Ben E. King Dead: ‘Stand By Me’ Singer Dies at 76

With the death of Ben E. King, I’m reminded of an interview view he did with CBS News just a little over a month ago when the Library of Congress announced “Stand By Me” was to be preserved in its National Recording Registry.  Gosh, he was fully of joy in that interview, anyone that watched it couldn’t help but smile and be happy for him as everyone has some kind of connection to that piece of art.  I wish I could actually find the video of the interview, so I just settled on providing a link to an article.

He wrote and recorded the song which he says took him “maybe a day or two.”  But during the recording, the famous “darling, darling” part wasn’t in the lyrics, he simply improvised, which iconified it, and made music history.

There’s just a handful of songs that I feel I can really get lost in.  “American Pie” is one, and certainly “Stand By Me”.


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