Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, September 16, 2015


  • I never put the twist-tie back on the bread bag, I just twist the bag opening and tuck it under the bottom.  It’s more efficient for optimizing my bread experience.
  • A third-grader at DaughterGeeding’s school was asked about his homework, and he said he needed to watch YouTube videos to learn about baseball.  The parent followed up to see what the actual assignment was, and the kid was right but just didn’t explain it all that well.  The PE teacher told them to try to learn more about the rules of baseball and softball and provided options of watching YouTube videos or spending time with their parents watching games.
  • I get a kick out of this time of year when girls will find any excuse in drop in temperature to bust out their boots.  The way some were sporting them along with their attire would make one think it never got above sixty degrees yesterday.
  • It would never happen, but it would be funny if Mack Brown gets the new Athletic Director job at UT, fire Charlie Strong, and appoint himself head coach.  I root for the Longhorns, but I don’t keep a close eye on things, so the whole Steve Patterson firing was a surprise and one I don’t entirely understand.  From the sounds of it, he’s not good at communicating and not much of a people person.
  • I got an email from Verizon with the subject heading “Equipment Dropoff” and then it occurred to me that they upgraded my router and I forgot to send the old one back.  However, when I opened the email, it stated they received my old router and gave me a confirmation number.
  • R2-D2 jet: First of 3 ANA ‘Star Wars’ planes unveiled
  • I didn’t know another effect would be that a man’s vision could turn green and that “it” didn’t salute the entire time – Man Took 5 Viagra Pills ‘for Laughs,’ Got Five-Day Erection – But then again, this is from a tabloid in the UK, so take it all with a grain of salt.
  • Jeb Bush video about America uses stock footage from foreign countries
  • Buzzfeed – This Indian Holy Man Talking About His Cannibalism Will Give You Goosebumps – “Whatever is left of the dead, we Aghoris consume.”
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA! – How Americans Like Their Steak | FiveThirtyEight‏
  • Storm Woofer
  • The Houston Rockets will have a jersey that says “Clutch City”.
  • Rick Perry megadonor wants his $5 million back‏
  • Texas mostly uses coal and natural gas – Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Hydro? How Your State Generates Power – It is interesting to see what other states use: Hawaii – Petroleum, Idaho – Hydro, New Hampshire – Nuclear
  • Buzzfeed – This Guy Spent Six Months Making A Sandwich And All Its Ingredients From ScratchHe grew his own veggies, made salt from ocean water, milked a cow for cheese and butter, ground his own flour from wheat, collected his own honey, and killed a chicken.
  • The Wall Street Journal – What the NFL Can Learn From RugbyAs the World Cup begins in England, more football coaches stateside look to rugby to improve tackling
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, September 16, 2015

  1. RPM says:

    I didn't write this and it's a bit long, but boy oh boy is it spot on. Cleaned it up as best I could. If I missed anything feel free to delete:

    Here is the media perception of what is happening right now:

    •Texas fans didn't like Steve Patterson for raising ticket prices, and the tams have been bad so they stopped showing up.
    •Texas fans are running very low on patience for Charlie Strong. The team is bad, and doesn't look like it will good any time soon. Charlie Strong's days may be numbered in Austin.

    I'm sorry, WHAT?! Have y'all actually spoken to any fans in Austin, or do Paul Finebaum and Clay Travis get to just speak for us? Unless I'm mistaken, here's how pretty much everybody feels about the situation:

    Steve Patterson: We've all spent the last two years vocally advocating for his removal/wishing awful things upon him. He is the reason we stopped showing up to basketball and football games.

    Charlie Strong: He's the right man for this specific job of undoing what Mack Brown did post-MNC. We don't expect the results to show up in the W/L column this year (save the helpless fanbois who can't help but predict/actually believe we will win 3-4 more games than we should every single season), and we think he deserves time to get his guys into the program. Mack Brown didn't leave the cupboard bare, he left the cupboard barely hanging onto the wall by a rusty nail, completely covered in SARS and smallpox. Charlie has to clean up the mess before he can restock the cupboard. So here's what we like about Charlie, and can point to in this time of football turmoil:

    •He's already shown us that he's going to let the best player at every position get the starts/PT, regardless of classification. That's a huge difference from the Mack Brown era, and unsurprisingly many of Mack's former players have lost their jobs to much younger, smaller, less physically developed kids who work harder and learn faster. We all love this, and understand that in time these guys will grow and develop into bigger, faster, better players. Being a starter/major contributor as a teenager will only help that much more when these guys are 21 and 22.

    •He's already demoted a coordinator and faced up to the media about it. No BS, no excuses, just "here's what we did, here's why, that's the way it is." Again, completely refreshing 180 from Mack Brown. I actually still have love for Mack and think he's a great guy. He certainly treated me above and beyond what I ever could have expected when I got to be around him. That said, it's the very reason he only won 2 conference and 1 national titles in all of those years at UNC and Texas. It's the very reason he's not considered one of the greatest coaches of all time. Mack is loyal to a huge fault, he's protective, he doesn't like people's feelings getting hurt, and he hates to be the one doing the hurting of said feelings. He couldn't make the big decisions, he couldn't make the tough calls, before Vince Young's arrival he played very scared in big games, and post- VY (and before) he refused to even acknowledge that there were any sort of problems with his offense, going as far as blaming his defense for not scoring enough TDs. He did that to protect Greg Davis. Strong demoted Watson to protect Texas football. I love you Charlie.

    •He's exactly who Texas fans want in front of a microphone. This same national media all said that he wouldn't be able to handle the media scrutiny in Austin, and the magnitude of the job. BS. So he doesn't BS everyone and look comfortable in front of a microphone. Great! Mack was comfortable because he'd blackballed anyone who didn't throw him softies, and when everything out of your mouth is total media fluff you have no reason not be comfortable. Charlie listens to the questions and then answers them honestly, even when the questions are tough. Everyone knows where they stand with Charlie Strong, everyone. The players, his coaches, the media, and even me and you. The guy just doesn't BS, he's a man, and he's prepared to handle the duties of his job. I love that, and so does everyone else I know.

    Now then, unless I'm dreaming all of that, I know I'm not the only one who's sick of flipping on the TV, or perusing your favorite intertron forums, just to see a bunch of people who are completely freaking clueless spreading this propaganda that we all don't like Charlie, are restless, and already want someone new. Bull. Nobody I know feels that way, so shut up about it, and don't jump on the bandwagon when Texas is in the 2017 CFB Playoff.

  2. Triple Fake says:

    maybe the guy who took the Viagra should have taken it all with a grain of saltpeter. He might have fared a little better

  3. Jason H.G. Truitt says:

    Anything about UT: tl;dr

  4. sara says:

    Until I was a young adult, I hated steak. My mom only bought cheap cuts and over cooked them, so I thought all steak was weird and tough.

    Once I was old enough to hit up the bars with coworkers, I discovered "steak nights." I tried one of theirs (in the dark bar) and it was the best thing I ever had in my life. I ordered my own "just like that one" and they gave it to me and I was in heaven. It was a huge steak so I took the rest home. Once I got home, I saw all the red, but by then I was a born again Med-Rare Rib Eye eater.

    • Geeding says:

      I’m with ya, Sara. While I liked steak, I couldn’t figure out why so many were enthusiastic about it. And then I actually had a steak from a reputable restaurant using a higher quality meat and different cut. It’s hard for me to justify buying a steak anymore from the likes of Outback or whathaveyou, so if I’m going to spend money on a steak, it’s going to cost me but it’s worth it.

    • Jason H.G. Truitt says:

      Huge so you took some home? That's quitter talk (Insert picture of my certificate for finishing The Big Texan steak challenge here).

      I won't post the picture of me not able to stand up, or puking.

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