Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, July 28, 2015


  • Three years and three months ago I bought a battery-powered mower and have loved using it.  Last week the battery died as it won’t fully charge, and it will cost $129 to place it, which I don’t think is bad.  I haven’t done the math to see if there were any cost savings over the years, but I do enjoy the convenience and low maintenance.
  • For some reason, WifeGeeding was pondering whatever happened to former KXAS anchorman Brad Wright (YouTube).  I really couldn’t find anything which referenced what he was doing today though there were a few LinkedIn possibilities, but I don’t have an account for access.  However, it appears he left the station because of a messy divorce and other things a five-year, $600,000 court fight involving three grand juries, two criminal trials, a $30 million civil suit, two families, six children, and allegations of child molestation.  Looking at that YouTube clip, especially the era, makes me think of Ron Burgundy.
  • Benjamin L. Corey – What People Really Mean When They Say “But I Believe The WHOLE Bible”
  • Norv Turner is the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings, and curious to see how he ends up using Adrian Peterson this year.
  • Per Peter King’s MMQB – Jason Garrett will become the second-longest-tenured coach in the 56-season history of the Cowboys at Buffalo on Dec. 27, 2015. Jimmy Johnson coached 88 games, Barry Switzer 71, Bill Parcells 66.  And in case you were wondering, the Man in the Hat coached 454.
  • King’s article also mentions that former Longhorn and current Kansas City Chief Jamaal Charles gave a touching speech at the opening ceremonies at the Special Olympics.  In that speech he stated he was able to compete in the Special Olympics when he was ten-years-old and how it changed his life.  It was surprising to me that someone like him was able to to be eligible and made me wonder who would he compete against, but then I learned Special Olympics divides athletes according to skill level into different heats and divisions.  Though I couldn’t find what event(s) he participated in, he was allowed to compete because he was diagnosed with a mental disability, and this article states he was unable to grasp basic punctuation marks.  I wonder how many other Special Olympians have progressed on to a professional athletic career.
  • One more MMQB note, it states that Peyton Manning has never been to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  That’s shocking to me considering he’s such a student of the game and son of a legendary quarterback, though not a Hall of Fame member.  Peyton will visit for the first time on Aug 8 when his former to see his former GM, Bill Polian, is inducted.
  • I heard or read somewhere that we now live in a time in which we have to identify which school or movie theater shooting we’re talking about.
  • I know my writing skills aren’t very strong, but a recent analysis shows that I use a squinting modifier often.
  • Buzzfeed – A ‘Breaking Bad’ themed coffee shop is open in Istanbul.
  • The latest episode of the survival show ‘Naked and Afraid’ skewed away from the original concept a bit.  In this episode, they chose two people with no survival skills, gave them a survival crash course two weeks prior to their expedition, and shortened the duration from 21 days to 14 days.  Even though I liked the concept, the episode lacked some punch.
  • Thank goodness – Google officially ends forced Google+ integration
  • Last year I posted a story about then 36-year-old Dr. Jen Welter, who was the first woman to play running back in a men’s professional football game (Indoor Football League), and I’m sure some may question how “professional” the league was.  The Arizona Cardinals have hired her to help coach inside linebackers during training camp.
  • Senator Ted Cruz was supposed to be last night’s guest on ‘The Daily Show’, but he canceled to be in D.C. for a vote.  However, the backup guest was strong to very strong – historian David McCullough.  It never dawned on me until his interview, but the Wright Brothers never flew together.
  • Because he won too darn much – Fair bans former NBA player Gilbert Arenas from carnival games
  • An article about my profession, but I don’t deal with video games and the culture is different- Quality Assured: What It’s Really Like To Test Games For A Living
  • i09 – These Videos Show All the Changes Ever Made to the Star Wars Trilogy
  • Steve Noviello Credit Card Confrontation (YouTube) – When his account got flagged he did some digging and it brought him face to face with the person accused of stealing his identity.
  • A cyclist physically lifts a car out of the way of a bike path (YouTube) – Granted, it was a small car, but it was still impressive.
  • I thought they would be a good host – U.S. drops Boston’s embattled bid to host 2024 Olympic Games – Could one day the Olympics stop because it has become too costly and burdensome?
  • Tom Cruise was the guest on ‘The Tonight Show’ and they did a lip-sync battle, which I thought was pretty lame at first until Cruise teased doing his classic scene from Risky Business.  Fallon ended the segment with “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” with the help of Cruise, and they both serenaded a girl in the front row.
  • I finally caught the Adrian Beltre “Duck Duck Goose” commercial, and I thought it was pretty darn cute.
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, July 28, 2015

  1. Art Vandalay says:

    " I know my writing skills aren’t very strong, but a recent analysis shows that I use a squinting modifier often."

    So you use the word "often" as a squinting modifier?

    "Could one day the Olympics stop because it has become too costly and burdensome?"

    I'm surprised countries still bid for those things. Norway just backed out of the next Winter Olympics bidding because it was too much of a headache to organize. There are now only two countries left in the bidding process [I think they're former Soviet Republics]. I'm wondering if hosting the 2004 Olympics was the start of Greece's economic downfall.

  2. RPM says:

    That McCullough interview was great, but a tad confusing. He said Orville & Wilbur never flew together, then said they finally flew together once in 1910(?) at an exhibition. I guess what he should have really said was they never flew together during the testing phase. Got a kick out of the story of their octogenarian father's flight and him asking to go higher.

  3. Jason says:

    I always go after professional writers who use misplaced modifiers. Never knew what they were called, though.

    The Bible link is perfect. It is basically a road map for why right wingers can claim to be Christian, yet are in favor of the death penalty, and happy to ignore social justice issues.

  4. Owner and GM says:

    Boston drops out of 2024 Olympics_____ my research team found this nugget in today's WSJ.

    "It's an oft-pointed out fact, but if you're a 15-year kid in Boston, you've been around for four Patriots Super Bowl Championships, three Red Sox World Series titles, one Celtics championship and one Bruins Stanley Cup. There are kids in Boston who have developed tendinitis from applauding at too many Duck Boat championship parades."

  5. David Bryant says:

    regarding the battery, check with the local Batteries Plus or other battery store. They often rebuild them, and might be cheaper. My experience with the rebuilds has always been good. They aren't always cheaper though so be sure and price shop.

    Have also bought replacement batteries on Amazon…but I am sure you have looked there.

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