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  • The whole family went to a trampoline park in Frisco yesterday and to our surprise a film crew from CMT’s ‘Making the Squad’ walked in followed by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to shoot footage for an upcoming episode.
  • The only thing true in that previous bullet point is that we went to a trampoline park in Frisco.
  • While jumping around at the trampoline park a little female toddler came up to me and asked, “Will you jump with me? My daddy doesn’t want to jump with me.”  And then she pointed to a man way off in the distance looking down on his phone.
  • I watched the entirety of the History channel’s ‘The World Wars’ and not only did I enjoy it but it answered almost every major question I had about the subject, but I can’t figure out how in six hours of programming that Dwight D. Eisenhower wasn’t even mentioned once.  The series was heavy on Generals MacArthur and Patton, and even Marshall was lightly featured.  But I can’t believe a five star general and  Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe wasn’t even mentioned once, even during the D-Day segment.
  • The C in George C. Marshall stands for . . . Catlett.  I would have never guessed that in a thousand guesses.
  • Somewhat surprisingly, Dick Cheney was highly complimentary of FDR in that series.
  • A fact I was reminded of but forgot, Keri Russell is a 1992 Coppell Cowboy/girl.
  • I’d be willing to bet big money that marijuana deliver by drone will be a possibility in either Colorado or Washington in five years.  While watching an episode of Vice the other day there was a business proposal in Colorado called Speed Weed, think Domino’s Pizza deliver but for weed.
  • Buzzfeed – Here’s What Happens When You Spend 24 Hours At Disneyland
  • An Australian paper reviews five of Dallas’ neighborhoods.  Oak Cliff wasn’t mentioned, but recently I read and finally put together that radio station KLIF was named in honor of Oak Cliff.
  • Baylor Law students host free legal clinic to veterans
  • Texas Is Losing Out on Millions of Dollars Thanks to Its Defective Property-Tax System
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    I was very unimpressed with the bit of the History Channel special I watched. For a channel named history, they played pretty loose with the facts and the order they were in. The section on WW2 was terrible. I didn't see the section on WW1.

  2. Ben W. says:

    The story of the little girl with the disinterested father makes my heart hurt. I hope that I can be more cognizant of those moments and not miss them with my kids.

    I had to laugh when reading the Disneyland article. That guy was destined to fail – he didn't have a solid plan! (He also seemed very whiny – which is probably just a literary device, but it was an annoying one.) There's definitely a right way and a wrong way to try to "conquer" the parks. In fact, one of the Disney planning websites has an entire Hall of Fame of people who have done just that, with photographic evidence. For comparison, note that the best on this list did 82 attractions in the Magic Kingdom in a 24-hour period.

    Clearly, it helps to have a plan. There are even a couple of guys who attempted to ride every ride in Disney World in one day, which is made more difficult because of the distance between parks. Here's there story:

    And because that's very text intensive, here's a video of their adventure:

  3. Leroy says:

    Man, the little girl at the trampoline park….that hit me right in the feels. I feel so sorry for children like that….I feel sorry for her daddy too, he is going to regret that in the future.

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