Bag of Randomness for Thursday, December 10, 2015


  • I was working on this Bag of Randomness yesterday afternoon and saved a draft so I could work on it later.  I then updated to the latest version of WordPress, which is the software thingy that runs the blog, and in doing so it published the draft.  So some of you got a sneak peak and may want to reread what’s been updated and added, or not.
  • There have been a plethora of things I’ve put in a draft, and after some thought deleted it because it was too negative or ill-willed.  I know most of you come here to be “entertained” and to get a small bit of insight in my life, so I’ve tried to avoid certain things to be more friendly as of late. But every now and then I’ll write something that will make some of you roll your eyes or bang your keyboards, but I try to be constructive and open minded about it.
  • I am surprised, pleasantly, by the number of people that have moved out of the Metroplex and use this website to get an idea of current local events.
  • After DaughterGeeding’s taekwondo lesson yesterday, her instructor, who is also the owner, pulled me aside to update me on what happened Friday night.  Before moving to the U.S. and opening this studio, he used to be a bodyguard in Hong Kong. He stated that he noticed the man that sat next to me and thought he was suspicious because of the face/neck masque as it wasn’t all that cold outside, but he also noticed how the man parked before he entered.  Instead of parking normally in front of the studio with the hood towards the front door, he backed in so the hood was facing away.  He said many burglars or robbers will do this because it makes for a quick getaway since there’s no need to put the car in reverse.  He went on to tell me that not only did the police have the front entrance surrounded, but they also had the back door surrounded in case he tried to make a break for it.  The police were called by the Pizza Hut employees that work at the opposite end of the facility about a man that matched his description who was harassing people.  In his car they found a half-empty whisky bottle (his breath smelled like it), and in his trunk was four semi-automatic rifles, a dozen or so loaded magazines or clips (forgive my ignorance when it comes to firearm terminology), and a shotgun.  Other than that, all I know is that the police took him and his three-and-a-half-year-old away.  Personally, I don’t think he was going to do any harm to us, but I found the whole thing interesting.  And as I’ve said before, it’s got me to thinking.
  • I’m not sure if all Chipotle’s do this, but ours places all the plastic lids to cups upside down, which is a pretty good lifehack. It’s much easier to grab a single one that way.
  • One of my most loyal and kindest readers sent me a link to a Dallas Morning News article about Adam The Answerman.   Basically, for free, you can call them up about your appliance problem, and they will talk you through how to diagnose and repair it.
  • I live within an hour of WinStar World Casino, and even though I’ve never visited, I always see billboards of some pretty decent talent doing shows there, like Jerry Seinfeld and Amy Schumer.  It left me wondering why would such an artist choose to perform in Thackerfville, OK as opposed to nearby Dallas or Fort Worth, which is about 80 miles away.  Thanks to LiberallyLean, I now know because of this Dallas Morning News article.  WinStar basically overpays and has them signed a stipulation that they can’t perform within a hundred miles of the casino for a certain time period.
  • Speaking of LiberallyLean, yesterday he made a post about Donald Trump and a bald eagle.  Just a reminder that brought that to you way back on August 20, 2015 – that’s a difference of 110 days.  He likes to claim he’s the hardest working man in show business, but he may be showing his age and becoming the slowest working man in show business.  At least that WinStar article he posted was somewhat current as it’s about five days old.  Well, at least he’s not that old curmudgeon who does nothing but rant about the news and talk radio. #PlayfulShotsFired
  • But the Trump post makes this GIF Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • Watching, rewatching ‘Star Wars’? Try ‘machete order’ – Episode IV, V, II, III, VI
  • Mark Hamill having a little fun with the fans – It would be funny if we end up seeing Luke after the opening credits in the very first scene.
  • There was one line which reminded me of Episode IV that put a big smile on my face – New Chinese Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer has a ton of new footage
  • The New York Times  – Jeb Bush Reveals How Religion Informs His Day
  • Colbert Slips to 4th Place in Late-Night Race, Beaten By Seth Meyers Who Airs One-Hour Later – Last night he had three cast members of ‘Downton Abbey’ read some lines using an American accent, and it took any noble presence away.
  • Buzzfeed – This Guy Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge And Survived To Tell His Story“The millisecond my hands left the rail, it was an instant regret.” – he’s part of the less than 1% who survived the mostly deadly jump.
  • Buzzfeed – This Story Of A Mall Santa And An Autistic Boy Will Melt Your Heart
  • San Antonio Express-News – South Texas elderly couple tired of living on ‘Gay Drive’ loses battle with city to rename street
  • Popular Mechanics – How ESPN College Football Gets MadeIt takes a whole day of preparation, a lifetime of practice, and some incredible camera technology to create a three-and-a-half hour telecast that looks effortless.
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9 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Thursday, December 10, 2015

  1. Dan says:

    I have been using Adam the Answerman for over 25 years, they are great folks.

  2. @BSG says:

    Curmudgeon? That's a shot!! (It's true, but it's still a shot!)

    I'm headed over to your neighborhood, pick up a certain Cowboy, and we are going to give you a visit!!!

  3. Showing Blitz says:

    " But every now and then I’ll write something that will make some of you roll your eyes or bang your keyboards,"

    I'm on my fourth keyboard.

    " Speaking of LiberallyLean, yesterday he made a post about Donald Trump and a bald eagle. Just a reminder that brought that to you way back on August 20, 2015 – that’s a difference of 110 days. "

    110 days!??

    The hardest working man in show business??

    There goes another keyboard.

    • Geeding says:

      Your helping me set my quota of at least five broken keyboards a year. And yes, I know I should have used "you're". I purposely used "your" in hopes it would cause another broken keyboard.

  4. Bryan says:

    That Chinese trailer for SW:TFA almost made me giddy.

    I would like to know how many college football telecasts clock in at 3 and a half hours. I'll take the over on that one.

  5. Larry says:

    My only problem with the cup lids being placed upside down is that any airborne particle will end up in the lid and then in your cup. I would remove the top several lids and use the next one down. If other people feel the same way, then multiple customers have placed their hands on my lid before I get to it. It could add up to a lot of wasted lids.

  6. John Mackovic says:

    The correct word is "magazine", not "clip"

  7. Susanne says:

    I live within a short drive of the Golden Gate Bridge.

    There's a horrible/fascinating documentary entitled The Bridge. For several months, they posted a camera facing the bridge and, sadly, filmed a number of suicides and suicide attempts. The filmmakers interview friends of the deceased and in one case, a survivor.

    The film is definitely worth checking out.

    Sadly, the one survivor struck me as someone who still has significant mental health problems, although at least now he's working on addressing them.

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