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  • BoyGeeding’s grandparents gave him a birthday card that had pieces you could pop out and make a paper airplane.  I don’t think I’ve seen a card so useful before.
  • “MY PENIS! MY PENIS HURTS! MY PENIS HURTS BAD!”  – Those words came from BoyGeeding after WifeGeeding accidentally buckled part of his manhood in his carseat.  At a very young age BoyGeeding has learned an important lesson, you can’t trust women.
  • The next time WifeGeeding buckled BoyGeeding in his carseat there was no incident, but he asked, “Mommy, did you buckle my penis this time? I no like that.”
  • I was at a toy store yesterday was was surprised to see that Hot Wheels has a Mr Miyagi car from The Karate Kid and another from Tommy Boy.
  • Of all places, Buzzfeed has a nice little take on the “love verse” – 1 Corinthians 13.
  • My dad use to have this saying which I’m sure can be attributed somewhere, and I apologize for the slight crudeness, “A whiskey glass and a woman’s ass will make a horse’s ass out of many good men.”
  • The Perot Museum has a Sherlock Holmes interactive exhibit that sound interesting.  Part of the experience is solving the case, and it’s suppose to be a bit of a challenge.
  • The Dallas Comic Con, which is at the end of May, includes some notables but not all confirmed – Stan Lee, Carrie Fisher (Star Wars’ Princess Leia), Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle), Adam West (Batman), Burt Ward (Batman), Karen Gillan (Doctor Who), Robin L. Taylor (Gotham), Morena Baccarin (Firefly, Homeland, Gotham).  The kids really enjoy dressing up in their super hero costumes and love watching the West and Ward Batman, so we might venture out there.  Funny thing, but BoyGeeding gets upset when I reference Batman without Robin, he always wants to make sure Robin is included.
  • SNL 40 thoughts:
    • I expected some of the celebs to act as if they were bigger than the show itself, but that certainly didn’t seem to be the case.
    • Great idea of bringing back old sketches with the same performers, I thought the show would just a big montage of replays.
    • It was weird seeing Alec Baldwin and Sarah Palin start off the SNL40 Red Carpet Special, and it was weird seeing Dan Aykroyd wearing a toboggan sporting the logo of his vodka line.  But I did crack up when Jim Carrey asked Matt Laurer, “Where are you guys hiding Brian Williams?”  Rudy Giuliani also took a shot at Williams during the event and during the actual show so did Jerry Seinfeld.
    • It was fun looking for celebrities in the audience.
    • Who’s gained more weight over the years, Aykroyd or Chevy Chase?  I’m quite certain I could beat either in a foot race.  Eddie Murphy doesn’t age, and I’m not sure I could beat him in a footrace.
    • It was pretty cool how the SNL 40th anniversary special started out, with the exact same camera opening as the very first episode.
    • “She was holding the pen!”
    • I really, really enjoyed the audition tape reel.
    • It was neat and important that they showed how NYC has changed in 40 years.
    • Nice to see GE Smith back in the band.
    • So good to see Jack Nicholson to come out of his slumber.
    • The Betty White kiss was awesome, I was actually jealous.
    • Very cool of Emma Stone to do Roseanne Roseannadanna, same with Melissa McCarthy dong Matt Foley – nice little tributes.
    • I could have done without any Miley Cyrus.
    • Even though I didn’t think the Digital Short was all that great, I liked how they acknowledged how they often broke character laughing.  Man, that was one reason why I couldn’t stand Jimmy Fallon.
    • I was really curious who they were going to do an in memoriam, and that it was pretty darn classy they included the behind the camera folks.  It was interesting hearing the crowd react when they recognize some of the behind the scene folks they probably haven’t thought of in decades.
    • Victoria Jackson MIA?
    • I bet all the writers getting together to work had to be magical.
  • – Who Really Had The Best Movie Career After ‘SNL’
  • Buzzfeed – Guy Trolling His Local Book Store
  • He sure is able to back a lot of stuff in a bag, and I was a bit surprised by a few items – I am a vagabond that hops freight trains and hitchhikes through-out the USA, for 10 years+. This is all of the gear I carry with me in my bag.‏ [Reddit]
  • No reason given – Turkmenistan: Black cars ‘banned’ by customs officials
  • Gatorade had a pretty cool Michael Jordan fan experience that lets you become Jordan during his most memorable moments.
  • This infographic shows your life — in weeks
  • Vox – Why are Christian movies so painfully bad?
  • Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was in an accident
  • There’s a casanova in Oklahoma – Oklahoma Boy Sends Valentine to Every Girl in School
    • The article links to another article and neither state his age, but using the term “boy” made me think he was in elementary or middle school.  However, when you see the picture you know he’s in high school.  I’m sure when you’re trying to woo women, you don’t want to be referred to as a “boy”.  Perhaps they could have referenced him as a male sophomore or whatever he is.
    • The valentines were cards and candy to 1076 girls, and he wanted to stay anonymous.  He worked all summer to fund this surprise.
  • BoyGeeding’s birthday party pics for those of you that might be interested:


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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    We were live posting in a thread on Shaggybevo. It was a great show. Group consensus was SNL kept all the "unstable" actors off the live bits. Randy Quaid, Victoria Jackson, Rob Schneider, Jim Breuer and Cheri Oteri were all off the list for fear of breaking character and going on a social/religious/political/psycho rant, but each got recorded mentions.

    I really question the musical guest choices considering the talent they had live in studio. Kanye and Miley? Seriously? Sir Paul could have chosen an easier song for a chap of his advanced age, but he gutted it out. Paul Simon saved the musical day with Still Crazy.

    I still haven't recovered from laughing at Jeopardy. I think I pulled a corpuscle or something from laughing so hard. I was in tears already with Sean Connery trash talking Trebek and I nearly blacked out when Burt Reynolds showed up. Then Connery found a category I overlooked and I was looking for the hidden mispronunciation when they introduced them. Pure gold.

    The show's (non-musical) low point was The Californians running about 2 min too long.

  2. Bryan says:

    I enjoyed the SNL special too. Jeopardy was the highlight for me, The Californians was funny, but drug on too long, the political montage was great and only reinforced that, outside of Tina Fey's Palin, they've really struggled with great political impressions since the Bush-Gore era.

    The musical guest choices were odd and I was disappointed that they didn't do a musical guest clip montage like they did with politics and sports.

    If it was mentioned, I totally missed this: Was Conan involved at all? If not, I wonder if that was his choice or NBC's? Either way, very sad if he was not included.

  3. The Donald says:

    I thought it was a good show overall, to the extent you can cram only so many references in the given time span. Aykroyd delivered well – it's a shame we don't see him more often (I thought he did a great job in Driving Miss Daisy). Chase and Goodman – well, maybe they partied too much beforehand. Sir Paul's voice was ragged, but I can tell you he was in top form at the AAC in October, so perhaps just exhausted or under the weather.

    Fallon and Short both killed, and for getting such low marks on whatever ranking the other day, MacDonald sure did a heckuva job on 'Jeopardy'. Good to see Jane Curtin and Garret Morris (flown in straight from Mineral Wells?), but I wasn't impressed with the Matt Foley redux, on Update. And, although I loathe Miley (and '50 Ways…' is not on of my top PS picks), she did a great take on it. Enjoyed spotting John Cusack over Michael Douglas' shoulder during Q&A. Although not featured in the show, I caught a glimpse of Victoria Jackson in the after-party coverage, looking like Jane Nelson's doppelganger. I liked the recurring in memoriam of Lovitz.

    SNL and Lorne's Broadway Video should be a B-school staple course for creating a body of media content, launching careers, and continually repackaging so as to create a nearly perpetual cash cow.

    If the show had been just a couple of weeks earlier, Brian Williams might likely have been prominently featured, as well as in his element. As another comedy show once observed, Fate is Fickle (who knows, the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate may have been created by Laugh-In writer Lorne Lipowitz…?)

  4. warren says:

    Say no to Paul Simon…here's what he did to Los Lobos

    And the time Steve Van Zandt called off a "hit" from a South African rebel group for Paul Simon breaking the boycott.

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