MomGeeding Passed Away

Mom died last early yesterday evening around 5:45 PM.

The doctors called yesterday afternoon and stated that a severe case of pneumonia caused both of her lungs to collapse, and she was no longer breathing on her own.  We all rushed to Parkland Hospital as soon as we could and were forced with the difficult decision to take the breathing tube out.

WifeGeeding, SisterGeeding, and I were thankful we could be there for her final moments, to tell her that we love her, and to pray with her.  Even though she was not conscious, we believe she heard every word.  We were also thankful to have an exceptional doctor and nurse on hand that we will forever be linked to, and thankful for their care and gentleness.

The rest of the evening was rough, especially calling her relatives in Vietnam as well as other family and friends.  Not to mention, passing by the stairs.

She was a woman that had a very hard life.  Her father was assassinated when she was an infant for his democratic beliefs, her mother abused her, her country was overthrown by communists, she had a racist mother-in-law, lost a husband and raised my sister all by herself.  Despite all that, she did nothing but be a woman of noble character and showed all of her children an extraordinary kind of unselfish love.  She will be missed, but not forgotten.  Her legacy will be carried out as we live our lives with the virtues she instilled in us.

Please pray for us as we grieve, we no longer have parents.  She was a believer, and we are thankful she is no longer in any pain.  I was lucky to have her at all my graduations and my wedding, my 20 year old sister will not be as fortunate.

I do want to thank all of you for all the prayers and warm wishes we did receive after her fall.

I just thought I would post a picture of her when she was strong, from about ten years ago when she picked up my cousin (now SisterGeeding) from Vietnam.  Her ashes will be spread there as well as on my father’s grave.

In lieu of any flowers, please feel free to make a donation towards lupus research.

I’m taking a break from blogging until the Monday after Thanksgiving.


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