Bag of Randomness for Columbus Day 2015


  • I like getting postcards and I like sending them, it’s just I don’t travel often so I don’t get an opportunity to mail them.  I often heard that the old-timey looking mailboxes on Main Street USA at Disney’s Magic Kingdom aren’t for decoration, but still in use.  And if you use them, you don’t have to apply postage, Disney would take care of that for you.  So I gave it a try.  It was a version of Mythbusters.  Sure enough, the postcards mailed were delivered to all their destinations.
  • As we flew back home last week, the pilot kept referring to our area as Northeast Texas.  That’s the first I’ve heard of that and thought it strange coming from an airline that’s based here.  Usually, you’ll hear this are referred to as either DFW, the Metroplex, or North Texas.  Also, when we landed, the pilot said we landed on the Dallas side of the airport and will take the long taxi to the Fort Worth side.  When I tracked it on GPS, that was one long ride.
  • In one article this weekend I read Bryan Cranston said he wants to play a Marvel villain, but not an existing one, just one that would be created specifically for him.  And then I read another in which he said he wants to play Misters Sinister.
  • I read somewhere that the Dutch driving school they teach you to open the door with the hand opposite from the door so you automatically look over your shoulder for any on-coming traffic or a person on a bicycle or motorbike.  I may have to start doing the same and turning this into a habbit.
  • GIF – Underwater LEGO train
  • College football thoughts, but mostly Texas/OU thoughts:
    • TCU’s offensive coordinator is a bit of a Matthew McConaughey doppelganger.
    • I admire TCU’s resilience, and that game might just have won Trevone Boykin the Heisman with how he put that team on his shoulders in the second half.
    • The last thing Baylor wants to see is a one loss TCU team that has “nothing to play for” and to make the last game of the regular season their Super Bowl.
    • Gary Patterson was interviewed by the Fox Sports sideline reporter right after the game and he said he didn’t yell at his team during halftime.  I’d like to know Patterson’s definition of “yell” because I’m pretty darn sure he raised his voice.
    • It’s interesting living close to I35-E, which is the route most University of Oklahoma fans take to get to the Cotton Bowl and the State Fair of Texas.  In the morning, you’ll see a lot of OU fans in local gas stations and restaurants breakfast, and then you’ll see them again around dinner time.  We ate at Babe’s Chicken Dinner House in Carrolton for dinner, and about every other person was wearing crimson and cream as they ate their sorrows away for that long road trip back home.
    • I really like Longhorn head coach Charlie Strong.  It’s a given as a fan of the university, but things like his attitude, discipline, and work ethic stand out.  Seeing his huge smile after the final first down made me happy for him, but then his team carried him and the crowd started to chant his name.
    • I read in a Dallas Morning News article that several of Strong’s players told him they were going to save his job and play hard for him.  But Strong’s reply is one reason why I really like the guy.  He said, “Don’t play for me, play for each other.” You got to love how a coach takes the attention off him himself and puts the players and team first.
    • One thing I love about sports are the life applications you can apply.  In the case of Texas, they got annihilated and embarrassed by TCU a week ago in our area.  Throughout the week, there were all sorts of talk about how bad the team is, division in the locker room between upper and lower classmen, and dismissing their head coach.  They were then slotted to return to DFW for a game against the number ten ranked team in the country.  They could have easily caved in, but they ignored the noise, focused on what’s ahead, put one foot in front of the other, and in a sense, redeemed themselves.  We’ve all had times in which we were embarrassed and focused on what everyone else was thinking, but sometimes you have to ignore the noise and believe in yourself.
    • Though it’s an abused cliche, I love how win/loss records and rankings go out the window in  rivalry games.
    • Despite what I said about rivalry games, the older I get, the more I understand that “hating” the other team is really a stupid thing.  Both teams have well-intentioned players and fans, and both have a few bad apples.1  Except for location, uniform, mascots, colors, and a few other things, both teams and fans are pretty much the same.
  • Everytime Phil Simms is part of the broadcast booth for a Dallas Cowboys home game he always has to mention the mediocre BBQ at Hard 8 in Coppell.  Speaking of BBQ, I gave Cattleack BBQ a try and it was most excellent.  Sadly, it’s only open on Thursday and Fridays, but thankfully they serve a beef rib. Their sauce is vinegar based, but I don’t like to judge a place off their sauce, I judge it off their meat, and it’s fantastic. It’s below Pecan Lodge (my number one) and either tied or slightly better than Lockhart.  I’m not a big potato salad eater, but WifeGeeding gave it a big thumbs up.
  • I’m sure Arlington was a traffic nightmare yesterday evening with the Cowboys game scheduled to end at 6:30 PM and the Rangers game set to start at 7:10 PM.
  • I read an article about Jim Carry attending the funeral of his former girlfriend in Ireland in which he helped carry the coffin from the church to the cemetery, and I immediately regretted it.  She committed suicided and you just see the pain and grief in his face.  I let the paparazzi win.  That sacred moment for family and friends should have been left private, and Carry should be able to express any feelings without the fear of someone snapping a photo.
  • I sometimes wondered what it must have been like for my father to marry someone from another land that didn’t have any concept of pop-culture references and the like.  Sometimes I think I get a glimpse of it.  I made a My Cousin Vinny reference about “two yutes” and to my astonishment, WifeGeeding has never seen the flick.
  • FiveThirtyEight – The 25 Most Rewatchable Movies Of All Time – I haven’t seen six on that list.
  • Just a reminder for anyone that has an old JanSport backpack that’s ‏in need of repair – they carry a lifetime warranty and all you need to do is fill out a warranty return form and send it in.
  • I’m not sure I can identify any of St Vincent’s music, but she guest waitressed at the opening of her sister and brother-in-law’s new Dallas restaurant Resident Taqueria.
  • WifeGeeding has to work today at her preschool that’s BoyGeeding is attending.  I have the day off as does DaughterGeeding, so I think I’m going to make it a fun daddy/daughter day.
  • @darrenrovell – Top salaries in the NFL in 1981: 1. Archie Manning ($600K), 2. Walter Payton ($500K), 3. Terry Bradshaw ($470K)
  • If you didn’t catch it, former President George HW Bush threw out the first pitch in Houston last night.
  • Nice home for sale in Alabama.


1Except Baylor which is only full of bad apples.

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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Columbus Day 2015

  1. RPM says:

    Was so proud of the Longhorns and Charlie Strong. That win was a team effort. They have been taking a lot of grief but just look at who they played. Every team was ranked except Rice and they are starting mostly underclassmen. 2 years from now they will be scary good and trust me TCU will get some payback.

  2. Jason Truitt says:

    You’re too hard on Baylor, and dreaming about UT and TCU.

  3. John Mackovic says:

    Just a note – The last three head coaches,Mack, Mackovic and MacWilliams beat OU the year they were fired.

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