Bag of Randomness


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  1. Bryan says:

    I would be willing to throw a modest donation your way for the domain renewal or your hosting fees. Not because I think you need or want charity, but because I get value out of making the Bag part of my daily routine. I wouldn't blame you for taking it to one of the free social media outlets, but it would lose some of its luster for me.

    Your daily mentions of Letterman this week reminded me of something I read on Deadspin yesterday: If you're not tuning in to his last episodes, you're missing out. I haven't watched his show on a regular basis in years, but I've just found myself having an emotional connection to it recently. Maybe it's because I spent a lot of nights in my junior high and early high school years staying up past midnight to watch the old NBC show.

    • Geeding says:

      I’m very touched that you would consider making a donation, but I couldn’t accept it. But I think you make a great point saying it would lose its luster. Sure I can do it elsewhere, but it just wouldn’t feel the same, so now I’m leaning towards renewing it again. Heck, I feel like Letterman did about a decade ago. I started with long contracts for the domain and hosting and now they get shorter and shorter because I’m not sure of the commitment or what kind of demand I have. When it comes to Letterman and his retirement, for me, it’s just another part of my youth I don’t want to see let go and the adult in me doesn’t want to face the reality that I’m aging.

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