Bag of Randomness


  • It feels like ‘Modern Family’ has lost its charm.
  • I saw that Movie 43 was streaming on Netflix and gave it a shot as I’m into slapstick and juvenile humor.  The dinner scene with Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman was over the top hilarious; perverse, but definitely hilarious.
  • Oddly enough, I don’t find any of the Jackass movies and shows appealing but wrenching.
  • I wonder for an American who is in their late eighties and older, what even was most emotional to deal with: Pearl Harbor, the assassination of President Kennedy, Space Shuttle Challenger exploding, or 9/11.  I chose that age because they would have been a young adult at Pearl Harbor and would know that whatever plans they had in life has just changed.
  • I ran across a device called Pressy and was so impressed I bought it.  Basically it’s something Android phone uses plug into the headphone jack and depending on the number and length of presses, it performs a custom command.
  • Recently I discovered the interesting biography of Cincinnatus.  Basically he was a Roman aristocrat and statesman that lost everyone due to the conduct of one of his sons.  Cincinnatus then lived life on a small farm and was twice approached and given the power of a dictator during crises only to give absolute authority back each time.
  • Ouch! – Ted Cruz’s Hometown Paper Retracts Endorsement – To be honest, I thought they were referring to a Calgary newspaper instead of the Houston Chronicle.  They also take a shot a Cornyn and Dewhurst.
  • A politics professor at SMU was interviewed by the local news and stated that because of how current congressional districts are drawn most of this budget/ACA showdown was just a way to show the home folks that their elected representatives stood up for their beliefs in Washington.
  • 23 Incredible, Rarely-Seen Photos From The Disney Archives – Walt’s actual signature isn’t as fancy as it is in all those logos.
  • Jesus Christ Movie ‘Son of God’ Hitting Theaters February 2014
  • A Woman Screams About God And Freemasons After House Votes To End Shutdown
  • I heard a comedian make this joke just the other day – PETA Suggests Washington Redskins Keep Controversial Name, Change Logo to Potato
  • Jim Irsay made a comment that he thought Petyon Manning should have won more Super Bowls as a Colt.  I agree, but I think most of the fault was having a soft coach in Dungy
  • I should probably be on LinkedIn to help me professionally, but there’s something about it that turns me away.
  • I sent Bob Sturm my GNG before training camp and he got around to reading it this week on the air.
  • The TICKET stated Adrian Peterson has seven kids with five women.  I’d find the story more interesting if he had five kids with seven women.
  • Alton Brown has his own line of bow ties.
  • I’m sure being vindicated in court is a good feeling, but for Mark Cuban, not as good as winning an NBA Championship.
  • I’m not sure how I feel about Condoleezza Rice being part of the college football selection committee, but I think most folks overlook her involvement with the Stanford athletic department when she was provost.
  • AMC Orders Arm-Wrestling Reality Show
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    I just can't believe that Condoleeza Rice is anywhere near the most qualified person for that position. This was an obvious PR effort to give women a voice in the process. I'm sorry but that's not right. This is not the time or place to make a stand for gender equality.

    I'm pretty sure most of those octogenarians would answer Pearl Harbor. It defined their generation.

  2. Buddy says:

    I guess I'm not as hip as you. WTH is a GNG?

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