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  • For some reason, I just haven’t felt like I’ve been connecting or bonding with my kids as of late, so we made an impromptu family engagement at TopGolf.  I figured being able to lightly coach them might help things and that they’d enjoy doing something different.  This was DaughterGeeding’s first visit and she’s a lefty.  The ball may not have gone far, but she was making decent contact and most of them actually went straight.
  • I always do a double-take every time I see a new Chevy Suburban because it looks a hearse SUV, especially the back or rear of the vehicle.
  • One shortfall of my Samsung Gear Fit smartwatch is that it doesn’t adequately track my steps when I push my lawnmower, and I’m guessing that’s because both of my hands are on the push bar of the mower.
  • The local news had a story of an older elementary school girl who begged her father to let her walk to school alone, but unbeknown to her, he trailed her from high above using a live feed from an aerial drone.  A lot of people criticized him, but offhand I thought it was a good idea.
  • The ‘CBS Evening News’ reported that Oklahoma has now overtaken California for the state with the most earthquakes.
  • Former CIA Director David Petraeus was sentenced yesterday to two years’ probation and a $100,000 fine for giving classified material to his mistress. Yet, people in less prominent or lower rank positions that have carried out similar crimes actually got jail time.  Stuff like this ticks me off.  The rich and powerful simply get treated differently, more leniently, with white gloves.
  • I got another one of those emails from AOL asking me to confirm my email as a secondary email address.
  • Get ready to a lot more Tony Romo on TV – @darrenrovell Tony Romo & Andrew Luck sign multi-year agreements to endorse DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket, join Manning Brothers
  • GM, Ford, And Others Want to Make Working on Your Own Car Illegal
  • @OurPresidents: Clark Gable and Ronald Reagan in @USArmy during #WWII. Capt. Reagan signed Gable’s 1944 separation
  • From The Houston Chronicle – A Walmart in Midland, Texas will close for six months for renovations, however some skeptics say the closure is linked to a secret military training exercise called “Operation Jade Helm.”
  • This is going to break a lot of local sports hearts – Ralph Strangis ends 25-year career as voice of Dallas Stars – This part makes it sound like he’s depressed and having a midlife crisis – “My daughter is going to college, I’m single, I don’t have a house … I have a lot of different interests, and this will give me a chance to look at my life and try something different.”  When he was married and living in Coppell, WifeGeeding’s fellow kindergarten teacher use to baby and house sit for him all the time, and we were told he’s the nicest guy on Earth.
  • Buzzfeed – Parents Share The 10 Things They Wish They Had Known Before Having A Baby
  • Buzzfeed – What “Games Of Thrones” Characters Look Like In The Books
  • Buzzfeed – 21 Horrifying And Terrifying Disney Cake Fails
  • Macabre link of the day – What Winston Churchill Would Look Like Today
  • Just so you are aware, today is National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day.  That’s what we called them in Mineral Wells and Abilene, but when I moved to the Metroplex I discovered everyone called them kolaches.
  • So you’re saying he’s got range – Actor who played Jesus in ‘The Bible’ now plays the devil
  • Today’s dose of TEXAS!
  • I wonder how many Texans actually know that the song “The Yellow Rose of Texas” is really about a biracial indentured servant.
  • WSJ – China Says Please Stop Hiring Funeral Strippers
  • If you are an Android user and a Twitter lover but may be strapped for time, Twitter has a new app for you called Highlights.
  • There goes my summer job – Abercrombie’s Hot Salesclerk Policy Is Over
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Andy says:

    Many donut shops around here call pigs in a blanket "kolaches", but they are wrong, and it drives me crazy. Kolaches are a Czech pastry made of bread with a dollop of fruit or other goodies in the middle. The best around are in West, Texas. See Wikipedia for more. I try not to patronize donut shops that misuse the term.

  2. RPM says:

    Since DirecTv can no longer use the Rob Lowe with DirecTv vs Rob Lowe with cable comparisons, they will now compare Rob Lowe to Tony Romo.

  3. Eliot Rayne says:

    Geedmanster, you’re awesome. #1) offering a feeling of not being as close to the kids. Whether you do TopGolf or marbles, doesn’t matter. Disclosure and desire are everything, bro., even if you’re dead wrong on “not as close”. I promise the kids would never affirm. #2) You’ve alluded to general melancholy of late, and I’m with you. I think it’s a Spring thing when Nature and everything shouts it should be “different” and “new” but there’s same-ol, same-ol before us. April is the cruellest month writes Eliot. #3) I’ve listened to Mayer’s cover of American Pie about 20 times since you posted the link. Wasn’t a Mayer fan, but I loved American Pie, and I think my dislike of Mayer needed to be overcome (didn’t Jesus say something at a fairly critical point in the journey about forgiving them, for they know not what they do?). Beautiful! Keep on truckin’, bro. April is damn near done.

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