Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, May 20, 2015


  • David Letterman is like that funny uncle you see a lot as a child, but as you grow older, you kind of forget about him and just think he’ll always be there.  You go back and visit from time to time, looking at how he’s changed and wonder if he was really as funny as you remember, but none of that matters, because you just accept him for the quirky man that he’s always been.  But in truth, he’s not as bratty as he used to be, the slow but mighty river of life smooths those sharp edges and brings a bit of intimacy and serenity to his overall perspective of things.  You start to process how he’s changed, physically and personality wise, pleasantly surprised at how he’s become warm and charming, and then do a self-inventory on yourself.
  • I consider last night Dave’s real last show, as it’s the last in its traditional format of having guests and going through the normal late night talk show routine.
  • Last night Dave ran a clip of local CBS affiliates referencing he was the host of ‘The Tonight Show’, the job he was so famously passed over for.
  • At the end of last night’s show, an “In Memoriam” of names was displayed after the credits.  Clavert Defeorest was of course on the list.  I thought that was pretty classy.
  • As much as I love Regis, it bugged me it was taking him so long to exit, but I did love how Dave poked fun at it.
  • This is what I would love to take place for Dave’s final show.  At the show open you see Dave’s silhouette run across the stage as usual, but instead of him coming out for a monolog, it’s Jay Leno.  Dave then comes out, the muck it up for a bit, and then, I don’t know, but I just want that first part to happen.
  • My channel guide tells me that repeats of ‘The Mentalist’ will take Dave’s timeslot for this week and next week.
  • Many thanks to Bryan for providing the link to an article about how the P2 Ranch in Johnson County got involved with ‘The Amazing Race’ and everything that went into it.
  • This is a pretty interesting GIF of a man feeding snakes.  It starts off slow, but then there’s this one pesky sucker and it’s amazing how nonchalant he is when it gets out.
  • Questions surround Kitna’s coaching gig at Waxahachie
  • Word of caution, this is a link to Playboy’s website – Best of the Worst: Dallas’ Top Dive Bars, Ranked
  • For those that would like to support a local police officer and his family – Lane Witt Memorial Fund and WOD
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA! – Fans told national anthem won’t be played, but they sing anyway
  • KFC’s Tray Typer keeps you clicking even with greasy fingers
  • MasterCard Send is a new way to distribute funds quickly – a new system that allows businesses and individuals to securely exchange funds in minutes. This means that you’ll no longer have to wait for a check to clear or for the transfer to go through.
  • The Skyscraper of the Future – The push to build a new kind of tower has begun.
  • This Is The Future of College – Skills, not semesters, hybrid degrees, death of the lecture
  • A Study Found That The Lyrics Of Many No. 1 Songs Are At A Third-Grade Reading Level
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, May 20, 2015

  1. Bryan says:

    I'm a day behind on Letterman, so I haven't seen last night's, but I thought the Tom Hanks appearance was brilliant. Just 2 cultural icons of the last 30 years yucking it up with no real agenda. Hanks making fun of promoting his movie was priceless.

    I wondered when Regis might show up and it sounds like he was on last night. I thought he might make a quick appearance on the finale and I'm wondering if there will be any surprises tonight. Leno would be the fantasy and I wouldn't be surprised if one of the mayors showed up, either DiBlassio or Giuliani.

  2. Hash Brown says:

    " David Letterman is like that funny uncle you see a lot as a child,…" I have nieces and nephews who might say that description applies to me..kinda close to home, especially the smoothing the sharp edges part.

    Jon Kitna: I remember the news story you posted about a year ago about Kitna's work as a high school coach in Tacoma. I really admired him for the work he and his wife were doing for the economically disadvantaged kids under his care. This Channel 8 story is painting a different picture of him. Maybe the truth lies somewhere in between.

  3. ALEC says:

    I also keep cool under pressure as I also work with snakes, except the snakes at my work walk on two legs.
    Kitna…mmm, is there anyone who can realistically claim to be more qualified than him?

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