Former UTEP Coach Career Spirals Downward, Mysteriously Dies in Vietnam

I saw this ESPN article referenced over at this morning, but haven’t read it yet in full.  What caught my attention is the reference to Saigon in the article, which is a big thing if you have Vietnamese roots, like this chubby-half-Vietnamese-blogger. After the fall of the country of South Vietnam (Republic of Vietnam), the capital, Saigon, was renamed Ho Chi Minh City. Many Vietnamese Americans, my mother included (when she was alive), and many in the southern region of Vietnam, still refer to it as Saigon out of spite against the communist government and don’t recognize the name change.

I’m not so surprised at the name on the jersey, but how the city is referred in the article which is a journalistic no-no, me thinks. Everytime I hear a news report about the city from various news organizations, it’s always Ho Chi Minh City, its official name. A quick word find on the article lists “Saigon” 39 times, though some of that might be tied to the name of the team, and “Ho Chi Minh City” is just referenced once, when the author states that’s what most locals call it.

Something like this actually makes my day, and I wish I could show this article to my sainted mother.


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  1. David Bryant says:

    I 'think' I remember learning that there is a semi-official use of Saigon. Something like (but I might be wrong) Dallas = Ho Chi Minh City while DFW = Saigon. Or Maybe Dallas = Ho Chi Minh City and Oak Cliff = Saigon. Something like that…

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