Bag of Randomness for Friday, May 15, 2015


  • Oh, how I wish I could have been in Vancouver last night as U2 opened their new tour.  But it was fun checking updates on Twitter and Periscope from various people at the concert.  I don’t want to spoil anything for fans that plan on attending any of the concerts, but I did think the imagery described in this tweet was pretty cool.  And here’s a short clip of some amazing visuals during the show.
  • But he still lags in the target demographic – David Letterman Ratings: Bags Bigger Crowd Than Jimmy Fallon As Exit Nears.  Last night George Clooney handcuffed him to Dave for the entire show, trying to keep him from leaving, and even threw the keys into the audience.  It was actually a funny bit when the second guest came out and Clooney had to sit on a stool.
  • It’s only fitting that Bill Murray will be Letterman’s last guest.  He was only Dave’s first guest on all three of his shows and the last guest on his NBC show.  But it does stink that Dave and Jay couldn’t have patched things up to the point they were willing to be on each other’s show.
  • Robin Williams was Carson’s last male guest, and I would like to think he would have been one of Dave’s final three.  While I was verifying that Williams/Carson fact, I found this half-year-old article which surprised me – New Book Reveals Johnny Carson’s Least Favorite Tonight Show Guest: Bob Hope
  • ‘The Daily Show’ will be off next week, but Jon Stewart gave a heartfelt speech about what Letterman has meant to him.   Stewart used to have a show on MTV and actually announced the cancellation on Dave’s show.  Two weeks later, Stewart’s final show aired with Dave as the guest, and you can watch the entire show here.  Last night Stewart mentioned that Dave told him not to confuse cancellation with failure, which really stuck with him.
  • A lot of you local folks may not watch ‘The Amazing Race’ regularly, but since the season finale will focus on DFW, it might be worth watching tonight.
  • The part that made me literally laugh-out-loud – “She stored his contact information in her phone as “Frank Underwood” – The Missouri Speaker of the House Is Sexting With His Intern
  • I’ve enjoyed celebrity week on ‘Jeopardy!’ for the past several days but sometimes it comes too close to the SNL skit.  But to my surprise, it’s followed by ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ which is hosted by Terry Crews.  Many will know Crews from the movie Idiocracy in which he played U.S. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.  Even though he’s been in plenty of films, I always think of his Office Linebacker commercials, especially when he says, “Hey, Janice.”
  • Four towns on I-45 south of Dallas rank high for speeding tickets
  • This is the first fully warm-blooded fish
  • Hopes&Fears asked a friend to make all of his decisions based on a flip of a coin for a day. This is his story.
  • Buzzfeed – Which Disney Couple Are You And Your Significant Other?
  • 34 Percent of NBA Fans Think Michael Jordan Could Beat LeBron James 1-on-1 Today
  • Tony Romo is now on Twitter.  His first tweet was simply his jersey number.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Friday, May 15, 2015

  1. Merica Pi says:

    Geeding, like some other commenters, your posts about Letterman revived my own interest, and I've been watching him again for the first time in many years (other than some infrequent viewing, like his interviews with Bill O' Reilly, John McCain, No-Show John McCain, etc.) For me, Carson will always be the king of late night, but his torch was most certainly passed to Letterman. I was part of the trend that later switched to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, but I've not been faithful to Stewart or Colbert for several years either. (I've never been one to tape late night stuff because it seems stale when you watch it later. It's kind of like that OT manna; you either eat it that day, or it rots!)
    I lost a friend much too young to cancer recently, and his passing has put me in a very reflective season. In a way, I think coming back to Letterman in his final days is giving me more closure on several fronts.
    So, thank you for doing what you do here. I read two blogs consistently: LL and BON. Metaphorically, LL is certainly the Late Night Leader; LL is Jimmy Fallon. But you've done a great thing here. And like Michael Keaton said about Letterman in the Rolling Stone article regarding Dave's 2nd place standing most of the years to Leno and now Fallon: quality is not always rewarded in the numbers (my paraphrase). In fact, I think some of the deepest things, qualitatively, almost always have the characteristic of being passed over — at least for a time.
    So, here's to what you've been serving here, BON — definitely 5-star "nothing."

  2. coach alaniz says:

    Sorry bud, but Terry Crews was not Terry Tate Office Line Backer

  3. B_Caesar says:

    Um, not sure that MO intern fully understood what that could really mean, given what Frank Underwood ultimately did to Zoe…or what Urquhart did to Mattie, for that matter…

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