Bag of Randomness


  • For the heck of it, WifeGeeding decided to give up sweets for the month of January.  After she went to bed on the last day January I baked her a yellow cake with chocolate icing and wrote the word “Treat Your Self” in a different color icing.  I then set it out where she would see it first thing in the morning along with a package of Oreos and her biggest weakness – white powdered donuts
  • While eating dinner with the family at Jason’s Deli a man approached our table and asked if I was indeed who I am.  When this happens I’m reluctant to answer, it could be a jealous husband, or BoN reader who finally wants to get even for something I posted, or just something in between.  It turned out to be a fellow Hardin-Simmons alumnus.
  • I had to look up the proper usage of alumnus and alumni.  Hey, I’m from Mineral Wells and went to HSU, I ain’t that smart.  And that made me think of this Simpson’s moment.
  • To be honest, I really disliked that guy when I was in college, but it’s really immature of me to continue to judge a person from his actions 16-20 years ago.  I have a lot of regrets of how I treated people long ago, and I fear the only memory they have of me would be a negative one.
  • His father or grandfather later came over to introduce himself and mentioned he also graduated from HSU and then proceeded to witness to us as we were trying to eat dinner.  He then gave us some Christian tracts which were quickly followed by some non-profit literature of Christian hats he was selling and how he actually gave Jon Kitna one after he was fined for wearing a similar hat during a post-game interview.  He wrapped up the conversation by pulling out a physical photo-book to show us pictures of him with Kitna and then his 18 grandchildren.
  • There was one particular point of annoyance when that man was witnessing to us, other than not being able to eat our dinner.  I told him something very personal when he made a certain point and he just kind of overlooked it, as if I interrupted him, and then seemed to revert back to Christian talking points that I once learned to use as a witnessing tool back in the day.
  • Super Bowl thoughts:
    • I wouldn’t expect the best from Microsoft, Amazon, or Starbucks headquarter employees today.
    • I say one reason why I love the NFL is because of parity and close games, so I’m eating humble pie this morning, but the track record for the last ten years isn’t too bad.
    • I was hoping for the weather to play a major factor but it was actually colder in North Texas than New Jersey.
    • Joe Namath was my MVP, what a great idea to bring back that coat.  I’m sure the yoots had no idea why he was wearing that thing.  Too bad he kinda goofed on the coin toss.  I always thought it was interesting how he guaranteed his team’s Super Bowl win and earn the game’s MVP honor but didn’t even throw a touchdown in that game.
    • I first heard of Renee Fleming when she sang a Letterman Top Ten list and then had to look up her music.  If her performance was live, which I think it was, it was the best live performance of the national anthem at a sporting event ever.  Whitney Houston’s version was actually recorded and she lip-synced.
    • Did the Broncos really need to bring that horse just for the team introduction?
    • I loved the Coca-Cola ad with ‘America the Beautiful’ but I bet the far right and Tea Party will beat it up for all the cultural diversity.  The funniest commercial for me was the Radio Shack ad, and of course the U2 one was best overall. 😉
    • Most Super Bowl crowds aren’t very loud since a good number of them have no rooting interest, but this crowd seemed very loud, well at least in the first quarter.
    • It’s funny how the two most powerful offensives in NFL history goes on to lose the Super Bowl – Denver this year, and the Patriots the first time they lost to the Giants.
    • Please tell me someone won a prop bet that the first points of the Super Bowl would be a safety on the first play of the game.  Mark Cuban tried to get folks to believe he did on Twitter but it really was just a failed attempt at humor.  But the look on Manning’s face when he saw the snap is priceless.
    • The first score of the first half happened in the opening twelve seconds and the same happened in the second half.
    • If you have either Wes Welker or Junior Seau on your Super Bowl team, you’re gonna have a bad time, both seem to be a bad luck charm to take to the big game.
    • I would have enjoyed the halftime show more if Pepsi didn’t drive the opening song into the ground with all their commercials and if the cameraman didn’t focus on just one girl in the crowd.  I did like how they used a smaller stage and utilized the existing stadium screen in the background, and I think more folks enjoyed the Chili Peppers than Bruno Mars.  Anthony Kiedis looks good for a 51-year-old with past drug issues, and I was impressed with Mars’ old school cool dancing.
    • In case you were wondering how the crowd got involved with the use of light, they got a Video Sky Hat with these instructions.
    • I was disappointed that the NFL brought out the Lombardi Trophy before the end of the game.  I’m not sure what sidelines it was on before the end of the game, but no player should see it before the confetti starts to fall.
    • Usually Terry Bradshaw hosts the trophy presentation when the Super Bowl is on Fox, but he wasn’t there yesterday because his father died.
    • I say it all the time, but I love how the NFL honors its past at the beginning and end of the season.  At the start they have the new Hall of Fame class introduced while current players make a path for them, and the season ends with a legend walking the trophy to the stage.  Now if they would only work on health benefits for all those that are ailing.
    • I’m not sure how they were able to pick an MVP of the game, it was such a team effort.
  • A Minnesota girl went to work with her father who happens to be a snow plow driver and took a lot of interesting pictures.  Of course the first thing that came to my mind was this.
  • I would trade a Justin Bieber death for a Phillip Seymour Hoffman death.
  • I laughed pretty hard watching SNL’s Weekend Update when I heard the phrase “Japanese daredevil YOLO Ono” and then wondered how many people actually got the joke.
  • Of all the cool things about being the host of SNL, oddly, I think introducing the musical guest before they perform ranks near the top.
  • OverDog is an app that enables fans to video game with their favorite athletes on Xbox and PlayStation.
  • What the heck has gotten in the Longhorn basketball team as of late?
  • Rushed prom –Teen diagnosed with cancer attends early prom with 200 close friends
  • Rushed wedding – Couple Put Their Wedding Together In 24 Hours So The Bride’s Sick Mom Could See Them Get Married
  • There’s no need for a Major League 4 just as there wasn’t a need for a Major League 2 or a Major League 3.
  • Athlon Sports has mapped the colleges and high schools of all the Super Bowl players.
  • Women do not make 77 cents to every dollar a man earns.
  • Divorce Rate Cut in Half for Couples Who Discussed Relationship Movies


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  1. RPM says:

    "one reason why I love the NFL is because of parody and close games" – That's parity. My favorite part of Seth's farewell was Stefon's hatred of Cecily. That was hilarious.

  2. The Prophet says:

    I watched a few Super Bowl commercials which I thought were patriotic public services ads honoring our vets only to learn at the end they were beer and soft drink ads.

    It was kind of weird to see some character walking up the side line in the fourth quarter carrying the Lombardi Trophy all by himself without a retinue or body guard; he almost looked like a vendor.

    The fourth quarter was barely underway when Troy told Joe Buck, this game is effectively over. I wonder if there is a discount to advertisers who ran their commercials in the fourth quarter as people began tuning the game out.

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