Man Washes up in Marshall Islands ‘After 16 Months Adrift’

Food and water is one thing, but the isolation and inability of walking around would also be terrifying.  I also wonder what the last remaining turtle was thinking.

An emaciated man whose boat washed up on a remote Pacific atoll this week claims he survived 16 months adrift on the Pacific, floating more than 12,500 kilometers (8,000 miles) from Mexico, a researcher said Friday.

The man, with long beard and hair, was discovered Thursday when his 24-foot fibreglass boat with propellerless engines floated onto the reef at Ebon Atoll and he was spotted by two locals.

“His condition isn’t good, but he’s getting better,” Ola Fjeldstad, a Norwegian anthropology student doing research on Ebon, told Agence France Presse by telephone.

Fjeldstad said the man, dressed only in a pair of ragged underpants, claims he left Mexico for El Salvador in September 2012 with a companion, who died at sea several months ago.

Details of his survival are sketchy, Fjeldstad added, as the man only speaks Spanish, but he said his name was Jose Ivan.

“The boat is really scratched up and looks like it has been in the water for a long time,” said the researcher. “He has a long beard and hair.”

Ivan indicated to Fjeldstad that he survived by eating turtles, birds and fish and drinking turtle blood when there was no rain.

No fishing gear was on the boat and Ivan suggested he caught turtles and birds with his bare hands. There was a turtle on the boat when it landed at Ebon.

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  1. RPM says:

    Being adrift on the ocean is one of my fears. Never even thought about it until I went to sea then it suddenly dawned on me how minuscule and powerless I was. Life of Pi was a hard movie for me to watch.

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