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  • I can’t figure out what’s the proper thing to do when I decide to watch all the Star Wars movies with the kids for the first time.  Should we watch them in order of the story line or the order they were released?  Personally, I’d like to go in the order they were released, but I think kids would be more entertained by watching the newer ones first.
  • AT&T Stadium is prepping for the ACM Awards and WFAA stated that turning the football venue into a studio requires the transparent roof to be blacked out.  Our local sports reporters are always harping on Jerry for having the venue face west/east instead of north/south because the sun blinds the players on the field during late afternoon games, and never trying to fix the problem by putting up some kind of curtains on those large glass doors facing the west.  Many theorize that Jerry had the stadium built in that direction so there wouldn’t be any glare on his big TV.  So basically Jerry is showing he’s more willing to block out a gigantic transparent roof for a one-time event instead of making sure his venue adequately blocks the direct sunlight for the stadium’s intended purpose of hosting football games.
  • This article also stated that this event has been in the planning stages for eight years, though the public announcement was made a year ago and the stadium has only been open for six years.  I gotta give Jerry credit, he’s a grand marketer and knows how to make a splash.
  • Yesterday the ‘CBS Evening News’ stated that only 10% of the cost of food is related to farming, the other 90% goes towards transportation, handling, and processing.  So supply and demand of oil affects food prices more than a drought.
  • I rarely scrub my feet, I tend to think all the soapy water on the shower floor does the job.
  • Someone from Buzzfeed wore a Fitbit while visiting Disneyland and California Adventure to see how many steps/miles she would track the whole day.  All I’ll say is that she didn’t make a marathon but did more than a 10k.
  • I’ve had my Samsung Gear Fit for 370 days which also tracks steps.  Most people have the goal of reaching 10,000 steps a day, but some days it’s just a struggle for me to get over 5,000 steps – that’s what working from home will do for you, though it’s not really an excuse.  However, the most I’ve walked in a day is 42,750 steps, which is about 21.38 miles.
  • Buzzfeed – A Mom Says A School Banned Her After She Live-Tweeted Her Son’s “Abstinence-Based” Sex Ed Class
  • Today’s dose of Tha South
  • David Hasselhoff’s new music video features dinosaurs, vikings, flamethrowers and doesn’t suck
  • Meet the woman who tells everyone, ‘I have genital herpes
  • I was in stitches laughing at the opening scene in ‘Louie’ last night.
  • I wasn’t too impressed with the leaked trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Nathan Hart says:

    I showed Episode IV to my son, and he loved it. It really is a great kids movie. I personally despise the newer ones, so I don’t ever plan on viewing those with him. When he grows older he can choose to watch them if he so desires.

    Looking forward to the JJ Abrams instlment this Christmas! Man that’s going to be huge at the box office.

  2. Ben W. says:

    I have to agree that showing the original trilogy first is the way to go. My son loved those three, but lost interest about halfway through Ep. II and never finished it. He's still never seen Ep. III (the only one of the prequels I really enjoyed). I plan on rewatching the original trilogy with him before we go see Ep. VII together in December. As as side note, though, Ep. III is the only one rated PG-13, and it's clearly pretty dark/disturbing. I hope they keep Ep. VII at PG.

    Disney parks are a workout, hence the "take an afternoon break" philosophy. It's also why you should buy new shoes 3-4 months before you go and get them broken in (but not broken down), lower your expectations about trying to do everything, and take a day off in the middle of your vacation and not go to a theme park. Otherwise, by the end of your vacation you become one of "those" families that is clearly miserable and yelling at your kids.

    I give the Batman v. Superman trailer a big "meh," too. I don't know yet why they're fighting, but something in my gut tells me that the hero-fighting-hero concept is going to be more entertainingly done by Marvel in Capt. America 3.

  3. John Mackovic says:

    I'd just go by order of release. The prequels were done with the expectation that the viewer had already seen the older movies.

  4. RPM says:

    After seeing Ben Affleck as Batman for a few fleeting glimpses all I could think of was George Clooney. This will not end well.

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