A Nightmare Realized

I fear phone calls.  Most of the time people call because it’s one or two things, they need something or it’s bad news. 

When SisterGeeding called me yesterday morning with her voice trembling, this was her first words, “Keith, Mom fell down the stairs.”

One of my worst nightmares realized.

She said she couldn’t talk anymore since the ambulance was about to leave.  I immediately left work for the Lewisville hospital with my imagination running wild with what little details I had of the situation. 

When I arrived to the hospital I was surprised to see MomGeeding in one piece.  There were no broken arms, legs, ribs or anything else.  However, there appeared to be a softball growing out of the back right side of her head and a lot of blood.  She fell directly on her head.  At the time she could speak, and expressed how much pain she was in.

With the CT-scan showing a lot of damage, she and SisterGeeding was helicoptered to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.  Yes, that Parkland Hospital.  The one where JFK died and the county hospital you hear horror stories about.  However, I was told by a nurse at the Lewisville hospital that when it comes to head trauma, Parkland is one of the best.  As a matter of fact, there are only two hospitals in the area that can treat severe head trauma, Parkland and a Baylor hospital in far east Dallas.

In short, MomGeeding has moderate-to-severe head trauma with bleeding on both sides of the brain.  She is currently in ICU receiving CT-scans every six hours to monitor her situation.  They are trying to avoid any surgery since her blood is extremely thin, and they want to keep the bleeding from spreading. 

We were told the best case scenario would be she would leave with some irreversible speech problems that would require speech therapy.  Worst case it that she doesn’t make it.

Because of all of this, there will be an empty bag, no new posts until probably Monday.  I just feel weird posting goofy stuff when I’m stress and depressed.  I don’t feel real comfortable airing out the details, but thought I owed it to my loyal readership on why there won’t be any new posts for a little while. 

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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