5 Responses to Crocodile Tears?

  1. tommy says:

    People pay for this?

  2. Steve says:

    You're a pretty religious guy. Has it occurred to you that this snake oil salesman is selling exactly the same thing as your cult does? Just a different style.

    I can't believe anybody with a brain buys into any of it, anywhere.

    • Geeding says:

      Hello Steve –

      From the tone of things it sounds like you trying to call me out for being a hypocrite, especially when you throw the 'cult' word around. I think there's a better way for to communicate your message without the snarkiess.

      Personally, I'm not selling anything, I'm just living a lifestyle I decided to adopt that influences me in many aspects. There are many things I'm not sure about regarding this lifestyle I chose and I'm often left confused and sometimes frustrated. I certainly don't think I have all the answers, believe that all others need to think like I do, and I understand those that aren't comfortable with my faith or lack thereof. There are branches of the Christian faith that feels the need to evangelize and proselytize, but I've never really been comfortable with that and many Christians will chastise me about it. But if people like the way I live my life and want to be a part of it, I'm welcome to that.

      I'd liken your comparison to many things in life. For instance, both Ted Cruz and John McCain are Republicans that aren't necessarily selling their vision of politics but believe it's what's best for the nation. People are free to agree or disagree, to follow or walk away. While both are Republicans, people within that party feel one goes about it more rightly than the other and have their own justifications, and sometimes they think that the other goes about it the absolute wrong way. In my case, this guy in the video is going about it the wrong way and I wanted to call him out on it. I suppose I could have used the comparison on how news is broadcast (Fox News vs CBS News) or sports (Lombardi vs Landry) but I hope you get my overall point. Sometimes it's hard to understand that people with brains can accept either Cruz or McCain, but I'm willing to accept and respect their choice even though I disagree with it and want no part of that school of thought.

      • Brent says:

        And I can't believe that anybody with a brain could buy into the idea that God doesn't exist, Steve. Clearly we view religion and Christianity differently (I am one of those pretty religious guys too). I agree with Keith that your comment was disrespectful and "snarky."

        I have to disagree with both of you, however. I don't sense he is trying to sell something (although I understand your use of the phrase "snake oil salesman" was meant pejoratively). Nor do I think his tears are fake ("crocodile tears"). Maybe he is being overly dramatic, but the message is absolutely right on for a Christian audience. And that's exactly who he is speaking to – Liberty University is a Christian school. I'm guessing he is speaking at a convocation or chapel service or something like that. But, he's not selling them on something they don't already know. I would guess he is calling them to action. For a Christian, the concept of hell IS horrific. It should break our hearts to consider that anyone would go to hell. It should stir us to do whatever we can to make sure everyone has a chance to respond to Jesus. Shame on us if we don't. That's what I get from his message, even if his theatrics make me uncomfortable. Even then, good for him for making me uncomfortable. Maybe Christians need a little bit more preaching that makes them uncomfortable. Even in this 45 second clip, I find his message to be very powerful, and I'm not going to make fun of him for his delivery.

        Keith, I would also disagree with you on your view of evangelism. You may not be preaching on a street corner, but this blog (and your openness in your personal life) is your outreach. You share your opinions, your questions, your doubts, your theological thoughts and you impact a wide audience. Evangelism happens in all kinds of ways and at all times. You are evangelizing just fine in your sphere of influence! Conversations like this can be a witness, although I don't think folks like Steve care to listen.

  3. Stefanie says:

    Whoa. The guy cries as if he's actually burned in hell himself. Geez.

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