Bag of Randomness


  • A lot of my close friends are getting new cars, and I have to admit I’m a little jealous. But while they are driving around DFW with their new fancy hands free controls and impressive gas mileage I’ll be home admiring my retaining wall and standing on top of my new dirt.
  • There’s a house in our neighborhood that’s been flying a flag with the Olympics rings on them since the Winter Games started.  I know Olympic bronze medalist Kim Zmeskal lives in our neighborhood so I thought it was her house, but after some research, she lives in another casa one street over.
  • I put my name in the hat to get some Conan tickets for his Dallas visit, other than the cast of ‘Dallas’ and Mark Cuban, I wonder who’ll his guests will be.  Since Jamie Foxx considers himself from Dallas, he’s a maybe.
  • When my father died an Army honor guard helped dress him for his funeral and of course served as pallbearers and gave him the customary three gun salute.  I can still recall the honor and pride they took in their actions and in their conversations with me, so it broke my heart to hear how the Wisconsin National Guard was acting.  I get the whole you have to find humor in things, but be smart enough not to post it on social media.
  • I didn’t pay much attention to it, but there was some sort of drama going on between the American and Canadian ice-dancing couples over who got the gold and why.  But the part that caught my attention was that both the American and Canadian couples are coached by the same Russian coach.
  • I’m not sure a lot of the younger demographic caught the nod to Carson on last night’s ‘Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ between Fallon and Jerry Seinfeld.  After Jerry did his standup routine he just kind of stood there and Fallon kept waving him over to sit down.  Back in the day, Carson only did that to standups he really enjoyed, and after they got to sit down, their career skyrocketed.
  • Last night on ‘The Daily Show’ Kevin Spacey basically said politicians are performance artists, you can’t believe them, what they say, that they aren’t being sincere, and most are bad actors.  I’d agree.
  • HTC plans on offering a free screen replacement in the first six months of a new phone purchase.
  • Spiraling beef prices causing sticker shock at Texas barbecue smokers
  • Historic Church at Cole and Armstrong in Uptown Demolished to Make Room For Mixed-Use Development [Thanks, Matt]
  • Selfless – Utah teen with terminal cancer donates ‘Make-A-Wish’ money to local high school
  • I thought her name was going to be Liz Lemon (for you ’30 Rock’ fans) – Woman Hits Boyfriend With Car After Fight Over Sandwich
  • Chevron Says Sorry For Fracking Fire The Only Way It Knows How: With Pizza Coupon
  • A brother and sister were smart enough to plan for the Kiss Cam, though I’m sure this was staged.
  • Woman buys all ‘indecent’ shirts to remove them from store
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  1. Uppercase Matt says:

    From what I read of the kiss-cam thing, those were coworkers, and the guy had been worried for a week that they'd get put on the kiss cam and so had made a sign to defuse the situation. One of the camera crew guys posted on Reddit that it was not staged at all. [And you're welcome — when I saw the Chip's story, I thought of you.]

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