Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, September 23, 2015


  • As I was driving DaughterGeeding to school yesterday morning we stopped at a light and she noticed the sun was about to come up.  This was going to be the first sunrise for her to witness, but then a garbage truck pulled up in the next lane blocking her view, and a little later the light changed, and she missed the whole thing.  Such is life, kid.
  • Francis became the fourth head of the Catholic Church to visit the United States, nearly 50 years after Paul VI made the first visit by a pontiff to the country in October 1965.”  CNN – I thought a pope would have visited the U.S. much earlier.
  • Even during the regular season, my neighbor that starts as an offensive lineman for our local NFL franchise mows his lawn shirtless, as I witnessed yesterday.  As tall as he is, he has to hunch over a bit to grab the handles, and I wonder if it’s a bit more uncomfortable for him to mow than his half-Asian blogging neighbor.
  • I like the idea of the Cowboys getting Matt Cassel, and as my good friend Bone stated, it should have been done weeks ago as we both never had confidence in Weeden.
  • Dallas Observer – 10 Most Devastating Sports Injuries In Dallas History – Though not on this list, when it comes to Cowboys injuries I often think about how snakebit Mike Sherrod was with breaking bones in his leg, “In 1987 he came into training camp as the Cowboys best wide receiver, but was lost for the year when he was tripped by a defender during a scrimmage and shattered two bones (the tibia and fibula) in his right leg. He also missed the 1988 season, when he re-fractured his right leg tibia and also the shin bone, while jogging on a Santa Monica beach as part of his rehab treatment.” But his career did have a silver lining as he was part of a Super Bowl winning team with the 49’ers.
  • You know I’ve been stuck on Eva Cassidy and “Over The Rainbow” as of late.  I was planning on stretching that throughout the week and posting another version of the song each day, and then get this . . . on his first official day back, LiberallyLean posts a link to ten versions of the song.  This must be some sort of payback for me providing a few Random Thoughts girls.  What we might have here is a future Art Briles and Garry Patterson relationship appearing before your eyes.  And you know what, he’s the Garry Patterson in this relationship. Yeah, I went there.
  • Rediscovery Eva Cassidy and listening to some other music that has moved me lately got me to thinking of making a playlist of songs that meant the most to me.  At my funeral (or if we’re being trendy, my Celebration of Life) copies of the songs would be provided those in attendance as they leave, and every time they hear one of those songs, I hope they think of a good memory of me.  It would be cool if those listening to them would understand why I chose each song, and I think they would be best listened to during a long solo roadtrip.  Yes, there would be U2 songs, but not as many as you would think.  And if I outlive my friend Jimi, a Rod Stewart song would be included.  He often tells me, “Keith, if I ever just won’t die, just play some Rod Stewart.”
  • An I35 icon is no more, but now has a great home  – The neon Big Tex sign outside Centennial Liquor on I-35 in Dallas has been sold…to the State Fair of Texas. And as of yesterday he is no longer beckoning thirsty shoppers to come in and buy some hooch.
  • Gene Simmons is opening one of his chain restaurants, Rock & Brews, in The Colony.  he’s also trying to partner the restaurant with Southwest Airlines, “The restaurant company hopes to persuade Southwest chief executive Gary Kelly to adapt the Southwest app to allow fliers to order food from Rock & Brews to be picked up either before boarding or while taxiing to the gate.
  • GIF – Why will robots rule the world? Because they don’t play by the rules.
  • I’ve been on a Jell-O kick as of late, and every time I purchase a few boxes, the cashier asks what am I making.  I feel like a smart-arse saying I’m just making Jell-O, but it’s the truth.  I’m addicted to the apricot flavor of all things, and oddly, I’ve never tried an actual apricot.
  • Allison Williams, the daughter of former NBC Nightly News host, Brian Williams, as recently married and the ceremony was officiated by Tom Hanks.
  • Count the red flags in the first sentence of this news story – “Jane said she lost her virginity to her pastor on her father’s grave when she was just 9 years old.”
  • Found this on Reddit, and it sounds like the inspriration for the movie Taken – “The policeman discovered that the child in the back of the van, tied up, gagged with tape and stuffed head-first into a sleeping bag was his daughter.” – Wikipedia
  • The Muppets have been doing a grand job of promoting their new show.  It’s a mix of ‘The Office’, ‘The Larry Sanders Show’, and Shrek.  I used Shrek because it’s aimed at kids, but there’s many adult references that’s a bit mature which goes over the kids’ heads.  I loved last night’s show, and had more literal LOL moments than I’ve had in a long time watching television.
  • I did notice a bit of cross promotion.  Tom Bergeron was on the show and ‘Dancing with the Stars’ was airing later that night.  Also, Elizabeth Banks was on the show, who was in and directed Pitch Perfect 2, which happened to be the movie where Kermit and Miss Piggie broke up, and the DVD went on sale yesterday.
  • I also caught the new CBS show ‘Life in Pieces’ which was funny and clever.  It’s a bit like ‘Modern Family’ as it’s the story of several families and no laugh track, but it’s not done in a documentary format.  What’s unique is that’s each family has a unique story, and then it’s kind of tied together at the end.
  • Colbert seemed a bit too easy going, too jovial, with Trump last night.  I was surprised that Trump didn’t wear his American flag lapel pin.
  • – Garth Brooks riding the Texas Giant at Six Flags with an “I’m a Pepper” shirt.
  • BBC – Why The U.S. Hides 700 Million Barrels of Oil Underground – I’m sure most of us know why, but this provides some background and detail.
  • Just a picture of Geraldo Rivera and Charles Manson.
  • Supposedly the Minnesota Vikings unofficial mascot was seeking a contract that would pay him $20,000 per game for the next decade.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, September 23, 2015

  1. Ben W. says:

    I won't be going to Rock & Brews. Not because I have anything against KISS or chain restaurants, but because they are aggressively dog friendly – to the point that they have a dog menu. I don't like dogs, and I sure as heck don't want to eat with yours.

    The Muppets was great – I'm glad to see them back on TV, and it will be interesting to see where they go with it. And cross promotion? On a Disney-owned show? You can thank Michael Eisner's legacy for that – "synergy" is the name of the game. Don't be surprised if Star Wars shows up on The Muppets sometime before the movie's premiere, followed by Captain America in the spring. The Muppets have always had their fingers (paws?) on the pulse of pop culture, and I'm sure Disney/ABC is going to exploit that.

    We enjoyed Life in Pieces, too. With both a second grader and a high-school sophomore in the house, the "college tour" segment may have hit a little close to home, but it certainly made us laugh out loud. It's a really good cast, but Colin Hanks stood out, as usual.

    • Geeding says:

      You lost me at "I don't like dogs". Funny thing, but when I first typed that sentence, I added an "n" to that word for K9 and noticed my mistake right before submitting. Gosh, I hope that's simply a type and nothing Freudian.

      I don't mind the ABC cross promotion, it's mostly subtle, but it bugs me when I see it on Fox as they are so in your face with it.

  2. John Mackovic says:

    Maybe Jerry should pay for your neighbor's lawn service. I'd hate for him to step in a gopher hole or something and twist an ankle.

  3. The Donald says:

    "…policeman discovered that the child in the back of the van…"

    And if that policeman emptied every round of his service sidearm into the van driver, I'm voting "not guilty" if he (the policeman) has to go to trial.

  4. sara says:

    Once it gets cooler, take your family camping somewhere with an open sky and let them stay up all night to look at real stars and maybe the milky way. And then let them see the sunrise. Camping at White Sands is on my bucket list, and Enchanted Rock is supposed to be good for stargazing as well.

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