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  • Time seemed to go slow as a kid, but it seems to fly as an adult.  Well, unless you’re at the Ice Capades.
  • I saw how a lot of people are concerned with the fingerprint security feature on the new iPhone thinking that the NSA will be able to get a quick record of it.  If I were to write some sort of suspense novel, the storyline would include that the government or evil mastermind would have been collecting this data since the invention of the first touchscreen device.
  • Sometimes I hear the justification of U.S. military force is because it affects our national security.  I was only a freshman in high school during the first gulf war, but I don’t recall hearing national security as a reason to liberate Kuwait.  But then again, I guess oil is a national security.
  • President Obama doesn’t seem to prefer making national addresses from the Oval Office but rather from the East Room.  I think it’s because he prefers standing up while speaking rather than sitting down behind the Resolute Desk.  Per this Wikipedia list, he’s only addressed the nation from the Oval Office twice.
  • I wonder how many Christians are praying for a peaceful solution to this Syrian crisis.
  • Starting Sunday, it looks like the high temperature will only be in the 80’s.
  • There’s no better cereal than Captain Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch.  There’s not even a close second, but if I had to choose, Golden Grahams.
  • I never eat cereal with milk, I just eat it dry.  WifeGeeding always eats her cereal with milk but it has to be in a plastic cup, not a bowl.
  • That drunk driving confession YouTube video would seem a lot more sincere if it didn’t have heart strung music accompanying it and wasn’t so “produced”.
  • Sports Illustrated is promoting a book about the hypocrisy of college football, one of the coauthors is respected CBS reporter Armen Keteyian. I don’t think the book is going to tell us anything new, basically stuff that everyone has expected and has been portrayed in movies.  SI released an excerpt that details the Mike Leach and Adam/Craig James feud.  I see fault in Leach being too lenient and then trying to over compensate by being a bit of punk to the kid, and I find fault in Craig James for being Craig James.
  • Disney wants you to bring your iPad to ‘The Little Mermaid’ in theaters
  • There’s a free ice hockey clinic for girls and women in Allen in October.
  • Wisconsin Golf Club Offers, Retracts 9/11 Special
  • Compiled into one video is damn near every Air Jordan commercial that aired on TV
  • A good summary of the ‘X-Files’ – 65 Things You Need To Know About The Mythology Of “The X-Files”
  • Breaking Bad ‘crystal meth lab’ toy sets spark outrage
  • ‘Breaking Bad’ thoughts:
    • There are some thing you just have to accept and not criticize too much.  In the last episode, it was Walt confessing everything on that phone call, and I blame the hour long time television show constraint for that.  I’m just going to assume during that conversation in which Walt couldn’t hang up was Hank feeding dialog into Jessie’s ear (or reading from a script) to get Walt to confess everything.   I also didn’t quite understand why Walt just didn’t keep driving when he didn’t see Jessie or anyone else.
    • Great music during that car ride, by the way.
    • Like everyone else, I thought Hank was going to get sniped in the head when he was on the phone with Marie.
    • Hank calling Marie was a bit like Leon Lett celebrating his Super Bowl touchdown a tad too early.
    • The whole arrest was just so weird, so much coming to a close that it just didn’t seem real.  Bob Sturm had a good observation, that last episode itself would have made for a good ending which would have also left some loopholes to fill the audience’s imagination.
    • I now have no idea who will end up spray painting “Heisenberg” in the White’s house, and I’m not sure why I care, but I do. Here’s a reach, Walt Jr finally is told or figures out everything he does it himself.
    • I talk about this show and colors all the time, but for some reason I never really but together the names on the show like White, Pinkman, and Skylar (blue).  And now we have White Supremacists protecting Walter White.
    • The complete ‘Breaking Bad’ DVD set looks cool.
    • In researching the show I really appreciate how the writers and actors are able to improvise.  For instance, Jessie was supposed to be killed in season one and Mike only became a character because the actor that plays Saul wasn’t available for a shoot.
    • Just three left to go, tread lightly.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Dude says:

    I think Walt spoke openly to Jesse on that car trip because:

    a) he NEVER thought Jesse would team up with the cops, ESPECIALLY Hank, it's the blind spot that he never considered that allowed him to get caught in the next scene.

    b) Walt was always careful when leaving messages, but because of a) it never occurred to him that Jesse might be recording it, so they often spoke more freely on these "Hello Kitty" phones.

    c) Walt was in a state of panic over the potential loss of the money (Jesse IS right, that drives everything for Walt – how many times have different people asked him when it was enough) and for the first time in a long time was more early "Walt" than recent "Heisenberg".

    I don't think the phone call was trying to get Walt to confess, only to keep him on the line so they could track him via GPS. The confession was a side effect of Walt losing his cool.

    And I think Walt didn't leave the scene that quickly because Cranston really did a good job of acting. Think about walking out to your car after work today…. except it isn't there…. you are expecting to see it (in Walt's case, Jesse with the money) it would take you a second to gather your wits, realize you'd been had and then formulate a plan (in this case remove the phone's battery, albeit too late).

    There was just so much going on in that scene and Cranston didn't say a word, it was all happening in Walt's head and reflected on Cranston's face.

    Hanks's phone call seems legit to me, Marie would be the first person he'd want to tell, and only the audience knows that the Nazis are on their way.

    The only thing that didn't ring true to me was how long they lingered in the firefight with NO ONE getting hit by a bullet. Too dramatic of a scene.

    I think Walt and Gomie are going to get killed…. maybe Todd, too. MAYBE Jesse…. but then again. I wouldn't be shocked if next week starts with everyone frantically reloading and Walt striking a deal between the parties…

  2. Baylor Too says:

    I'm going to agree with everything the Dude just posted. I thought that was the best piece of television I have ever seen. There was just so much tension, and so many unexpected things.

    I will agree with Dude, also, that the most unrealistic scene is the shoot up at the end, with nobody seeming to get hit. (And why did so many shots hit the Tahoe?) I'll be shocked if Hank and Gomie aren't dead.

    This brings so much anticipation into the final three episodes:

    1. We know that Walt survives because we've seen him in the future.

    2. Does Todd's family make Walt cook for them?

    3. Why didn't Todd's family kidnap Jessie and make him cook before they kill him, since he knows the process?

    4. Does Todd's family find Walt's money?

    5. How will they dispose of Hank and Gomie's bodies, and how soon will law enforcement find out that two federal drug agents have been killed?

    6. Will Todd's family take all of the blame for Heisenberg?

    7. How does Walt tell Skylar that Hank has been killed? How will she react?

    8. I think it is a fair assumption that future Walt comes back to town to confront Todd's family, hence the large gun in the trunk of the Cadillac. Is he paying retribution for them killing Hank, for stealing his money, or something else?

    I will stay tuned.

  3. toddwright says:

    Ice Capades joke was great.

    I know I should have disliked Walt's confessions on the phone, but that sequence was just too great.

    I think Marie's the one who spray paints the name on the wall. She's gonna' come after Walt for Hank's death, I think.

    • Geeding says:

      I have to admit I stole the Ice Capades line from an X-Files episode:
      Scully, "Mulder, have you ever thought seriously about dying?"
      Mulder, ""Once when I was at the Ice Capades."

  4. Baylor Too says:

    That's a good guess about Marie spray painting 'Heisenberg.' Marie is going to go bat-guano crazy when she learns that Hank is dead.

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