Bag of Randomness for Monday, December 7, 2015


  • We usually don’t take DaughterGeeding to taekwondo lessons on Friday night, but there I was sitting in class as it was about to wrap up around 7:45 PM.  All of a sudden a black man walks in with a toddler and sits next to me wearing a dark toboggan and a face masque similar to this one.  It was cold outside, but I didn’t think it was that cold, and I didn’t notice any other black kids in class, and then thought he might just be here with a child for the next class that was about to start.  Right before class ends, he takes his toddler and talks to the front desk person asking about age requirements and mentions his son is two-and-a-half but advanced for his age.  He walks out of the front door just ahead of me where I see three police cars parked in a formation surrounding the entrance with their lights flashing.  They start talking to the man stating someone called about being harrassed and he matched the description.  DaughterGeeding squeezed my hand hard and asked if we were safe with a worried look on her face.  I wanted to stick around to see the outcome of things, but I didn’t want to be nosey or get in the way and just wanted to let the police do their job.  But it just got me to thinking.
  • It’s a tradition to put poinsettias on my parent’s grave this time of year and we followed through with it on Saturday.  Before that, we decided to try the Slow Bone Barbeque, which is owned by the same guy that owns Maple and Motor, one of the best burger joints in town.  It’s been reviewed well, but I never liked his attitude about the smoking tradition saying that the pitmaster concept is overblown and smoking a brisket is fairly simple.  If I were from out of state and never had brisket or pork ribs, I’d come away saying it was good. But since I’ve distinguished my pallet for smoked meats over the last couple of years, I don’t think this place is worth visiting for devoted fans of smoked meat and I don’t even care to rank it.  There was a unique seasoning WifeGeeding gave a big thumbs down to, and while it didn’t bother me, it wasn’t anything great.  They are also supposed to be known for their sides, which I thought was OK, but WifeGeeding thought the sweet potato was excellent.
  • In other BBQ related news, I found out BoyGeeding’s preschool teacher, a coworker of WifeGeeding, is the sister of the owner of the Lockhart Smokehouse in Plano.
  • In other food news, the area around Las Colinas Medical Center has at least three Mediterrian restaurants within a half a mile, so I was surprised to see a Zoe’s Kitchen being build directly across from it.
  • Season three of ‘Fargo’ will be set a couple of years after the first season, presumably around 2008.
  • MouseMingle – a dating site made especially for hardcore Disney fans.
  • GIF – Don’t break the human chain
  • We attended the Coppell Christmas parade and Uncle Eddie made an appearance.
  • We let the kids hang the ornaments on the tree this year. WifeGeeding started to make adjustments after they were all hung up, but I encouraged her to leave it alone and appreciate for what it was.
  • I always thought the word peaked was used for “something peaked my interest”  However, until a few days ago, I actually found out the correct word is “piqued”.  There’s good reason why I never got great grades in English and grammar.
  • I’ve driven through it many a time, and the last I checked, Waxahachie ain’t in no desert – Mental Floss – The Failed $2 Billion Supercollider Project in the Texas Desert
  • Yeah, and they got plenty of losses to go with it – @PickSixPreviewsTEXAS (5-7) has more Top 15 wins than Alabama, Ohio State, Iowa, & UNC — COMBINED
  • I know Baylor was on their fourth-string quarterback, which takes some sparkle out of the win, but they were playing at home and were 20+ points favorites.  And then you have to take into consideration Texas’ injuries – starting QB Jerrod Heard, starting RB Johnathan Gray, starting OG Patrick Vahe, starting DT Hassan Ridgeway, starting S Dylan Haines, starting LB Malik Jefferson, starting LB Peter Jinkens, and other key backups.
  • The night before the game WifeGeeding told me her sister called and wanted to see if we wanted to book hotel rooms with them in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl or San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl to watch Baylor play.  Hotel rooms are harder to get than tickets, and their plan was to cancel the booked room for the city their beloved school would not be in.  With the surprise loss to Texas, Baylor will now be playing in the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they go and take another Disney trip for the year, despite being there with us in October.
  • I have mixed feelings about Michigan State being in the top four because they’ve had too many narrow wins, some just plain miracles.  But then again, champions just find a way to win.
  • Michigan State’s first game of 2015 was in AT&T Stadium at the Cotton Bowl.  Their last game of 2015 will be in AT&T Stadium at the Cotton Bowl.
  • GIF – Iowa has an interesting fan base (or at least, student section)
    Buzzfeed – 21 Things Disney-Obsessed Parents Definitely Do
  • Buzzfeed – A Couple Surprised Their Daughters With Their New Adopted Brother Under The Christmas Tree
  • Mind boggling political stat of the day – Donald Trump has so far spent a mere $21,700 on broadcast advertising, compared to the eye-watering $28.9m spent by Jeb Bush, currently languishing at 3% of the poll compared with Trump’s 36%. Trump is allowing the evolved ecology of TV coverage and the new power of the social web do the work for him, live tweeting along the way.
  • It’s a bummer that three of the kids were left without a gun, unlike the others – Nevada Republican assemblywoman’s family poses with guns in Christmas portrait
  • Ohio newsThe owner of the zombie Nativity scene has received his first $500 fine. Sycamore Township officials said the problem isn’t with the zombies. The problem is with the wooden shelter above them that violates zoning code. Township trustee Tom Weidman said it cannot be taller than five feet. The shelter is about 10 feet tall.
  • Penis Transplants Being Planned to Help Wounded Troops
  • For those of you that were fans of the girl in those Mercury car commercials, Jill Wagner now has a show on the Travel channel with her father.  Her Southern accent comes out a lot in the show from what I saw last night.
  • I don’t really have much interest in the Cowboys game tonight, so I think I’ll just plan on watching the U2 concert on HBO and put off ‘Fargo’ until Tuesday.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!

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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, December 7, 2015

  1. Kutman says:

    MSU Deserving? Resume – Oregon – Currently 15th, Michigan (on the road) Currently ranked 17th, Ohio State (on the road with 2nd and third string QBs) Currently ranked 7th and Iowa (Neutral field) Current rank 6. Also OSU and Iowa each only have one loss… Hmmmm and what's the common denominator there? Oh, right, they lost against MSU! What is your criteria? Yeah, be like Baylor. Blow out cupcakes all year long then lose against tough teams.

  2. RPM says:

    The Texas/Baylor game was great. Both teams were beat up and I think it boiled down to who wanted it more. Baylor is unaccustomed to being on the short end of the stick and Texas is tired of being there. If this game was played a month ago, there would have been a much different outcome. I think North Carolina whoops Baylor.

    Did you happen to see MSU QB Connor Cook's acceptance of the B1G MVP award? He snubbed tOSU great and two time Heisman winner Archie Griffin. Out of the way old man, the spotlight is for me! Sure, he's crawfishing now, but the damage was done on live TV. A little humility goes a looong way.

  3. Mxh says:

    what did point one get you to thinking ?

  4. Brent says:

    So has WifeGeeding's sister properly accepted responsibility for jinxing the game? Can't believe she would upset the football gods like that. 🙂

  5. Bryan says:

    Your taekwondo class story reminded me of something that happened to us a few weeks ago. My wife and I saw a movie and, with about 10 minutes to go, a man near the front of the auditorium screamed out very loud for no apparent reason (it was a tense scene, but it still seemed out of place). Both of us were (and others around us) were startled to the point that we lowered our recliners and found it hard to concentrate on the rest of the movie. Granted it was the day after the Paris attack and both of our minds were likely racing, but it was definitely something that I would not have thought twice about if it happened 5 years ago.

    What ends up looking more creepy: the Disney dating site or a Christian dating site?

    If Trump's run ends successfully, it will go down as the most genius political maneuvering in history. He says very little of substance and uses shock value to manipulate the media and voters to the point that he almost doesn't have to spend money. It's genius. In the end, I still hold firm that the man doesn't want to be president any more than I want to be a garbage man.

    I'll also be forgoing the Cowboy game for U2.

  6. Kutman says:

    Connor Cook has done nothing but apologize. He was caught in the moment but let's hold his feet to the fire.

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