Retaining Wall Update – Day 6 – Timelapse Edition

I haven’t made a timelapse video in a quite a while, mainly because I lost the camera I modified to take timelapse photos.  For Christmas I bought a interval and exposure remote switch for my DSLR and decided to bust it out for this retaining wall project.  I’ve been taking timelapse pictures since the first day the retaining wall crew got to work using multiple angles and plan on making a composite video of all days involved, but for now I decided to practice with the pictures I took yesterday and whip up a quick video since it was the day the mounds of dirt got spread out.

In case you are wondering, I set my timer to snap a pic every 30-seconds.  In this video I goofed by putting a few of the beginning photos at the end.  Also, below is a slideshow of current photos from the project.  When the project is complete, along with the composite timelapse video, I’m going to post some side-by-side before and after photos.

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5 Responses to Retaining Wall Update – Day 6 – Timelapse Edition

  1. warren says:

    Mr. Geeding, Put up that wall

  2. DF of LL says:

    Hey man…..when you need grass….man…..give me a call…

    Double Fake Tommy Chong

  3. Big Skeeter says:

    Can't imagine how you planned to tackle that job on your own.

  4. Steve says:

    Have you thanked God for Mexicans yet?

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