One of my favorite SNL bits

I think I’ve used the line “Excuse me, I’m just caveman, your world frightens and confuses me,” on WifeGeeding a hundred times and I don’t think she ever got the reference.

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3 Responses to One of my favorite SNL bits

  1. Ben W. says:

    Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer is the reason I became an attorney. Well, not really, but it's still one of the best. Man, I miss Phil Hartman.

  2. Bryan says:

    That ranks up there with "Lothar of the Hill People" on the scale of randomly hilarious but totally pointless early-90s SNL skits.

  3. The Donald says:

    Agree with K, Ben and Bryan. I have also used the "I'm just a caveman" line numerous times (unfortunately, it just gets blank stares from young folk), as well as "fire bad", "making copies" and "Steve-O". It takes a deft touch to do inane right, but those guys frequently managed to pull it off.

    I don't remember having seen the Español UCML in original release. Watching three episodes in succession, I was struck by the disproportionality between the intro/outro and the actual live sketch. PH may not have had the manic presence other performers, but he kept that show afloat for a number of years. BTW, being a vinyl aficionado (as well as being from that era), I do have original issues of Poco's Legend, and America's History, both featuring cover art by PH before his SNL gig.

    Also believed Norm Mac should have charted higher – "Got any gum?" Maybe it was because I looked at the 141 list on my phone and not a regular screen, but I totally missed seeing Billy Murray's ranking (I saw Brian's). I would be disappointed if Ferrell outranked Murray, but that might just be the Grumpy Old Man in me.

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