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  1. Billy Billy says:

    The Walking Dead didn't even make it in the top 100… poorly written I guess?!?

  2. Dude says:

    I got a CPAP machine last year. Don't be afraid of it. I sleep through the night, don't snore, and wake rested. You have no idea how bad your current level of sleep is until you start getting restful sleep again. The new machines are practically silent, too.

  3. Stefanie says:

    Getting tonsils removed DOES hurt a whole hell of a lot. For about a week, you'll be glued to pain meds and you won't want to do much. I had chronic strep as a kid so they removed them when I was 19. They forewarned me about the pain. I still remember it today. BUT, since, I don't have strep any more and that has been a GREAT thing. Shockingly, I would do it again.
    I thought the uvula impacts voice and timber. I wonder if your voice or singing would change?

  4. I'm 175 and 6'2" and have sleep apnea, too. I've had a cpap for about 10 years.

    Here are some things to consider on the positive side:
    1. You have your own sound machine b/c of the white noise sound of the air going into your lungs.
    2. You can easily sleep with your head under the covers when it's cold b/c the air is coming from outside the covers.
    3. If you're mad at your wife, just make sure the air coming out of the mask hits her in her face as she tries to sleep. When she complains, say, "I was asleep; I'm sorry," but take delight that you can passively agressively get back at her anytime you want.
    4. Depending on the mask, it's a great basis for a star trek alien costume.
    5. You don't wake up with such an icky taste in your mouth because your repiratory system is consistantly moistened by the humidifyer built into your machine.
    6. The kids will be a little afraid to wake daddy up on Saturdays (because you do look a little scary), so you get to sleep longer and don't have to hear "Daddy, can I go eat some chocolate for breakfast?"
    7. You don't wake yourself up snoring anymore.
    8. You finally have a good excuse for why you need a bedside table even though your wife has been trying to get rid of yours for years.
    9. Should there be a fire, your air comes from lower (under your bedside table), so you'll wake up, rescue the wife and kids and probably be treated like a hero for at least a month or two.
    10. You'll sleep like a baby and wonder why you didn't get a cpap machine earlier.

  5. Robb Stark says:

    These are all very fine points about CPAP. I've had mine for a month, and will need to make note of some of the more creative uses you've listed.

  6. I guess Jason Jones and Samantha Bee are going with Jon to Iran.

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