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  • I didn’t catch much of the Indy/Houston game but I saw Indy execute two great plays in a row.  Indy scored a field goal and on the ensuing kickoff they noticed Houston wasn’t covering midfield, so the kicker onsides kick it right down the middle and is able to cover it himself, totally exposing Houston.  On the next play the Indy receiver dives to catch the ball on the five.  The defensive back doesn’t touch the receiver who gets up and walks into the endzone for a touchdown.
  • One more thought about the ’30 for 30′ short on the Herschel Walker trade.  I wonder if Jimmy Johnson picked up the phone and contacted the ’30 for 30′ guys after that big piece on Jerry Jones aired on ‘Outside the Lines’ where Jerry dogged Johnson.  I know Jimmy is proud of his work, but it seems like he almost went out of his way to show what “he” did.
  • Ed Helms tweeted a picture of himself with Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo.  I couldn’t stop staring at Chase’s very chubby looking neck.
  • Something seems fishy with that Dallas deputy that tested negative for Ebola, I just get this feeling he’s wanting media attention.  He was once interviewed by  KTVT in 2008 when he was a recruit trainer and later fired for an on-duty injury, eventually becoming a deputy.  His wife was on network yesterday and was rightly upset she only found out about her husband negative Ebola test through the news, but noted how he complained about going into the apartment unprotected.  His son also seemed a little too well spoken and prepared to talk to the media at his front door when he initially went to seek medical attention.  If you have Ebola and was concerned about contamination when entering an apartment, why would you possibly expose civilians at a CareNow (basically a doctor-in-a-box clinic) instead of going straight to an ER, or better yet, calling an ambulance?
  • KTVT was also reporting that the Ebola scare might be to blame for a low attendance for the Texas/OU game at the State Fair, stating that usually crowds of maroon and burnt orange are spotted on a Thursday night.  I think they are just trying to sensationalize things, those college kids don’t show up until Friday.  And if there’s a reason to blame any low attendance or energy, it’s because Longhorns don’t have a competitive team.
  • Texas/OU weekend will now start with a new tradition of fireworks shooting from Reunion Tower.
  • The Ebola victim’s family is using Pastor George Mason to communicate to the media, he was once the quarterback for the University of Miami (Florida) team back in late Seventies.
  • Texas A&M Ready To Mass Produce Ebola Drug Waiting for FDA Approval
  • Funds approved – A 64-Mile Bike ‘Superhighway’ Will Connect Fort Worth To Dallas
  • Massive Marvel Comics theme park to move into Fair Park for three weeks in January
  • is going to open a physical store in NYC, which seem counterproductive to what it was created to do – online shopping.
  • It’s almost unthinkable that the Waldorf Astoria would be owned by a Chinese company, though “the deal includes a separate 100-year management contract with Hilton.”
  • If you are looking for something to do this weekend, my hometown of Mineral Wells is having the Crazy Water Festival and Dallas has the “The 5th Anniversary” Miss Texas Pole Star and Aerial Arts Competition 2014.  I know pole dancing is mostly associated with stripping, but it can be very artful.  I’ve been interested in it when I first saw this GIF of a clothed woman air walking.
  • I’d love to see Carol Burnett host SNL.
  • Thanks for the laughs, Jan Hooks.
  • I like Katy Perry and I’m looking forward to seeing her halftime performance at the Super Bowl.  When she was on College Gameday last week she was asked about the rumor and stated she was in talks but “I’m not the kind of girl who would pay to play the Super Bowl.”  Good for her.  The NFL was silly for asking artists to play.  Their halftime show use to be so bad that Fox got the bright idea of having “In Living Color” do their own halftime show and it was a success.  If the NFL is going to make artists pay, and can’t book a big enough artist, I can see Fox and other channels doing something similar like this again.
  • One of the Mavs talks a bit of smack – Chandler Parsons says Dallas is “nicer, cleaner” city than Houston
  • Even though the death occurred in 1925, you wouldn’t expect nothing but piles of wood in a casket after it was exhumed.
  • I think Samuel L. Jackson’s best work was in A Time to Kill.
  • Robert Duvall was on Letterman last night:
    • He share a story on how Marlon Brando on The Godfather, in the garden scene with Pacino, had cue cards taped all around because he didn’t know his lines.
    • In the last two late night guest appearances he’s been on, he’s brought up Wilford Brimley.
    • He didn’t have kind words for Dave’s soon to be replacement, which kind of made things awkward.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    First, a tip of the hat to Jan Hooks. A very talented comedienne.

    Completely agree about the Deputy. That smelled fishy to me from the get go. Why wouldn't you call in before going to the ER to find out which ER you should go to? I'm sure they didn't cover any of this beforehand.

    I like the Reunion Tower fireworks. They should do more stuff like this.

    I also smelled faux ebola fear on the Texas/OU fan story. There may have been some Thursday partiers in the 60's-70's, but DPD cracked down so hard on revellers that's solidly in the past. Ebola had 0% effect.

    Chandler Parsons is correct. And along those same lines… Houston gonna Houston.

  2. toddwright says:

    Great picture. You take it?

  3. Larry says:

    After a visit with an Aunt this weekend, I found that my mother's family were all born in Mineral Wells. I knew My mom was, but did not know that her dad and grandfather were also born there. My grandfather helped to build Shephard dam on the Brazos in the late 30's-early 40's.

    It is an interesting town. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Bryan says:

    The wife of the deputy in the ebola case explained that someone with Dallas County (his employer) told him, when he reported his symptoms (I'm assuming he reported it to them because it might fall under worker's comp), that he should seek treatment from his primary care doctor or an urgent care facility. When his doctor couldn't see him, he went to Care Now. I still think that sounds incredibly sketchy. With all of the events of the past week, why in the world would anyone tell him to go anywhere other than the ER, especially knowing that he was in the original patient's apartment?

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