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  • We took DART light rail to the circus on Saturday, and the kids loved it, maybe more than the circus.  The first two times I road the light rail I saw some folks get on that I suspected didn’t have a valid ticket and wondered if tickets are ever checked for validation (which reminds me of this classic cinema scene).  This time, one the way there and back, a DART official asked for my ticket, and I had to show it to him on my phone app.
  • That new Parkland Hospital they are building looks pretty fancy.  It’s going to be a bit melancholy when the old one gets teared down regarding its place in U.S. history.  And personally, since MomGeeding died in their ICU.
  • It was well worth it getting to the circus an hour early as you got to go to the event floor and interact with performers, try on wardrobe, and be a part of a pre-show.  As we were walking down to floor, I couldn’t help but think of what happened a few days prior – a father on the second level was carrying his two-year-old daughter, tripped, and dropped her over the railing where she fell to the first level.
  • Big thumbs up to WifeGeeding for prepping the kids before going in and telling them there was going to be a lot of stuff on display and it’s only for us to look and not buy.  I’m finding out setting an expectation before an experience makes parenting a lot easier, it’s just not easy to always think of everything that you are about to expose kids to.
  • I believe this was actually my first circus.  I think my folks took me to one in Mineral Wells but we barely stayed due to me being whiney or something so I don’t have any memory of it.  There’s a lot to be impressed about, but I really was amazed at the athleticism of the performers.  Heck, not only did the trapeze artist climb a rope all the way up but they continued to use their upper body for all sorts of tricks.
  • I thought the high wire would have been longer and set further apart.
  • The dogs and tigers seemed to enjoy being part of the show, but the horses and elephants looked like they’d rather be doing something else.
  • We did have one child fall asleep during the circus, but I won’t mention HER name.
  • We also had an adult lose her phone at the circus, and I refuse to mention HER name as well.  Thankfully I was able to find it.
  • WifeGeeding saw a lot of girls and young women wearing overalls and thinks it might be back in fashion.
  • Call it a hunch, but I bet that Ebola patient that is now in Atlanta has met his deductible.  I recently found out he’s a graduate of ACU.
  • I’m surprised there’s so much criticism about bringing an American home for treatment for this virus.  It all reminds of the HIV/AIDS scare in the 80’s – people reacting with pop-culture type fear instead of medical knowledge.  Maybe people have been watching ‘The Walking Dead’ a bit too much.  Some folks are worried the government (the CDC) is going to mess this up, but from my understanding the non-government-operating Emory University Hospital is in charge of caring for the patient.
  • If there’s one thing Chris Berman still does well, it’s the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  Regarding the ceremony, I think it’s a really special moment watching the inductee see his bust for the first time as he and his inductor remove the velvet drape.  I also like what Ray Guy had to say about his number eight and tying it to the meaning of new beginnings in the Bible.
  • Everyone is familiar with Air Force One and Marine One, and some may remember Army One (Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford).  Somewhat recently there was a Navy One because of the  G.W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech, but there has never been a Coast Guard One.  And yes, I know it’s a callsign and not the actual name of the aircraft.
  • I suspect the next summer Olympics will be the last we see any NBA players in it after the Paul George injury in the USA Men’s Basketball instrasquad game , and gosh that was horrific.  Mark Cuban has been sounding the horn that it’s a huge risk team owners take letting their players play in the Olympics, because they are S.O.L if their player gets hurt, and this just reinforces his point.
  • Found an old postcard from Cowtown Doug while cleaning out the home office.  I wonder if still reads this blog.  The same goes for Melissa from North Carolina (and Melissa in Colorado), Roland in Ft Wayne, and Heather from Canada.
  • Kidd Kraddick’s daughter pens song in his honor called “Just Love”
  • Here’s the Army’s new camouflage pattern, but you may not be able to see it.
  • War is hell – Of all the things to report in Gaza.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Melissa says:

    Melissa from North Carolina is now Melissa from Ohio! and yes, she still reads you every day! and loves it!

  2. steve says:

    Did you really just say "teared down" ??

    • Geeding says:

      No, I typed it. As long as you've been reading this blog you should expect such sloppy and incorrect grammar and just refrain from being a prick.

  3. Jason says:

    "It was well worth it getting to the circus an hour early as you got to go to the event floor and interact with performers, try on wardrobe, and be a part of a pre-show."

    Nice, did you get to abuse the animals too?

    /just kidding, kind of
    //I remember you saying you had mixed feelings, I'm guessing that's why

  4. RPM says:

    Sure, everybody picks on us Coasties until their ship starts sinking… Honestly, I'd never thought about POTUS travelling in a CG helo.

    Really happy for Ray Guy. He should have been inducted on the first ballot. He perfected the "corner kick" pinning opponents back against the goal line which is now the standard all kickers try to emulate. Instead he had to validate his worthiness to belong in the Hall despite having the award for best college punter named after him.

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