Bag of Randomness


  • We opened up our Easter Egg dye package only to find the color dye tablets were not included.  Luckily WifeGeeding thought of the idea of using regular food coloring which worked out much better than the dye tabs, with the exception of them fizzing likeAlka-Seltzer.  Our food dye made the eggs dye in much darker and vibrant colors.
  • The Christian community seems so uptight about losing the meaning and significance of Christmas to secularism that I would think they’d treat the holier day of Easter with a sincere dignified manner.  I know that’s a wide brush I’m using, but it came to mind when I saw this Easter service commercial for local Gateway Church spoofing an erectile disfunction ad and when I saw a local news segment listing about eight to ten churches that would be providing a helicopter drop of plastic candied eggs, some with a visit by the Easter bunny. Hunting easter eggs being dropped from a helicopter draws attention away from Easter just as much as sitting on Santa’s lap from Christmas I’d say.
  • After reciting the Apostles’ Creed during our Easter service I felt compelled to look up the background of the meaning of section “the quick and the dead” as “the quick” was throwing me for a loop as I associate it being fast.  In short, “quick” in this context means living and comes from the King James Bible.  Quickening is the moment in pregnancy when the pregnant woman starts to feel or perceive fetal movements in the uterus.
  • One of WifeGeeding’s friends posted pictures to Facebook of their Easter eggs being hid in their Christmas tree that was still up in their house.  Both the wife and husband travel so much and their kids are involved in so many activities they haven’t had time to take the tree down, so they tell us.
  • That dryer repair was a lot easier than I thought, considering that I took almost the whole thing apart.  Thankfully I had this video to follow.  Other than letting the glue dry for about six hours, the whole thing really took less than an hour and I was only out a little over sixteen bucks.
  • Inside the dryer, which has been collecting stuff since 1993, I found 78-cents in various coins, a poker chip, a car wash coin, a earring backing, a lollipop stick, and massive amounts of lint and hair.
  • I have to admit it was a bit fun kicking it old school and hanging a temporary clothesline in the backyard and letting the laundry air dry.
  • For such a long time I’ve heard so many great things about Highland Park Old-Fashioned Soda Fountain that we decided to make it a family lunch trip on Saturday.  Don’t go, it’s highly overrated due to poor service, mediocre food, flat Cokes, and subpar shakes.
  • While watching a special about the Final Four I saw Arkansas players in the weight room wearing these training masks to simulate training in high altitudes.  At first I thought they were cosplaying Bane from Batman.
  • If you enjoy stories about roadside crosses, this might be up your alley.
  • ArticleCalifornia court finds that yoga is not a gateway to Hinduism and does not violate the religious rights of students.
  • I heard years ago Mike Myers and Dana Carvey had a falling out, mainly because Carvey felt like Myers stole his impression of Lorne Michaels and turned it into Dr Evil, but have since patched things up, and that’s why we got to see Wayne’s World on SNL 40.  I only mention this because Myers was on Letterman on Friday night and was overly complimentary of Carvey.
  • Local golfer Justin Leonard has a big fancy house.
  • Much to WifeGeeding’s dismay, I’ve modified to beard and now sporting a chin curtain.
  • Usually after Easter service you see families pulled over on the highway taking pictures in fields of bluebonnets, but only a handful are in bloom and it was raining yesterday.  Also, I’ve noticed crape myrtles are not yet in bloom.  That’s in reference to a comment LiberallyLean made not too long ago about crape myrtles blooming on a specific data in March.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • Autographed Jay Cutler Football Goes Unsold at Auction
  • Buzzfeed – 15 Of The Most WTF Facts About Serial Killers
  • I’m not a big fan of Edward Snowden, but John Oliver sure did have a very interesting interview with him.  Snowden was probably expecting a bunch of snowball questions, but Oliver didn’t exactly play the comedian the whole time.
  • Here’s a fun Japanese baseball commercial.
  • ‘Mad Men’ thoughts:
    • And now there are only five episodes left of ‘Mad Men’.  I really don’t like what AMC did splitting up the final season.  In case you are familiar with the Jewish custom of covering up mirrors, here you go. TLDR – The mirror allows you to focus on yourself, the mirror focuses on the opposite of the purpose of life.
    • The show referenced veal.  I’m not sure I ever had veal.
    • Oh, and that opening scene sure was tantalizing.  I almost forgot that when Don first met Roger he was selling minks or furs, and now he’s come full circle sort of speak, doing it again.
    • I watched part of the encore presentation and it occurred to me that Don was daydreaming in that second fur modeling scene.  Ted is there to open the, but Pete is the one that closes it.  And Rachel Katz’s only line, which was directed to just Don, was,  “I’m supposed to tell you, you missed your flight.”  Yup, that’s some kind of double meaning.  And let’s not forget that in the episode before this one, he had that daydream or vision with Bert.
    • Joan is starting to annoy me.  She becomes a partner because she uses her body and now she’s upset that’s all men see when they do business with her.
    • I loved Ken’s last scene.  But with that eyepatch and his last line of something like “until we meet again” he seemed to turn into a Bond villain.
    • Ted says there are three women in every man’s life as a pitch to Don.  I wonder if that applies to Don?  Anna, Betty, and Megan?
    • Don literally had a binder full of women.
    • Too many moustaches.
    • We are now in the 70’s.  That Nixon speech took place on April 30, 1970.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. John Mackovic says:

    Justin Leonard apparently has a backup dryer so he'd never need to hang a clothesline. 🙂

    And why use "more than six bathrooms?" Is that a fancy way of saying 6 1/2 baths?

  2. Ben W. says:

    I'm pretty sure if you mention you're sporting a chin curtain beard, you're required by federal law to post a picture of that.

    I think there are actually 6 episodes of Mad Men left. They did a weird thing at the end where the announcer said "there are only 5 episodes left before the series finale." Which is very misleading, and I can't figure out what they had to gain by saying it that way.

    The scene with Rachel in the fur is definitely a dream/hallucination, since she was already dead. And I agree with you about Ken – what a turn of events that was.

  3. sara says:

    Bluebonnets in SA and the hill country have been "up" for 3 maybe 4 weeks. 🙂

  4. Bully Pulpit says:

    The John Oliver/ Edward Snowden interview was excellent.

    I think Snowden was a little surprised that Oliver did not let him off the hook, especially after Snowden admitted he had not read all of the documents he turned over to the media. Snowden also probably was surprised that not everyone in America knew who he was or when Oliver observed that Americans may not like domestic spying but could care less about international spying even when we spy on our allies regardless of the purpose of the spying.

    The little game Oliver played with Snowden at the end of the interview over how to make the seriousness of domestic spying more understandable was very clever and did have a point beyond just being crude humor.

    I thought Snowden looked very thin, I think he really wants to come home. Considering his education, Snowden is a very smart and talented guy when it comes to explaining how the NSA system operates in sweeping up everything.

    That was very telling when Oliver played a clip of the author of the bill saying he never intended that the NSA could legally accumulate all of our domestic communications when he wrote the bill.

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