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  1. SpanishWarDonkeh says:

    Can't wait for HoC to dropped in a few weeks! The first what's urged was actually a pushcart. The first restaurant was technically the second. I lived in Corpus Christi for a year growing up and during a first grade field trip, we took a tour of the city and learned its history, and then had lunch at the aforementioned Whataburger. You're totally correct on the SOTU "Guests"… I personally don't mind The Robertsons… Good folks that just are who they are. Nugent is an ass to the highest degree. If I'm a proud Tech grad, but I'd trade all former players playing in any Super Bowls for one single conference championship. Hamburgers originated in Hambourg (sp), Germany, if memory serves me; I'm too lazy to check Wikipedia. SOTU used to merely be the president addressing the congress at the start of a new year. It didn't really become the production it is until FDR. As for security, after 9/11, there's always been about 10 people locked up somewhere super secret in the event of an attack that were to kill everyone in the capital. Funny thing, Tom Clancy wrote a book in the 90's, I forget which one, where terrorists flew an airliner into the SOTU and for whatever reason, Jack Ryan was practically the only government employee not present so he becomes president. Some conspiracy theorists even maintain that the Bin Laden got the inspiration for the 9/11 attacks from that book.

  2. Real Deal says:

    SOTU: This out-lived its usefulness long ago. When congressmen began bringing celebrities as guests, the format should have been changed. In the past I watched the annual Correspondents Dinner every year. But now that it's become a red carpet event with "celebrity" news people bringing their Hollywood entertainer friends, it has become more of a TMZ affair with the POTUS as a headliner. In fact, the State of Union is now really pointless in that the president lays out a vision for the coming year while fully knowing that congress is incapable and unwilling to accomplish anything. A re-run of NCIS drew a larger audience.

    John C. Calhoun was the original Beltway insider. In addition to being Vice President twice, he was Secretary of War, Secretary of State, a senator and a congressman.

  3. AndreaJN says:


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