Bag of Randomness


  • I threw out my back in the most mundane way possible on Friday.  DaughterGeeding asked if I could show her the picture I just took of her, so I squatted down, not even bending my back, and then was in severe pain.  It was almost enough to warrant a trip to the ER but as for now I’m just sticking it out, but I ain’t much better.
  • Our kids were fortunate to be invited to a birthday party in Southlake at a jump gym full of those inflatable bounce houses where adults could also jump along with the kids.  I was bummed out for two reasons, my back prevented me from having any fun, and only one woman could be spotted wearing yoga pants.  Most moms just dressed in jeans and boots and didn’t partake in any jumping, I was so totally expecting a lot of gym wear to play along with the kids.
  • The kids fell asleep on the way home from the birthday party and WifeGeeding wanted to the kids to get a good nap and not to wake them, so I drove all the way to downtown Dallas where we were going to go to Ticketstock, but instead we went to the Farmers Market where I stood in line at Pecan Lodge to get some ribs.  I was about the sixth person away from ordering when they totally ran out of BBQ.  This was about 2:30 PM.
  • Speaking of Ticketstock, it would have been cool if they could have somehow brought Greggo in as a guest for at least one segment.  I think at one point Rhyner hinted towards it and then said that kind of thing could never happen.
  • The one part of Ticketstock I wanted to catch was the part about all the pull back the curtain stuff on Friday night that was off air, but luckily the Unticket has it posted, but you have to work through the poor quality.
  • When I was a kid and rode around with my dad the only station he listened in the car was 1310 AM.   At the time the station was KAAM and played nothing but big band music and stuff from the likes of Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra.  Twenty years ago last Friday the format of the station changed to DFW first all sports station and my father was royally pissed.  Today I primarily listen to the same station.
  • Now that I think about it, the radios in the cars of my youth didn’t have any preset radio buttons.
  • Sometimes when I overthink it, prayer can be quite confusing.  Jesus gave us the model prayer and in it we learn “your will be done” but we often pray for specific things, like healing of a disease, and in that case it makes it like we are trying to ask God to change his mind, or will.  I’ve often heard people state that we aren’t wishing or praying for God to change his will but that we are praying to be in concurrence with it or to better understand it, but if that’s the case, that’s not the prayers I’m hearing from the majority of the flock.
  • The zipper on our Sleep Number mattress busted and we could no longer get a comfortable setting so we bought a new mattress over the weekend and went back to a more traditional coiled mattress, but it has some kind of gel inside and a tad bit of memory foam on top. #firstworldproblems
  • With a bad back and having our mattress delivered early Sunday morning I stayed home from church and caught Sen Ted Cruz where I heard him say, and I had to rewind to make sure I heard him correctly, say “I didn’t threaten to shut down the government the last time.  I don’t think we should ever shut down the government.”
  • I’m not opposed to having all elected officials take at least an annual drug test, and the expense would come out of their paycheck.
  • There seems to be such a need for mental health care services that if I were in high school or undecided college major I think that would be a career worth perusing.
  • I never owned a pair of Umbro shorts.
  • ’60 Minutes’ interviewed Jay Leno right before he took over ‘The Tonight Show’ and I thought it was cool of him to let the news magazine interview him right before he steps away from the show.  Both interviews were conducted by Steve Kroft. It sure is interesting how a competing network can interview him, but I guess they can be the most objective.  To be honest, I was disappointed in the interview, it was pretty dull.
  • Carson left when he was 66 and Leno will be leaving at 64.  Carson seemed a lot more out of touch or old-manish when he left.  In case you are wondering, Letterman is 66 and seems a bit old-manish and out of touch.
  • When transporting tires it’s important to minimize air space.
  • When I was a kid it was totally uncool to watch anything on PBS, things are much different with things like ‘Downton Abby’ and ‘Sherlock’.
  • I watched about two minutes of the Grammys and all I caught was Kendrick Lamar’s performance in which Taylor Swift and the girl next to her where the only two dancing in the audience, it just seems so out of place.  I did hear they had a tribute to Van Cliburn which surprised me.
  • On Friday the ‘CBS Evening News’ had this one segment I just can’t get out of my mind.  A Syrian child was stuck under a pile of rubble and a group of men were able to dig her out by hand.  For two minutes they just dig until they finally find her, there’s no sign of life, but they keep digging, and finally you see the girl wipe some dust from her eyes but never cries.  You can see that segment here.  We had no choice in where we were born, we sure are fortunate.
  • I bet we start seeing a trend of more well accomplished actors movie to television and online streaming shows because that forum allows for better character and story development.
  • “No telling the number of people, unknowing, will get up, get dressed, and look at themselves at the mirror for the last time.”
  • Too often I think people, including myself, desire to come out on top in a conversation  rather than to do what is just.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    You might consider seeing a chiropractor if the pain doesn't let up. I've thrown my back out before and they definitely helped me.
    That tire pic is spot on. I've hauled tires before and that's exactly how they loaded them. Actually kinda fun rolling them out but you end up looking like a minstrel show.

  2. David Bryant says:

    Agree in the chiropractor!

  3. Stone Cold says:

    Jay Leno : "To be honest, I was disappointed in the interview, it was pretty dull."

    At one point they visited Leno's two airplane hangars filled with classic cars. They were meticulously maintained and all of them are licensed to be used on California highways. Leno works with his team of mechanics to restore the cars. The garage floor was spotless. I thought the whole operation was extremely impressive.

    Strangely, Kroft seemed to be underwhelmed, wondering why Leno had failed to expand his hobbies into other interests over the years. I thought Kroft must be kidding, but he wasn't. Then Kroft went on note that, in addition to doing the Tonight Show five nights a week, Leno does 100 appearance every year around the country, as well as a stand-up routine every Sunday at local night club.

    I always thought Kroft was an idiot.

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