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  • The NFL season starts today, all is well in the world.  But my disappoint in the Cowboys won’t start until Sunday.
  • We did the Grapevine Mills Mall aquarium visit yesterday [pics].  On the ride home I asked DaughterGeeding what was her favorite part of the trip, and she said it was the carousel ride after eating in the food court.
  • I was hoping to get my Verizon Fios installed this week, bu the earliest install date I could get is next Friday.  Honestly, I was expecting nothing more than a three or four day wait and anything more is a bit beyond reason unless there’s crazy demand.
  • Last night Herm Edwards says the easiest diet is to eat with your non-dominant hand.
  • The American Bible Society has published The State of the Bible, 2013.  That link provides the full 82-page report, but if you just want the highlights I recommend the Buzzfeed summary which has charts –   14 Things Americans Think About The Bible In 2013
  • This intro video for a high school football team tells me we entered the time of idiocracy.  If that’s not enough, KFC is selling deep fried soup.
  • I really wish I took my Spanish classes more seriously in high school.  Well, I did get A’s, so I guess I mean I wish I would have been able to retain that use what I was taught.
  • One of my high school math teachers had a sign in her room that read “Success is not measured by the IQ but by the I do.”  I thought it was a little cheesy then, and I still do today, but I think about that sign at least twice a week and it keeps me motivated during rough times.  I should probably track her down and write her a letter about that sign.
  • I meant to post this video last week and I still find it amazing – A car almost is crushed by a boulder [Thanks, Nathan!]
  • Jack Nicholson decided to retire, I was hoping for at least one more movie from him.  Maybe that wish will come true.
  • South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley locked herself out of the governor’s mansion in her robe.
  • “Historian” David Barton: Illiteracy rates higher because students lack ‘fear of the Lord’
  • They forcibly shaved that Fort Hood shooter.
  • When I was in the Evangelical church I would regularly hear people say, “Pray that it’s God’s will that . . .”  I always thought that was strange because it’s like asking God to change His mind after he’s already has something in place or planned.  Perhaps a more appropriate way to pray is that you become accepting of God’s will, that is, put the focus on yourself to change rather than God.
  • It’s interesting being in the Mainline church and hearing how people are unfamiliar with terms and phrases I heard all the time in the Evangelical church.  One example would be the the Roman Road.  Recently I talked about the phrase “I see Jesus in you” to a group of church members and that was the first any heard of the phrase, but most thought it would be a great and humbling comment.
  • A ‘King of the Hill’ last week had Hank and Bobby visiting their Methodist pastor and asked what Methodism was about, and the pastor summed it up by saying, “It’s a rejection of Calvinism.”  That intrigued me and after a bit of research and I found out it’s basically true, even if it’s a gross simplification.  Also, Adam Hamilton is doing a series over John Wesley and the the beginnings of the Methodist church.  I’ve been quite intrigued by it and appreciate their thirst for education and being able to admit they don’t have all the answers, and can picture myself being part of a Methodist church one day.  But I’m happy where I’m at now, and I doubt there’s any one branch of Christianity I’d be totally comfortable with.
  • I fear that evangelism today is not spreading the good news but selling fire insurance.
  • KDFW Fox4 has a story of a local 335-pound football player that is also a cheerleader.
  • Corby Davidson of The TICKET talked about his experience as a judge for the Texas State Fair food contest.  I had no idea that legendary Cowboys play-by-play man Brad Schram did the announcing for the event.  Man, they take that thing seriously.
  • Meet Steve Wozniak, the Brooklyn Programmer Who Isn’t That Steve Wozniak
  • Marissa Meyer provides a long explanation on how they came up with the new Yahoo! logo.
  • The picture above is of an art project called The Church Trap at Burning Man.  Here’s more about it.
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