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  • Google is expected to unveil their new U.S. wireless service today, and it’s speculated that they will allow customers to pay only for the amount of data they actually use each month and customers can only use the Nexus 6 smart phone.  My contact with Sprint ends in September, and I’ve been frustrated with the lack of coverage in the area and have been wanting to jump ship.  This Google news is quite interesting, but it looks like Google will be using both Sprint and T-Mobile networks, the worst two in the area, so it might not be worth it for me to switch to them.
  • I’ve got a feeling this will be the next big news story for at least the rest of the week, starting off slowing and then gaining a lot of traction – U.S. marshal caught destroying camera of woman recording police – Just check out this GIF of a marshal creeping up on that lady and then snagging and what appears to be breaking her camera.
  • Yesterday on the ‘CBS Evening News’ I learned one in every five eggs consumed in the U.S. comes from Iowa.
  • The morning show on The TICKET brought up a subject I always wondered about – If you own a home on a golf course and a golfer accidentally breaks the your window with a bad shot, is the golfer liable for the damage?  I’m not saying the random person that called with the explanation is the final authority, but is answer made sense.  He stated there’s a Florida case that sets the precedence.  The homeowner assumes liability for buying a home on the golf course, and the golfer is only liable if he willfully or purposely tried to damage the house.  FORE!
  • For a ninety-day supply of a certain medication (technically, a super vitamin that’s labeled as medical food) I’m prescribed, it costs about $180 via mail order.  Recently a generic has become available which will only cost me ten bucks every ninety days.  With an unopened bottle of the $180 medication, I was wondering if I could return it for a refund.  To my surprise, the mail order pharmacy said I could keep the medication and would just refund me the entire $180.  Even though I’m sure they can’t give out an unopened sealed bottle to another customer for safety concerns, I was surprised at how easy my request was.
  • The new NFL schedule was released yesterday which caused me to take a look at the Cowboys schedule and the weekend I’ll be traveling.  The Cowboys will be playing on Sunday night against the Saints, and I think I’ll luckily be able to catch most of the game.  But I have to admit, the older I get, the less important watching any sort of sporting event gets.  I guess it helps that all my teams (sans Rangers) have won at least one championship in my lifetime.  Other than the Packers, the Cowboys seem to have a pretty easy second half of the season.
  • Over the weekend, I was in a conversation about how we no longer get excited about any upcoming event like when we were kids.  I use to get this zeal, an eagerness with butterflies in the stomach that would keep me from falling asleep when it came to things like a birthday or Christmas , traveling, or going to a special event.  Now, nada, zero, zip.  Some in the group felt this was just a male thing.  I miss that feeling and would like to know how to reclaim it.  Heck, even my trip to Vietnam or any U2 concert didn’t even create that long lost feeling.  Maybe I’m dead inside.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • This was a popular video yesterday.  Little kids were blindfolded and were able to find their mother from a lineup of other mothers.
  • The pictures in this link don’t contain nudity but it may not be appropriate for the workplace – Game Of Thrones series 5: Meet Rosie Mac the official body double for Daenerys Targaryen
  • Toyota’s North American headquarters in Plano will be about twice the size originally proposed – more than 2.1 million square feet — bigger than a downtown skyscraper.
  • Ralph Nader waits for Bush and Obama to answer his rude, bizarre letters
  • Here’s a three-year-old NPR article that starts out with a terrible death of a cosmonaut.  His molten remains are displayed at the top of the article.
  • Letterman had the Piedmont High School Bird Callers on his show last night, their 19th appearance.  Overall, they have appeared on ‘The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson’ and ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ for a total of fifty times.  The first kid who did his bird call is the son of a man that appeared on Carson who did the same bird call.
  • GIF – This would be a great summer camp prank.

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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. John Mackovic says:

    That reminds me of the story a couple of years ago about a family who lived on a golf course in the Willow Bend area of Plano. They had so many balls landing in their yard every day that they were afraid to let their kids play outside.

    They put up one of those tall golf ball net fences to protect themselves and then the city forced them to take it down because it violated the ordnance that states residential fences cannot more than eight feet tall.

  2. Ben W. says:

    That US Marshall is not in for a good time. That's appalling. Why do people need to be able to film the police? That video shows you why.

    There's a legal theory called "assumption of the risk" that would relieve the golfer of liability because the homeowner assumed the risk of getting hit by golf balls by building/owning a home on a golf course. The golf course may attempt to turn the tables by posting signs stating the golfers are liable, but I'm not sure that would overcome the assumption-of-the-risk burden. And he's perfectly correct – intentionally causing damage is different.

    Side note on precedent: Texas courts are not bound by decisions made by Florida courts. An appellate court's opinion only serves as precedent for lower-level courts within the same jurisdiction. Now, appellate courts can certainly take the opinions of other courts as persuasive authority, but they are not bound by those decisions. For example, the Dallas Court of Appeals is bound by Texas Supreme Court decisions on a subject. If a "sister" appellate court in Texas has ruled on the same subject, the Dallas court can follow that (and many times they will), but generally they are not required to. If a Florida appellate court (at any level, even their supreme court) has ruled on a subject, the Dallas Court of Appeals could look to that opinion for information, but is not bound by it in any way.

    • Geeding says:

      I'm ashamed to admit, but I had to look up "appellate". It's something I've heard many times but never knew what it was. Well, maybe I came across it in my business law class, but that memory has since faded. All that to say, thanks for the details, I really appreciate it and learned me something new.

  3. Hamilcar Barca says:

    I had a friend who purchased a home on a fairway. The day they were closing on the house a golf ball went sailing through his dining room window. He ended up having to add the installation costs for very expensive, shatterproof glass in all the windows facing the fairway

    I couldn't understand why he hadn't taken that into account when he made the decision to buy a house on a golf course.

  4. RPM says:

    Michael Irvin Blue Bell Watch… Love it!

  5. ALEC says:

    I think the reason we no longer "enjoy" pre vacations or Pre- Christmas is because the responsibility of it all (planning, driving, flying, expense) now as parents rests on our shoulders. Yet, one more thing that as I look back I appreciate about my parents.

    • Hamilcar Barca says:

      Good point. I've really begun to dread all the organizing. Those things never come off without a hitch and if they are involved events with many participants someone is going to reward all your efforts with a beef over a minor snag or slight. It's all the overhead that kills the fun.

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