amazon.
  • I tweeted Sports Illustrated’s Peter King yesterday and he actually replied. That’s twice he’s responded to one of my tweets.
  • I watched ‘The Daily Show’ for the first time in a long time. The open is new, Trevor Noah does a stand-up intro and the music is a bit more urban sounding but still the same.
  • Ted Cruz’s comment about his pen having an eraser was funny. I understand the point he was making, but he didn’t stick the landing. Out of all the Republican candidates, I was actually proud of Donald Trump tactfully saying the President’s tears were sincere, and then disagreeing with the stance. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be President and then meeting the parents of 20 murdered six and seven-year-olds who ask you to “do something”. Surely that sort of thing just sticks with him, as I’m sure George W. Bush still thinks about the families of the 9/11 victims he met every day.  I’m not trying to support or disagree with any policy here, I don’t want to get into any political argument since they never end in any resolution, I’m just saying it must be really difficult as President to console when it comes to national tragedy and how it impacts them personally and is probably the one thing most candidates don’t think often about before making the decision to run.
  • The only thing weirder than seeing local film guy Gary Coghill on NBC5 is seeing Jane McGarry on WFAA.  The only local personality that seemed to navigate from station to station the best would have to be Chip Moody, with honorable mentions going to John Criswell, and Iola Johnson. Sure, others have made the switch (Dale Hansen started at KDFW), but it didn’t seem “weird” seeing these folks go from one station to another. Off the top of my head, I can only think of Mike Burger, Tammy Dombeck, Rebecca Miller, Suzy Solis, and Brendan Higgins that have gone from one station to another, though I’m sure there are many more.
  • Van Halen opinion – Sammy Hagar was the better lead singer, David Lee Roth was the better entertainer.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA! – CBS11’s Chelsey Davis showing some patriotism back in the day, but don’t click on this link if you are offended by short jean shorts and a bikini top, or in a setting in which it could get you in trouble.
  • – German carpenter invents on-off contraception switch for spermThe tiny valves are less than a inch long and weigh less than a tenth of an ounce. They are surgically implanted on the vas deferens, the ducts which carry sperm from the testicles, in a simple half-hour operation. They are controlled with a simple on-off switch which the man can reach under the skin of his scrotum.
  • Dallas Morning News – Greeters at Texas Wal-Mart’s have gone from giving stickers to checking gun licenses
  • GIF – This dog is a problem solver and possible my hero.
  • GIF – A sinkhole appears on a road during stopped traffic, car scoots out of the way.
  • GIF – These cows are intrigued by a remote controlled car which they decided to chase.
  • I ran across this question on Reddit yesterday and it really made me ponder – How many random people’s vacation photos have I been in?
  • Mike Piazza is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. That’s remarkable considering he was drafted in the 62nd round by Tommy Lasorda as a favor to his Piazza’s father. Getting drafted is one thing, having the work ethic to make the squad and then have such a career speaks of his work ethic.
  • The first and only baseball jersey of a player I ever had was of Ken Griffy Jr. One time while he was playing at the old Arlington Stadium, a friend told me he and his group kept calling his name to get his attention but he wouldn’t bite. Well, not until my friend shouted, “Hey God!” He turned around and did a small tip of the cap with a smile. At least, that’s the story.
  • I thought there would have been at least one more – @ESPNStatsInfo – Ken Griffey Jr. is the first No. 1 overall draft pick in MLB history in the Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Jayson Stark, ESPN – If we’ve calculated this correctly, a fully healthy Ken Griffey Jr. would have hit another 147 home runs in his career. Add those 147 homers to 630 and what do you get? You get 777 — or 15 more than Barry Bonds.
  •  –  Texas Gov. Greg Abbott backs crosses on police cars
  • Last night, WFAA aired the incorrect Powerball numbers and then corrected it twelve minutes later. I hope no one with the incorrect numbers were watching WFAA during those twelve minutes.
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8 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Thursday, January 7, 2015

  1. RPM says:

    Tracy Rowlett WFAA -> KTVT.

  2. John Mackovic says:

    I agree about Van Halen.

  3. Ben W. says:

    Ted Cruz tries so hard to be funny. And, to be fair, some of his material is. But his delivery and comedic timing are so awkward that it just becomes cringeworthy. And someone in his camp needs to tell him to stop trying impressions. They're awful.

    Of course Gov. Abbott backs crosses on police cars – he panders to his voters because he wants to get re-elected. But what if a Jewish officer wanted a Star of David on his/her car? Or – the horror – a Muslim officer wanted a star and crescent on his/her car? Abbott supports "In God We Trust" on police cars, too. How about "Allahu Ackbar"? The only answer is politics. Surely (well, maybe) the former Attorney General of Texas is smart enough to know that blatantly branding police cars with Christian symbology is not a great idea.

  4. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    Van Hagar: I still remember listening to the radio intently when Van Halen ditched DLR and then later when Sammy was coming on board… Lots of chatter about it…(Q102, 98.7KZEW, Eagle 97 anyone? 🙂 ) I like both versions of the band, but it really became a different band with Sammy. The songs, the sound, the shows… everything changed, not just the front man. I like both bands, but that's what they are to this mullet-headed child of the 70s and 80s; Van Halen and Van Hagar.

  5. Dude says:

    Sorry to be the dissenting voice, but Van Hagar < Van Halen. I bought all the van Hagar stuff, went to the concerts in the 80s (mostly for Eddie's 10 min solos mid concert) and used to defend Sammy's critics but when I listen to any stuff nowadays it is only "1984" or earlier.

  6. Dude says:

    Eddie's best solo ever? "Beat It" or "When Push Comes To Shove"? Discuss.

  7. It was really nice to see know about the help that you have done for your neighbors. I am pretty sure that they are going to like you for the act that you have done for them.

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