$16 Running Shoe Review

The first part of the video is about shoe selection, so I have the video below cued to start at the actual testing or review part.

One reason I’m making this post is that I’ve always wanted a pair of those really classic pair of gray New Balance shoes, like the 990V (the 990s have quite the history and cult following if you do a little research), but I didn’t want to pay $155 for them.  I was recently at Dick’s Sporting Goods and they had them for sale for five buck cheaper, which wasn’t enough for me to bite.

Later that day, WifeGeeding wanted to shop at Target and I told her I wanted to look around Gander Mountain which was a few stores down.  To my surprise, they had the shoes heavily discounted for $85, so I pulled the trigger.  Their website doesn’t show the sale or discount, but if you are in the Lewisville area, give them a call and see if they still have them on sale.



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