Bag of Randomness

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    • You can now buy Whataburger pancake mix with free ground shipping.  I’ve never had their pancakes, I can’t get past the taquitos.
    • I started Double Down: Game Change 2012  yesterday.  It’s 512 pages and I’m a little over a hundred pages into it.  This is the first ebook purchase I’ve made and I’m using WifeGeeding’s Nook with E Ink as my reading platform.  I like how much easier the E Ink is on my eyes and I think it makes reading faster as my eyes don’t have to scroll so far across a page and it I have to look up from an interruption, it’s easier to find where I left off than a traditional book.
    • From the book, liberal or conservative, Valerie Jarrett isn’t well like.  The book also points out in much detail how much Obama dislikes playing the politician, that is, the fundraising and rubbing shoulders part which Clinton was masterfully skilled at.  Somewhat surprising to me was how much of a hot head Robert Gibbs was and how Rahm Emmanuel was able to keep his cool during contentious situations.
    • So far the book has only covered Obama and briefly Biden.  I find Obama a lot like Bush 43, I like the man and their character more than their ability to preside, though I do have my leanings.
    • Only one sitting member of the U.S. House has been elected president in history (Garfield); only three presidents have been elected with U.S. Representative as the highest elected office attained on their resume (Garfield, Madison, Lincoln).  I always thought Lincoln went from Congress to the White House, but I was wrong.  He left the House in 1849 and his presidency stated in 1861.  He spent that span of un-elected office hunting and slaying vampires.  A total of thirteen presidents have served time as a representative in the U.S. House.
    • An interesting photo of the Fort Worth Star Telegram’s digital news desk which came from a Bud Kennedy tweet.
    • The War on Christmas is off to an early start, but at least there’s a theme song. []
    • It looks like Aaron Rodger will be missing some time, and just think that Vince Young was extremely close to being his backup for the season.  That would have been interesting for Packer fans.
    • A former Houston Texan organized an effort to get current players to drive senior citizens to vote yesterday.
    • Those Nick Saban to UT rumors are back.
    • I caught an Antiques Roadshow the other night in which a man had a baseball that was signed by Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, and Mickey Mantle and it was authenticated.  The ball was first signed by Ruth and held in safe keeping for many years and brought out later and signed by the other two when they were chasing Ruth’s single season homerun record.
    • The Tea Party vs. the $70 million Texas high school football stadium –  I like how this CBS News article points out that at 14,000 seats, the cost comes to $5,000 a seat, which I think is a very valid and strong point.  Unlike Allen, this stadium will support seven schools.
    • Tiger Woods hit golf balls from Europe straight to Asia.
    • Brittne Griner had a strong opinion about the WNBA makeup application class.
    • I was in Sears recently and had a lot of similar observations – 18 Depressing Photos That Show Why Nobody Wants To Shop At Sears
    • At our local Babies R’ Us I noticed an employee taking a smoking break about twenty feet from the store’s entrance.  It surprises me that management doesn’t just tell them to smoke in the back because I didn’t appreciate smelling the down stream of smoke as I entered the store.
    • “It’s a dog eat dog world and I’m wearing Milk Bone underwear” Norm Peterson ‘Cheers’ – Dog saves camper from bear attack, camper eats dog to survive
    • There may be a successor to one of the coolest and fastest jets of all time, the SR-71 Blackbird.  The SR-72 will be a drone that travels six times the speed of sound and will come with Beats from Dre.
    • Miss USA mistaken as a Transformer at Miss Universe pageant
    • Netflix is trying to get a deal to stream movies 45 days after theatrical release.
    • Two pieces from Lady Bird’s diary on Nov 22, 1963 that stood out:
      • “Suddenly I found myself face to face with Jackie in a small hallway… You always think of someone like her as being insulated, protected. She was quite alone. I don’t think I ever saw someone so much alone in my life.”
      • “I looked at her. Mrs. Kennedy’s dress was stained with blood. One leg was almost entirely covered with it and her right glove was caked, it was caked with blood – her husband’s blood.  Somehow that was one of the most poignant sights – that immaculate woman exquisitely dressed, and caked in blood.”
    • Jackie Kennedy’s pink suit will become eligible for display in 2103.  A month after the assassination Jackie’s mother mailed the suite,blouse, handbag and shoes, and even her stockings to the National Archives.
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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    I hate to see Sears fall from grace. They are headed the way of Monkey Wards.

  2. Ben W. says:

    So how much was the baseball worth???

  3. Ben W. says:

    Wow, I would have expected more, too. But the sports memorabilia market has changed pretty dramatically in the last 10-15 years, I think. When I was a kid ('80s to '90s), baseball cards were a huge deal and rare/specialty cards commanded big bucks. But I think the card companies got a bit greedy and oversaturated the market with product, and as a result the whole bubble burst. That and the fact that kids' interest in baseball has waned. You probably already saw this, but CBS Sunday Morning had a pretty good piece on the topic a little over a year ago.

  4. LewP says:

    "It looks like Aaron Rodger will be missing some time…"
    Had Ennis and Texas Tech All-American Graham Harrell not been cut for Vince Young, I think the Packers would have been in great shape. The Packers were greedy.

  5. Chip Beef says:

    I still shop at Sears for appliances and tools. When I'm shopping for appliances, I rely Consumer Reports. Sears will normally have the Recommended Best Buy items and at the price Consumer Reports lists. Usually they can do the install the next day. No real complaints with their merchandise.

    But their stories are creepy. Many of the departments are empty of even a single sales person. The company is owned by a billionaire hedge fund trader who has no background in retail. Last year WSJ had a story noting that Macy's spent $400 million remodeling their signature New York store. In that same year Sears spent an identical amount of money on all their stores combined. To the extent they show a profit, it's because they are selling off real estate and cutting costs. It's really sad because they could do well under different ownership.

  6. RPM says:

    After I posted I watched an episode of Family Guy today where they go to Sears to buy a shirt and it's a post-apocalyptic wasteland like Mad Max.

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